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Turkish actor Ilhan Şeşen, his full name, date of birth, personal information about him, his religion, age, social status, education, marriage, his artwork, his albums. more in a comprehensive and detailed report on that Turkish artist who has been famous since presenting a distinctive collection of television works that have been shown on Turkish television and in the entire Arab world.

Personal information about the artist Ilhan Şeşen

Full name: Ilhan Şeşen.
Age: 71 years
Date of birth: 18-6-1948.
Horoscope sign: Gemini.
Religion: Muslim.
Nationality: Turkish.
Place of birth: Manisa.
Marital status: Married.
Education: Faculty of law.
University: Istanbul.

Biography of Ilhan Şeşen

The famous Turkish artist Ilhan Şeşen was born in the city of Manisa of the state of Turkey. he is a Turkish actor famous for wonderful works of art. He started presenting his artwork in 1968 ad. he presented a distinctive collection of famous Turkish series. In addition to being a famous singer who founded a variety musical band. He presented a bit despite his outstanding singing he did not leave acting and even made many famous series in Turkey.

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Ilhan Şeşen Education

Ilhan Şeşen joined the Faculty of law at Istanbul University. where he was born in Turkey and educated there as he liked to study a lot. and distinguished in his college work. grandfather and diligence. And after graduation began his artistic career through a number of bands that he founded within a group of Turkish singers.

The beginning of the artistic career of Ilhan Şeşen

The famous Turkish actor and singer Ilhan Şeşen started his artistic career in 1968. he presented a collection of songs that became famous in Turkey. in addition to solo songs. He also presented a series of dramas that were shown on the Turkish channels the most famous series (Mom) which was dubbed and shown on the channels of the Arab world. Which increased Actor Ilhan Şeşen thus began his wide artistic career and his great fame among the great audience.

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Marriage of artist Ilhan Şeşen

The famous artist Ilhan Şeşen did not talk about his marriage to Turkish newspapers and magazines. He is always limited in his interaction with the public to presenting Turkish lyrical albums and series. Without disclosing his family life. But he has been married for a long time. he is not used to appearing much he and his wife on the television scene. Always keeps This is what the famous artist Ilhan Şeşen prefers to enjoy family and family stability.

Works of artist Ilhan Şeşen

Singer and actor Ilhan Şeşen presented a series of Turkish serials that are very famous in the Arab world. These works are:


Aşk Haklı (1994) (Türker Production)
Neler Oluyor Bize (2001) (DMC)
Şimdi Ben Bu Şarkıları Kime Söyleyeyim (2003) (DMC)
Aşk Yalan (2005) (DMC).

İlhan Şeşen (2006) (DMC)
Gel (14 July 2014) (Aşk Müzik Production)
Yedi Bölge İki Gölge (15 February 2017) (Poll)
İstanbul’lu Şarkılar (26 May 2017) (Sony).

Ciddi Eğlence (20 April 2018) (Sony)
Akustik Hikayeler (2 October 2020) (Sony).

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Saklambaç (2015).
MîlâT (2015).
Görüş Günü Kadınları (2013).
Hayatımın Rolü.

Anadolu Kartalları (2011).
Mühürlü Güller.
Mumya Firarda.
Yeditepe İstanbul.
Cesur Kuşku.
Aşk Üzerine Söylenmemiş Her şey.

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Lyrical albums by Ilhan Şeşen

The famous Turkish actor and singer Ilhan Şeşen presented a collection of lyrical albums the most famous of them is the lyrical album (True Love) he gave in 1994 and the album (Love Lies) he presented in 2001.

Art Awards in the life of Ilhan Şeşen

Ilhan Şeşen has received many artistic awards for his outstanding work in acting. he was awarded the (Arts Council) award as the Best Artist of 1996. In addition to (Casa Festival) 2007.

In 2008, he received a number of awards including the Golden Journalists award because of the famous Turkish series (Mom). Addition to the radio and television award he received in 2008 for outstanding works and lyrical albums he presented to his wide audience.

Biography of Ilhan Sesen
Biography of Ilhan Sesen

These awards were handed over to the artist Ilhan Şeşen in a variety of occasions that were photographed by the Turkish press. Magazines have been published in many newspapers. Radio and television have launched much news about the awards received by this wonderful artist. They are big awards signifying his skillful talent in acting and singing. He relied on the two talents he never gave up a talent or fell short of either talent and always dazzled the audience with brilliant works.

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The most famous works of the artist Ilhan Şeşen

The famous Turkish actor Ilhan Şeşen presented a series of famous Turkish series. The most watched is the series (saleswoman of roses) which was shown on Turkish channels in 2010. This series has been dubbed into the Syrian dialect and was shown in the entire Arab world on MBC channel 4. This series is considered the beginning that increased the fame of the artist Ilhan. And meet the famous artist Ilhan Şeşen at the events of the series. Ilhan presents a character featured in this wonderful TV work.

Starring roles of actor Ilhan Şeşen

Among the works of art in which the famous Turkish actor got the starring role is the series (Mom). One of the distinctive series that has been shown on Turkish channels. Tells the story of the series about a woman who married a colleague and claims Zainab. Living a life full of happiness. but this happiness quickly disappears because of the scandal of her husband with This series became famous in the Arab world after it was dubbed into the Syrian dialect and was shown on many channels.

Controversy about the artist Ilhan Şeşen

In 2017. The Artist Ilhan Şeşen caused great controversy in Turkey. Which provoked public anger through social media pages. The Turkish press and magazines after the publication of a famous video of him urinating on the wall. as the artist appeared in the video inside the city of Bodrum of the state of Turkey. He did not care about the reaction of This attitude is considered one of the positions controversial artist: Ilhan Şeşen because of the fame of his great business promotion may be presented to the audience court.

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