Who is ilhan Sen? girlfriend religion & bio

Ilhan Sen age, nationality, religion, and other details

Date of birth: 19 – December 1987
Age in 2020: 33 years
Place of birth: Bulgaria
Nationality: Turkish
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Religion Muslim
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Academic qualification: Graduated from the College of Engineering
Profession: Model – Turkish actor
Hobbies: playing football and basketball – playing guitar – ice skating.

Life Story of Ilhan Sen

Actor Ilhan Sen was born in Bulgaria. then he and his family moved to live in Turkey at the age of two years. Ilhan obtained primary and secondary education from Istanbul schools and then graduated from Yildiz Technik University. Department of Higher Civil Engineering. And is considered one of the most powerful universities in Turkey.

In 2008 Ilhan Sen participated in the best model competition in Turkey. But he did not get the first place. In 2009, he returned to participate in the competition again. But this time he got the first place as the best model and reached the finals in the list of the best model in the world. join To “production and management of Tamer Courter” for international competition in Italy and France. “Joy Models”. He worked for a long time as a model and after that he decided to move to the world of acting.

Life Story of Ilhan Sen
Life Story of Ilhan Sen

Ilhan Sen begins with acting in drama

After the actor Ilhan Sen decided to enter the world of acting. he took lessons in the acting institutes in Istanbul in order to improve his performance as an actor. in 2018 was the beginning of the actor Ilhan Sen in dramas and that through the series Mehmed Al-Fateh and the work was starring the Turkish actor Kinan Amirzalioglu

The series was stopped after only 7 episodes of its showing due to the low viewership. despite the fact that the production cost was very high. In the same year. actor Ilhan Sen participated in another drama series. Which is Tal Shaheen series.

This series is taken from a famous American series called Tal Al-Saqr and was shown in the eighties. And this series achieved great success when it was shown in the United States of America.

Actor Ilhan Sen participated in a short film “Perspective”. And the film was directed by Omar Kan Kuchak. And this film achieved great success and praised its performance by critics and won many awards in international film festivals. In 2019 actor Ilhan Sen participated in the series Bandits They will not shy away from the world and the championship will be shared by a group of big stars. Including Oktay Kinarja. Deniz Cakir. Kenan Goban and the artist Maryam Ozerli, and the first part of it was shown in 2015, and this series in its parts achieved great success in Turkey for five years. In 2020 ilhan Sen presented Dramatic action Ramo.

Ilhan Sen’s girlfriend and sweetheart

Actor Ilhan Sen is not married and does not have a relationship of friendship or association with anyone. As he is currently interested in his work only because he wants to prove his talent as an artist and his artistic steps and choose his next work. And we wish the artist more progress and success in his life.

Ilhan Sen in ramo 2020

ramo is a Turkish series that tends to have a romantic dramatic character. The script was written by Yilmaz Shaheen. The direction is directed by Mustafa Shiviki.
And the series starring Murad Yıldırım – Jimery Besal – ilhan Sen – Gorkam Sevindek. the events of Ramo series revolve around the young Ramadan or Ramu. Brave and affectionate man. And also violent and fiercely tempered with evil and wrong actions.

Ramo is associated with a love story. Affectionate with a woman who is Belin, and in the love story there are many problems and many obstacles that they face in the events. So can their love face all these obstacles and threats that they encounter? This is what we will know through following the series.

Filming of this series has been stopped more than once due to the spread of Corona virus all over the world and also in Turkey. fearing for the lives of the workers in the series.

Ilhan Sen in ramo 2020
Ilhan Sen in ramo 2020

ilhan Sen and bandits will not rule the world

It is a Turkish series that tends to have a dramatic character. Action the world of crime and the mafia. The series is directed by Anwar Tan and the script is Raji Chashmaz and Bahadir Ozdener. The series consists of 5 seasons and has been shown since 2015 and the duration of the episode is two hours. and it was filmed entirely in Turkey. Which is starring a very large group of Turkish artists. including Oktay Kinarja – Kanan Goban – Deniz Cakir – Yunus Emre Yıldırımer – ilhan Sen – Kanan Joban – Emre Törün – Savaş Özdemir.

And the events of the series revolve around many conflicts. Problems and stories full of love and action with suspense and excitement in the events
And the main character in the series is Khader Shaker Bailey and his family. as he is the head of the family. The owner of the last word and the dominant one in this family.
He is married to Maryam. But he has a relationship with another woman. Nazli. and with his wife’s acquaintance with his mistress Nazli. Many problems occur between them.

On the other hand. Shaker works with the mafia in illegal actions and weapons. Shaker heads the mafia leaders in Turkey and causes conflicts between them and the street gangs represented by the Gulmaz family. And with the presence of coups. conflicts and revenge. And many of their attempts are thwarted. Mafia gangs All this ends with the death of Zainab. the daughter of Shaker Khadr. and after that many events develop in the series. This series achieved very great success in all its parts and broke all records of viewership.

Ilhan Sen and Tal Al-Saqr / Tal Shaheen

It is a Turkish series whose story revolves around two girls. The first is Tuna and the other is Malak. The father of Tuna dies and his friend takes her near to live with him, and he had a daughter who is king. with the passage of time Tuna makes many plans and tricks that make the father of Malak expel her from the house. In order to take over She has the house and property on her own. And when he dies and Malak learns that her father has died. She goes to the funeral. and after it is revealed that he left a will and did not deprive his daughter of the inheritance and left her share and her legal right.

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