Haluk Pellegener religion, his age, his photos and full details

Haluk Bilginer (Kinan), the hero of the series Ezel, what is his date of birth, age, and when his artistic career began. For all fans of the star, this is a complete article about everything you would like to know about his religion, nationality, astrological sign, his communication sites, his works The secrets of his personal life and artistic career, his upcoming projects, his academic qualifications, special details about his life, and his personal photo collection.

Haluk Bilginer, his religion, his nationality, his age

Haluk Bilgener is a famous Turkish actor. He was born on June 5, 1954 in Izmir. Turkey. He is 65 years old. Real name Nihad Haluk Bilginer, his nationality is Turkish, his religion is Islam, height: 174 cm, weight 75 kilograms Marital status: Married Hizhal Olcay (1992-2004) and then live in Nur Yingi (2006-2012)

“With regard to his teaching. He joined the Ankara State Institute and graduated in 1977. After graduation. He moved to England. He joined the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. And graduated with a good degree. His astrological sign Gemini handsome actor works mainly in the Turkish entertainment industry. Hair color is black brown eye color

Hallock Bilgener’s net worth & salary The star currently has an estimated net worth of approximately $ 2 Million. In his career. He earned a huge fortune working in various films and TV shows. The actor has gained popularity in Turkish films and TV series as well as British. He has also worked in some Hollywood films.

Haluk Bilgener’s personal life is he married or single at present

By moving into his relationship status. The Turkish actor is divorced and has a child from his previous relationship. He has been married twice in his life.

Bilgener’s first wife was actress / singer Zuhal Olcay whom he married in 1992. The former spouses met in 1987. When Haluk traveled to Istanbul for the TV series Grecenin Öteki Yüzü (The Other Side of the Night). The duo separated in 2004 for unknown reasons. They had no children together. Then he married Ak Nur Nur Yinghi in 2006. She gave birth to a daughter from their marriage. They divorced in 2012″

Favorite stuff of star Haluk Pelegener

Favorite food is fast food. Pizza.
Actor Brad Pitt
Favorite Actress Jennifer Lawrence
Favorite Movie Titanic (1997). Avengers: Endgame (2019)
animal / pet dog
My favorite website is YouTube
My favorite color is black, gray and red
Holiday destination Paris
Travel and shopping hobbies

His artistic career in acting

“The veteran actor made his career debut in his television debut. He landed his role on the British series EastEnders in 1985. He had a long role in the series until 1989. Before that he had an uncredited role as a driver in British suspense series The Glory Boys. He has acted in other TV series such as Bergerac, The Young Indian Jones Chronicles, The Bill and Spooks, Ezel and New Blood.

He graduated from Ankara State Institute in 1977 before going to England where he graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Furthermore, he got his first role on EastEnders.

The year 1980 was described as “the terrible Turkish”. Haluk Bilgener was one of EastEnders’ most popular actors during the 1980s. He reportedly received bags of fan mail “despite playing the villain and the female snake.

Hilary Kingsley said what made the character so popular was the good looks and charm similar to Omar Pellegner. After the departure of Holland and Smith. Muhammad was eventually written out of the series in May 1989. In a story indicating the dissolution of the Othman family. On the screen. Muhammad returns to his hometown Cyprus after a fight with Guizin over her suspicions about Muhammad’s fabricated case with Sue.

1985 Bilginer made his debut in Eastenders where Muhammad Othman appeared on screen in June 1985. Four months after the program originally aired. His arrival coincides with the story of the death of baby Hassan and baby Ali. Hassan. Muhammad emerged as a recurring character from 1985-1987. He founded a taxi company called Ozcabs.

He ranked first in Istanbul in the TV series Gecenin Öteki Yuzu (The Other Side of the Night) for the first time in 1987. Not only that, but he met Saturn with Olcay in this movie set.

1990 after he decided that he wanted to pursue his career on stage. He founded “Theater of the Theater” with his wife Zuhal Olcay and Ahmed Levendoglu in 1990. After starring in various plays for six years. He had to return to screen in 1996 due to a fire that destroyed the stage.

He and his wife starred in television and movies to raise money to found another theater. During this era. He starred in Eyvah Kızım Büyüdü Oh My. My Daughter Has Grown). It began on TV. After years of work. He and his wife managed to start a second theater called “Oyun Atölyesi” (Play Workshop).

Hallock Bilginer films and series works

His most famous role came after he started his second theater. He got a role in Tatlı Hayat. A remake of The Jeffersons. Play the role of Ihsan Yildirim. It is a grumpy dry cleaner. Elemental and cool. But it is a dry darling.

Legendary actress Turkan oray accompanied him. That played his wife. Asuman Dabak plays the role of the cleaner. Neco plays the Greek neighbor (the antagonism between the Greeks and the Turks was set in place of the white lions in the original).

He and the superhero character of the show İrfan (played by Celal Kadri Kınoğlu) are considered as the best characters in Turkish TV history.

He played the role of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in an In Bank commercial. It was first broadcast on November 10, 2007, during the 69th anniversary of Ataturk’s death. In 2009. He played in Ezel the popular Turkish series during the second season. He was famous for this role around the Arab world.

In 2009, he co-starred in the 2009 American thriller film The International, as Ahmed Sunay. Turkish high-tech missile guidance systems dealer. Clive Owen and Naomi Watts accompanied him in this movie.

In 2014, he played Aiden. The majestic gray-haired former actor. In WinterSleep. Which won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014″

“Half Moon Street movie. Lion’s heart. Black cloud in love. The new blood series. Al-Harib Sunnah series. Role of my life. yarn  Innocent. The other side of the night … and many more ”

Hallock Bilginer films and series works
Hallock Bilginer films and series works
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