who is Hazar Erguclu? Her Nationality Religion Her Lover and more

Actress Hazar Erguclu. We collected for you a report on the rising Turkish actress Hazar Erguclu, and a lot of information about her nationality. Age, religion, astrological sign, her life, her upbringing. When her artistic career began, the most important artworks in which she participated, and a set of new photos by the artist Hazar Erguclu.

Hazar Erguclu, her age, religion, education, and more

Date of birth: January 1 – 1992
Age in 2020: 28 years
Place of birth: Nicosia – Cyprus
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Eye color: black
Hair color: dark brown
Academic qualification: College of Theater
Profession: Turkish actress
Beginning of her artistic career: 2010 – to date
Hobbies: listening to music
Favorite color: White

Actress Hazar Erguclu’s upbringing and family life

The Turkish actress, Hazar Erguclu, was born in 1992 in Nicosia, North Cyprus, and her father is Suleiman Erguclu and works as a journalist. Her mother is Nessi Arguclu and works as a TV presenter. She has 2 brothers, Yusef Ergülü and Zia Ergülü, and she currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey.

I got high school from Bakin Dogo schools, then Hazar Ergücülü enrolled at Halic University, Department of Theater and Music in Turkey. Hazar participated in a youth theater in the Turkish city of Nicosia.

Actress Hazar Erguclu and her artistic career

Actress Hazar began her career in the field of commercial advertising and major advertising companies, including Flormar, which works in the field of (cosmetics and personal care). Also, Reebok Company works in the field of sportswear and fashion, and her artistic career began in 2010 through the movie The cinematic “Golgeler ve Suretler” directed by Dervis Zaim.

In 2011, the actress Hazar participated in the drama series “Kuzey Guney” or Muhannad’s return as Simai Janash. In 2012 she appeared for the second time in the cinema through the movie “Acliga Doymak” in the role of Sasmaz. It was produced and directed by Zubair.

In 2013, she participated in the movie “Benim Dunyam” as Ayla, with stars Beren Saat, Ugur Yucel and Ayca Bingol.

Also in the same year 2013, Hazar presented the series “Medcezir” with a distinguished group of stars including Cagatay Ulusoy, Serenay Sarikaya, Taner Olmez, Baris Falay and Metin Akdulger.

In 2015,

Hazar appeared in the series “Analar ve Anneler”, directed by Mohamed Ada.

In 2016, she co-starred in the movie “Dar El-Beez” directed by Henner Slim, and in the same year she participated in a drama series entitled “Yuksek Sosyete” or Mothers and Mothers.

2017, she presented the movie Muzeyyen with the absolute starring role, and it is considered a real and great success in her artistic career, through which she won more than one award for her character’s good performance in the film. Oguz.

2018, she participated in more than one act, as she presented the movie “Mahal” directed by Bogra Gulsoy and Sarhat Tioman, as well as the film The Wild Pear Tree and an online animated series called “Dudullu Postasi” directed by Onur Unlu.

Love and husband of Hazar Erguclu

Actress Hazar Arjuklu is not married and has no children, but she is linked by an emotional love story with the Turkish director Onur Ünlü. Although there is a big age difference between them that reaches more than 20 years, but she does not feel the existence of this age difference between them and she sees her age and says The age difference does not occupy her and does not matter to her because there are many things in his personality that make her attract to her, such as his intelligence, tenderness and strength of character, and this is what she wished for in the man she wanted to associate with, and so far he has not specified the date of their marriage.

Hazar Erguclu’s Instagram

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hazarerguclu/

Hazar Erguclu in the series Velvet

It is a Turkish series of its kind, a social drama, starring the actress Hazar Arguklu as the girl “Gansu” and the Turkish star Engin as the young man “Karam.” The events of the series revolve around the girl “Gansu” who belongs to a rich and prestigious family that owns a number of companies and private businesses and has a name Maarouf and “Jansu” lives with her family.

But she always feels that she is unhappy and has a feeling of unhappiness in living with her family because she has a feeling that her mother always differentiates between her and her other sisters in the treatment and this affected her psychologically in the feeling of loneliness and introversion around her, which made her search for herself for someone she loves, and He loves her for her personality, not for her wealthy family or their wealth.

She searched for work in one of the places until she found a job in one of the shopping centers to sell food and pretended in front of the employers and workers at the place that she was a poor girl and was helping her poor family.

At work, you get to know the young “Karam”. Who is a young man from a poor family who works with her in the same place, and “Karam” has many dreams and ambitions of his own. The generosity of the director of “Gansu” and Karam. Understands that he is from a rich and prestigious family and is located by Gansu In love with him, and you know him as a rich young man, events continue in the series.

Hazar Erguclu in the series Muhannad’s return

It is a Turkish series that was shown a few years ago, and it is a social romantic drama series. The series story revolves around two brothers, Junai or (Moayad). Who is the older brother and the second brother is Kozai or (Muhannad).

The two siblings differ in many things, so the elder brother is distinguished as a kind. And affectionate person who loves his family. But he is a quick-tempered person and this makes him enter into many conflicts and problems
As for the younger brother, he is a calm. Rational and ambitious person who loves to work. On the other hand, the two brothers fall in love with one girl named Jimmy without knowing each other.

The younger brother Muhannad tries to open up to Jimmy about his love for her, he finds his older brother sits with her, and he also confides with her his love. So Muhannad withdraws very calmly and conceals his love in his heart alone. One day his older brother Moayad makes an accident and is wanted by the police, but Muhannad bears the accusation on his brother Instead, he enters prison and serves his sentence, and after his release, many problems and conflicts occur.

Actress Hazar Erguclus upbringing and family life
Actress Hazar Erguclus upbringing and family life
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