Who is Ibrahim Çelikkol? religion, age, wife

The Turkish star with Arabic features Ibrahim Çelikkol. Get to know Ibrahim Çelikkol. What is the date of birth of Ibrahim Çelikkol. When did his artistic career start. His family and children. To you, fans of the star, we offer you a complete article about everything you would like to know about him from his religion, his nationality, his astronomical sign. Private communication sites. His work, his life secrets and his personal biography, what is his height, weight, and academic qualifications. Special details about his life. His wife, his favorite sport.

Information about Turkish actor Ibrahim Çelikkol

His full name is Ibrahim Çelikkol. His name in Turkish is Ibrahim Çelikkol. Date of birth is February 14, 1982. Current age is 39 years. His sign is Aquarius. Birthplace is Izmir – Turkey. His nationality is Turkey. His height is 1.87 meters. Weight is 70 kilograms. The wife is. Mihre Mutlu (married 2017), actor, favorite sport is basketball, and his acting career started in 2007.

Biography of the star Ibrahim Çelikkol

The Turkish star with Arab features Ibrahim Çelikkol (born February 14, 1982) in Izmir, Turkey. His family is of Pomak origin in Greece, who immigrated to Turkey and is of Arab origin.

His family was mostly working in the field of sports and music, so the father of the Turkish artist, Ibrahim Celikul, was a famous football player in Turkey, and he died, and his son Ibrahim joined the basketball team and had one sister, Asli Celikkol.

Artist career of Ibrahim Çelikkol

The artist Ibrahim began his life as a professional basketball player in the Turkish U-20 basketball team, due to his physical formation, which had a large and important role in his entry into the world of fashion shows.

The artist Ibrahim is distinguished by his physical fitness and handsome in the form. This made him enter fashion shows from the widest doors, so he left playing basketball and moved to work as a model for a while.

And in 2007, Ibrahim’s first appearance in artistic works was through his participation in the movie “Baturai”. He was nominated for the movie by the great Turkish producer Osman Sennav, who is a film producer, who drew attention to him from his first acting roles, after which he participated in many successful drama series. And he was able to prove himself and his artistic talent.

Ibrahim Çelikkol TV series and movies

In 2004 Ibrahim Chilkol participated in his first dramatic role in the Camdan Baboslar series, in a small and minor role.

2008 – 2010, he participated in the series Pars Narcuteror – the series Matt – the series “Kaskin Bajak”.

In 2011 – 2014, he participated in the series Gülali Karadağ – Yvette – Marhamet – the series Rixion and the movie The Conqueror – and the movie Sadece Sen.

Year 2016 – To 2019, he appeared in the series Seddülbahir 32 Saat as Mehmet Çevus – and the Kurdish series – Siyah Beyaz Aşk series – Mohtasham Aslan series – Doğduğun series Ev Kaderindir.

In 2020

He participated in the movie Misty Shakk with the absolute lead role as Iskandar.

Farhat in the series Siyah Beyaz Aşk

It is a Turkish series that tends to the quality of social and romantic drama, new of its kind and strange in the world of love and romance. The events of the White and Black Love series revolved around the doctor “Asli”, who is a doctor who works hard, with honor and with a conscience in her work, and this causes her to have Enemies are trying to get rid of it because it is an obstacle to their interests.

One of her enemies assigns a professional killer named Farhat to get rid of her and kill her, but it happens that it does not take into account that the murderer who is in charge of killing her after seeing her and getting to know her falls in love with her from the first time he sees her.

Asli can get the feelings of love and tenderness out of his heart for her and ask her for the joys of marriage at gunpoint in exchange for protecting her from death. Asli is forced to accept the forced marriage offer from Farhat to save herself from death, and with the passage of time relates to it. She loves him because she discovers in him a great love and tenderness in his heart for her, so she decides to “pray” to stay with him always and not to leave him and to work and strive to change the wrong way in which Farhat lives and try to bring him back and reach the right path and leave the illegal actions that he does.


with the passage of time. Aslee can “make him a person who is away from the wrong path that he was taking and removed all the evil and cruelty inside him and put in his place love and tenderness and change Farhat for her sake and this is enough for her.
The relationship between the Turkish artist Ibrahim Çelikkol and the late Salih Selim

After the Turkish artist Ibrahim Çelikkol starred in the series “Black and White Love” with the character of Farhat, and after the series was presented and the great success that he achieved, many in the Arab world compared the similarities in the form between the artist Ibrahim and the late Saleh Selim, the former president of the Al-Ahly Club.

Because the figure and dress style of the artist that the artist Ibrahim relied on in the series is very similar to the shape of Salih Selim, especially in his youth, and the roles he played in the films he made, namely “Black Candles” and “The Open Door”.

A group of followers and the audience put together a group of pictures showing the extent of this great similarity between them. This series achieved great success at the time of its presentation, and the artist Ibrahim Çelikkol became known as Farhat’s character, which he presented in the series, which gained him wide fame.

His personal life, his wife and his children

The artist Ibrahim was associated for a while with a love affair between him and the artist. Sinam Kopal. then the duo separated after a while. In 2017 the artist Ibrahim Çelikkol married his girlfriend, the architect, Mehra Mutlu.

The artist Ibrahim preferred that their marriage be far from the media and the press, and the newlyweds held two wedding parties. The first ceremony was in Turkey and was characterized as a very simple and traditional ceremony. Ibrahim wore a wedding suit and his wife wore a simple and classic white dress.

The second marriage ceremony

He was in Greece because of the Greek family roots of his wife and his mother. And the marriage ceremony was in the ancient Greek way. The newlyweds wore historical clothes and put a crown of flowers on their head.

And the artist Ibrahim and his wife Mehra Mutlu gave birth to his first child. Who attended the process of his birth until he saw him for the first time immediately after his birth. And at that time the artist Ibrahim felt the moment he received his child with a strange feeling mixed with joy and fear. Which made his tears go down immediately after the birth of his son.

And the artist Ibrahim named his son Farhat Ali. and that name is the same name that he previously appeared in two dramatic characters with his artistic works. They are the series “The Karadag family” and the series Siyah Beyaz Aşk

This made his fans wondering about the secret of Ibrahim Farhat’s attachment to this degree. Especially since his father was named Suhail and not Farhat.

His personal life his wife and his children
His personal life his wife and his children
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