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Turkish actress Gözde Türker has managed to attract more than 500,000 followers since her appearance in the series Brothers. She became famous after playing the character “Harika”, a rich girl who controls most of her friends and whose life changes after the death of her father and becomes a poor girl. Let’s find out who Harika is the heroine of My Brothers series? What is her religion? Who is her husband? When did she start acting? What are the most important series? And her real name.

Who is Gözde Türker Güler?

Guzdi Turkar is the star of My Brothers series, who is famous for her role as the arrogant rich girl. Harika is a girl who is not simple but lives a luxurious life. She has a lot of friends in her high school but she doesn’t live the life she can imagine so much that she steals some things as a kind of mental illness. Here are the most important 7 information about Harika, the heroine of the series My Brothers:

Gözde Turker was born on September 17, 1993.
Gözde Türker’s age in 2021: 28 years old.
Her religion is Islam.
Gözde Türker is 173 cm tall. And her weight is 54 kg?
Place of birth is Istanbul.
Her astrological sign is Virgo.
She started acting in 2013.

Harika’s real name is my brother’s Gözde Türker

Gözde Türker is her real name in Turkish. The beautiful Turkish star, Gözde Türker, was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 17, 1993. The beautiful 28-year-old star is 54 years old, and her religion is Islam.

When she was nine years old, she began to study theater in Bursa and took part in a few businesses in the theater field. After that, she graduated from the Conservatoire Theater Department at Mimar Sinan University.

Harika, my brothers series

This moment contributes to the competition of the “Kardeslerim” series, as she embodies the character Harika in that series, which is also co-starring with the young Turkish artist Halit Özgür Sarı (Kadir), the Turkish star Celil Nalçakan (Akef) and the handsome Turkish singer. Onur Yaran (Dorok).

Gözdi Turkar plays Harika in My Brothers. My Brothers, kardeşlerim, episode 6, will be broadcast next Saturday, simultaneous with 27.03.2021, while my brothers series, episode 6, with subtitles, will be published and rumored on Sunday. At eight o’clock in the evening, according to the times of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qubet and Qatar, seven in the evening, according to the times of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and the sixth Republic of Syria in the evening, according to the times of the Republic of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, nine in the evening, according to the times of the United Arab Emirates.

her personal traits

Gözde Turkar is a perpetual idealist, and so she rarely likes things as they actually exist; Because most of them are not perfect, and besides, they always seek perfection by perfecting the procedures they perform in order to reach the highest possible result, they always like to be perfect.

She has a very logical way of thinking that qualifies her to judge topics from the right and wrong, and it is usual to be right in differentiating between them, and this is because of the wisdom within her in addition to that high and fierce intelligence that adds to her ability to judge different topics around her.

The conservative nature is evident in her various behaviors, and despite the coldness that covers their features, they are distinguished by tenderness and magnanimity. Just as it constantly seeks to guard most of the supplies of their lives so that he does not have to resort to other individuals in the period of old age, she is one of the thinkers of the future, and it is also clear that she is constantly active and hates unemployment, beggary and the need of others, especially in his monetary affairs, just as he is distinguished for determining his own destiny. more than others,

Gözde Türker and her husband

Our star was in a relationship with an actor named “Anil Golar” and they got married in the summer of 2021. Just as she has a high sense of humor and huge wit, she constantly has witty and funny comments about various situations and things, and this returns her mind that can think superfast and thus inaugurate those In addition to that, she loves sarcasm and uses it to express many topics.

When Gözde Türker falls in love, she feels a strong shyness that may prevent her from the beginning to enter into any relationship. You can’t take the first step, but O’Neill had to make that step, and she loves to fall in love with someone who’s better than her and more self-confident. In addition to being tougher and more capable of protecting it. And whenever she wants to enter into a relationship, she requires that that relationship be sustainable and lifelong. Therefore, a man must be a trustworthy shop so that there is no doubt about him completely. Therefore, he resumes being very loyal and loyal to the partner of her age, and the virgin woman tends to hide her feelings for a long time, which makes the issue simply difficult for the man, as she does not express her emotions easily, but once she is sure of the issue, she will respond with the partner.

its beginning

The first artistic production in which Gözde Türker contributed was the series Women of the Sultan in 2013, when she stood on her feet by embodying the character of Sultana Safiya in that series, which is considered one of the largest works in the history of Turkish drama, as he played the character of Sheikhzadeh Cihangir in that series, which he also co-starred in. Khaled Ergenc, Waheeda Berchin, Deniz Cakir, Pelin Karahan and Aras Bulut Enmali.

So far, this specific year 2016 has contributed to the series Poyraz Karayel, as it rose to embodying the character of Melis in that series, which was shown on the Turkish channel kanal d, and achieved great fame in Turkey, and 82 episodes of it were filmed, as the series began in 2015 and concluded in 2017 and contributed to its starring All of Ilker Kaleli and Turkish artist Burchin Terzioglu.

instagram jozda turkar

Gözda has many followers on social media, especially after her introduction to the role of Harika. The number of followers reached 600,000 followers in 2021.

It is characterized by absolute courage in making judgments. And possessing patience with the consequences of the wrong decree. On the other hand, he has such an ability to scrutinize and criticize that she sees the details of the most insignificant details. Unlike ordinary people, and therefore the justification that constantly qualifies them to permanent and absolute superiority


instagram jozda turkar
instagram jozda turkar
Gozde Turker and her husband
Gozde Turker and her husband
Gozde Turker was born on September 17 1993
Gozde Turker was born on September 17 1993
Her religion is Islam
Her religion is Islam