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Get to know yasemin szawlowski what is yasemin szawlowski’s date of birth, when did her career start, who is yasemin szawlowski’s husband, for all fans and fans of the actress this is a complete article about everything you like to know about her religion, nationality, astrological sign, and her social media sites For all fans of the actress, a complete and comprehensive article about everything you like to know about her from her work, secrets of her life, upcoming projects and biography, what is her height, weight, and academic qualifications, special details about her life, her talent, her favorite sport, and her favorite star, actress Yasemin Szawlowski (Elena), the heroine of the series You Are My Country.

Personal card and personal information about it:

English name: yasemin szawlowski.

Date of birth: September 29, 1992, AD.
Age in 2018: 26 years old.
Birthplace: She was born in London.
Nationality: Turkish.
Her religion: Muslim.
Her husband or boyfriend’s name: Most likely unmarried.
Weight: 54 kg.
Height: 160 cm.
Astrological sign: Libra.
Academic qualification: Ballet Department, Istanbul State Conservatory.
When did her artistic career begin: Her artistic career began in 2014.
What is her talent and favorite sport: acting and photography, she practices aerobics daily to maintain her physical fitness.

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Series, movies, and plays

The series “You are my homeland” in 2017, the series “The Great Caucasus, the Exiled” in 2014, the series “Zahret Al Qasr” – “The Forbidden” – “The Black Destiny”

Secrets and life story of the actress and biography

Actress Yasemin, a young Turkish actress, born in London, lived for a while with her family in London until she was three years old. She returned to Turkey in Istanbul and completed her university studies there. She studied ballet at the university and graduated from the Istanbul State Conservatory, since she was young she learns and loves ballet, and she She took Turkish lessons because she was more proficient in the German language. She studied dance alongside her university studies because of her love and great passion for dance and art in general.

She started working in acting in 2014 AD through the starring role in the series The Great Caucasian Exile. The well-known Turkish artist Khaled Ergenc participated in the championship of his series (You are my homeland) in 2016-2017 AD, which was shown on Turkish TV channels. It had a strong start, and quickly won the starring role. She quickly entered the hearts of her fans and has a huge fan base.

yasemin szawlowski in brief

The beautiful Turkish actress was born Yasemin Szawlowski Yasemin Szawlowski in the English capital, London in 1992, Yasemin Szawlowski Yasemin Szawlowski, 29 years old, 167 tall and 54 kg, and her religion is Christianity.

When she was 3 years old, Yasemin Szawlowski returned with her family to Istanbul, Turkey, and lived with her grandmother, who was working as a teacher of Turkish language and literature in order to learn the Turkish language.

Yasemin Szawlowski, who speaks fluent English, started her passion in ballet since she was six years old. Just where I started taking ballet lessons at the Ataturk Cultural Arts Center. Yasemin Szawlowski, who continued to practice ballet for 13 years, also participated in opera performances and folk dance festivals in Turkey as well.

Yasemin Szawlowski, who loved ballet since her childhood, graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ballet Department.

Her first on-screen appearance

The first television artwork she participated in was the series “Büyük Sürgün Kafkasya”, the great Caucasian exile, which was shown on the Turkish channel trt 1.

In 2018, yasemin szawlowski participated in the movie Akis, which was in the English language, and Ibrahim Akos and Toure Amir also co-starred.

The most prominent artwork in Yasemin Szawlowski’s career, which was the real reason for her fame, was the series You Are My Country, which was shown on Kanal D. Yasemin Szawlowski succeeded in drawing the attention of a god in this series, in which a group of great stars participated, such as the great actor Khaled Ergenc, Bergozar Coral, Mireille Danir and Anwar Saylac.

Togchi, the new heroine of the Miracle Doctor series

yasemin szawlowski yasemin szawlowski recently joined the cast of the series The Miracle Doctor, my father, whose episodes are shown on the Turkish Fox TV channel, and his episodes will be translated into Arabic on the Internet, God Almighty. Yasemin Szawlowski Yasemin Szawlowski began appearing on the screen in the series The Miracle Doctor, starting from episode 61.

yasemin szawlowski yasemin szawlowski embodies the character of Toachi in the series The Miracle Doctor, which also co-stars with the Turkish actor Taner Ölmez (Ali), the handsome Turkish actor Onur Tuna, the great Turkish actor Reha Özcan and the beautiful actress Sinam Unsal (Nazli).

The series The Miracle Doctor is taken from the famous American series The Good Doctor. My father had 36 episodes and spanned two seasons and achieved great success in the United States of America.

yasemin szawlowski in brief
yasemin szawlowski in brief
Her first on screen appearance
Her first on screen appearance
Secrets and life story of the actress and biography
Secrets and life story of the actress and biography
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