Who is Hilmi Cem? religion, age, series, and information about him

Personal information

Date of birth: May 19, 1992
Place of birth: Mugla – Turkey.
Religion Muslim .
Nationality: Turkish.
Academic qualification: studied acting.

Birth, upbringing and study

Hilmi Cem İntepe was born in the Yenice district of the Menteşe district in Mu فيla in 1992 AD, he lived in the Guvercinlik district in Bodrum until he was 18 years old, he loves to dance a lot, especially Latin salsa, he participated in the Turkish Got Talent competition, and this was his first appearance on television, He also participated in the Celebrity Volunteer Contest, and continued with it until he won the second place.

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Hilmi Cem’s first artworks as an actor

His appearance in the TV program for the stars made him think seriously about working as an actor. until he had the opportunity to work as an actor in the wonderful series of the century in 2013. which is a TV series to edit Turkish history produced by Tims Productions. shown on Star TV. this series is based on the life of the empire The Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his raging wife Hürrem Sultan. The struggle for the throne of the sons of Horam Sultan and the life of the palace. Screenwriter Miral Okay said that the series was a fiction and therefore it was not necessary to fully reflect the facts.

In the same year he participated in the series “Wren Bird” The show offers a new perspective on the classic Turkish book. Kalekoso Freddy. The main character was orphaned as a young girl and forced to attend a boarding school while visiting her aunt during breaks and holidays. During which time she fell in love with her charming cousin Kamran. Their love will soon grow to be mutual and this indicates their journey as the love grows and intensifies. This acclaimed TV show will take you on this journey of love. Courage and humor.

Hilmi Cem’s first cinematic work

He played his first movie role in the cinema in the movie Stiger Mafia. Directed by Iri Kocak and writer Ugur Uluda. about Birol and Ayhan. who were pure childish friends. Clean and incompetent. It was believed that Birol and Ayhan were among the big mafias in Istanbul as a result of a coincidence upon leaving the Gemz wedding. They had to interfere unintentionally in this world. Starring (Gervi Benvenist – Sukru Seten – Naz Elmaz – Ida Errol – Lemi Velozov – Ebru Gozel – Kavit Gettin Gunner).

Hilmi Cem is the hero of the Bodrum Tale series

His first starring role came in the series The Bodrum Tale. which premiered on the Turkish channel D. produced by Basar Basaran and Emre Ozdar. directed by Mehmed Ada Oztekin. Starring Timosin Esen. Cephal Sam. Nagat Azler. Murat Aijan. Alberin Dimaz. Dylan Cicek Deniz and a TV series My dream is Sim Entebbe.

Hilmi Cem Instagram
Hilmi Cem Instagram

It takes place

About a wealthy and ambitious man who owns several hotels. his wife Yildiz and daughter Attis lead a wonderful life in Istanbul. Where he lives a secret life with a second woman. Evrin’s order has been completely disrupted due to the rapid bankruptcy resulting from wrong decisions. In the palm of the family’s hand. There is nothing more than an old house inherited from the father of Yildiz and half a small hotel. The Ergüven family must now leave their luxurious life and move to this old house and start life again With a small hotel.

The other half of the hotel belongs to someone who has pledged to them Efren Wildes not to take their name from their mouths. Yildiz is known as Vary. And she is her lover before marriage. He has not forgotten the Yildiz house moved on the other side of the downstairs lover her husband does not know yet. Unaware of all these secrets . Attis and Sue will learn the face of life and their families in Bodrum who will be separated from their rich and safe lives from their friends. Every year we come to a holiday with rich friends from Bodrum. Where they live a very different Bodrum awaiting them.

Tek Yürek series

Halit who lives in Canada alone with his daughter Deniz and son Rizgar after losing his wife. The event in which he lives with a player in his team that leads to the end of his career. Returns to his father’s house in Istanbul with his two children. At the same time. He meets by chance with the mayor of his region and becomes on Knowledge of the ice skating rink.

The president is a visionary. a businessman with a passion for sports. Founded the ice rink several years ago. and wanted to encourage people to skate within the scope of the recycling project. Now is the time to do bigger things in this place. This beautiful coincidence gives Halit. a new opportunity. he will form a team of ice hockey. from the youth of the region who work in bullying. So will he succeed in forming this team?

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