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The young actress, Hafsanur Sancaktutan, you have a lot of information about her, about her personal life, her biography, her acting work, and all what you want to know about the Turkish actress from her birth, nationality, religion, age, astrological sign, the beginning of her acting career and her social status .

Hafsanur Sancaktutan her religion, age, height, weight

Her name in English: Hafsanur Sancaktutan, her date of birth is March 20, 2000, AD, she is 19 years old in 2020, she was born in Istanbul, her nationality, as for her religion, she is Muslim, she is unmarried, weighs 53 kg, and height: 163 cm.

Her hair color is dark brown, her eyes are brown, her astrological sign is Aries, her qualification: She is still studying, and she started her acting career in 2018.

In terms of study and education, the young actress graduated from Orhangazi Anatolian High School. After high school, she took private acting lessons and continued her studies in acting as the dream of acting had been haunted by her since childhood, and she wished very much to achieve it, and she had already begun to achieve it because she is an ambitious and bold girl

Turkish actress Hafsanur Sancaktutan

She is a Turkish actress with beautiful features and a new face that appeared to us recently through Turkish drama and television, since the first moments on television and the audience and cameras loved her very much, she has a strong attraction, great confidence and strong presence, her big dream since childhood is to become a great well-known artist and actress with time, That is why she participated in many acting competitions at the school, after she finished her high school education and before entering the university she received many acting lessons until she appeared in her first work in the television drama Gülperi in 2018.

She has also been the face of brands like Capy, Türk Telekom, and Coca-Cola.

Dramatic and cinematic works

Since the beginning of her appearance on television screens, the audience and cameras loved her very much, as Gülperi was the first television series she participated in, the series was shown on September 15, 2018, on Show Time, written by Sama Walam and directed by Jim Karaja, starring Nurgül Yeslichai – Nurgül Gültekin – in the role of Gülperi, the mother Who challenges the judiciary to obtain custody of her children. Timoshin Esen as Kadir Aydin, Gülperi’s lawyer, who tries to help her obtain her children, Burak Dakak, Tariq Babukoglu, Batuhan Siirt and Kyra Alyana Zapsi.

His story

revolves around Gülperi, a woman fighting a legal battle with her husband to obtain custody of her three children, and Timoshin plays the role of Gülperi’s husband, his story begins when a brother’s brother harasses her, and they are alone, and she tries to defend herself by stabbing him, the uncle did not die, but she tried to defend herself, but they prove that she is notorious and that she has an affair with one of the men.

Gülperi started looking for an apartment and a job, and indeed she was able to live in a building and work in it as a gate instead of paying the rent, and she also got a job in one of the shops, she returned with the lawyer to the town because of her case and the lawyer was able to deny her the idea that she has a relationship with one of them, and she got She has custody of the children again, but her children do not treat her in a good manner.

Rather, they are convinced that she is wrong and that she tried to kill their uncle, and they refuse to live with her, and she will begin to suffer with him convincing them that she is wronged, and the grandfather of the children did not remain silent and will try hard to obtain custody again by tightening the screws on her. You think she will take over a mother who will get the boys’ love again.

When the boys’ uncle discovered she tried to kill him in order not to disgrace her, she was sentenced to two years in prison, and after she got out of prison, the children’s grandfather refused to go back to the palace or to see the children and he traveled forcibly to Istanbul, so she looked for a lawyer so that she could get custody of the children again, and she found a friend of hers.

He has been working for 80 years now as a lawyer who plays the role of acting (Timoshin), when he hears her story and that the Agha, who was the reason for his father’s escape from the town when he was young, decided to help her and stand in front of injustice, without getting any fees from her.

Gülperi: The series premiered: September 15, 2018, every Saturday of every week.
The main characters of the series are Nurgül Gültekin – as Gülperi, a mother who challenges the judiciary to obtain custody of her children.
Timoshin Esen as Kadir Aydin, Gülperi’s lawyer who tries to help her get her children, Amir Çubukçu Burak Dakak, Tariq Babukoglu, Batuhan Siirt, Kira Aliana Zapsi-Ase Sokan

It is directed by: Jim Karaja. Written by: Sama Walam.
Audience criticism for the two representatives in this series

When the series was announced, and news appeared about the wages of some actors, which were high in this series, a sensation occurred among the public and followers of the stars with high pay.

And that is when some Turkish websites published the wages of the two actors in the new Turkish series Gülperi, the actress Nurgul Yesilçay was paid (150 thousand pounds) for one episode, and the two actors Timoshin got (50 thousand pounds) per week, and these wages aroused many followers of the stars because of The large number of wages, and does the work really deserve all these sums?

Information about Ada heroine of crying love

After the audience accepted Havsanor and her success in the role of Gülperi, the actress received the presentation of her new series, The Wailing Love, and participated in it, where the young actress starred, the star of the drama series Denise Jan. Among 6 friends who moved from the countryside to Istanbul to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

Among these six friends there is a girl named “Ida” who is an orphan of the mother. Her mother died since she was young and one of her mother’s relatives raised her. Although she has finished, she surrenders to the reality and occupies all her dreams. She remains optimistic and faces life with a positive outlook. Unfortunately, her adopted father will marry her. For a rich man to get rid of his financial problems.

Here, “Ida” may get to know the hero of the series “Youssef” and they will decide to live very far away and the course of their lives will change, but as soon as they reach the city, they will separate in the crowd, and the events will change.

The series includes a wonderful group of two actors, namely Denise Jan Aktache, as: (Youssef) Hafsa Nur Sanjak Tuna as: (Ida)
Oktay Chubuk as: (Furat) Yagis Jan Konyaal as: (Rosgar), Belin Oztekin as: (Nagihan) – Dorol Bazan as: (Bakr) Lachin Gilan as: (Soomro).

Nowadays, she brings life to Maryam’s character in the TV series Love Network.

Awards won by actress Hafsanur Sancaktutan

2016 Terakki Foundation – Praiseworthy Player Award (Buses)
Wish Schools 2015 – Best Supporting Actress Award
2015 14. PAM – Commendable Player Award
2015 Rotary Club – Best Actress Award

Marital status of Hafsanur Sancaktutan

She has not yet married. And there is no statement from her that she has or entered into any relationship or any relationship so far.
Her account on Instagram and social media

The beautiful Turkish actress also actively uses social media accounts, he has around 23.6K followers on his official Instagram account.