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Gökhan Alkan

Date of birth: December 8, 1987
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
Age: 32 years old
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Hair color: Black
Eye color: black
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Academic qualification: Graduated from Koca University of Technology, Department of Marketing, graduate of Majdat Art Institute, Theater Arts and Acting Origins
Profession: film, television and theater actor
Artistic career: he established his own theater and his own band with a group of friends
And his artistic career began in 2010 with the play Mustafa Kamel.

Marital Status: In a relationship with actress Nisreen Jawad
Favorite sport: swimming, weight lifting and bodybuilding
His hobby: raising cats, traveling, relaxing in nature, riding motorcycles

Instagram and Twitter: Gökhan Alkan

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roaen_ba12

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Gökhan Alkan

Full information and details about Actor Gökhan Alkan

He is a Turkish actor, born in Istanbul, December 8, 1987. He is multifaceted in many fields, and he is trained in solfège and singing and professionally participates in acting, sports, voice acting and lyric poetry. Furthermore, he studied at Anadolu University, Foreign Trade, and he graduated from Anatolia University in Foreign Trade and Marketing. He also studied acting at MSM Actor Studio, he worked as an engineer for a small period before heading to study art. I choose to study acting before starting real acting. He is a single boy, he does not have a brother.

Before switching between tracks to pursue acting and singing. He worked as an engineer and teacher for a short period of time. Participated in amateur theater groups in high schools and universities and gave live music performances during the same time. After studying for a year at the Jezzine Waves Center for the Arts. He was selected for Jezzine Waves Theater as a professional actor.

In a relationship with actress Nisreen Jawad
In a relationship with actress Nisreen Jawad

Acting work

Alkan received his acting and singing education at the MSM Actor Studio and Mujdat Gezen Art Center. From 2010 to 2013. He participated in many plays for two seasons at Majdat Jezzine Theater after he graduated and founded his own theater with some of his friends, and he started performing plays with his own band and on his own stage.

Alkan’s first TV experience professionally was in the series The Magnificent Century – The Sultan’s Harem. A project that was launched in 2011 and brought great voice. He joined many episodes of Muhteşem Yüzyıl as a guest actor. Attracting a lot of attention towards his performance and personality. As a result. He was picked for several leading roles after that.

Alcan began to be recognized as a lead actor in Turkey through his lead role in Kocamın Ailesi’s film Tarik Uygun. Which ran for two seasons with 57 episodes. After Kocamın Ailesi Alkan he was cast in the lead roles in the series Seviyor Sevmiyor and Kalp Atışı as Yiğit Balcı and Ali Asaf Denizoğlu.

The most famous films

In 2016. Alkan played leading roles in two non-commercial films. Makas and Defne’nin Bir Mevsimi. Defne’nin Bir Mevsimi won many titles in several film festivals and won the Best Film Award at the ninth Turkish Montreal Film Festival in 2017. Alkan was honored with a special award at the 5th APAN Star Awards held in South Korea for his performance as Yiğit Balcı in Seviyor Sevmiyor. a different kind of Korean production. He was part of the cast in Organik Aşk Hikayeleri. a feature film consisting of 8 short films.

The first cinematic work in which he starred was the film “The Laurel Season”. directed by Mehmet Ozturk. starring Aryn Sibel Arslan. Zainab Demir. And then presented the TV movie Makas. In 2017. The film presented a tale of organic love. It is a comedy. Drama and romantic movie. About love that has a lot of complexity and problems. And how the search for love is a complex thing more than everything. Co-starring Verdi Atoner. Saadi Selil Gengiz and Merv Desdar.

Ali in the series Kalp Atışı

Kalp Atışı is a Turkish series that was shown in 2016 and is based on a South Korean drama. The Turkish version was shown starting June 30. 2017 on Show TV and broadcast for the last time on January 28. and it is staring the Turkish actor Gökhan Alkan. Who played the role of Ali Asaf Deniz Ihsanoglu. Awiku Karayil. Ali Burak. Salah al-Din Basali and a group of actors, and the series was filmed in Turkey, so that the number of episodes reached 28 episodes. So that the duration of one episode does not exceed two hours. And in its original Turkish version it bears the name kalp Atisi.

Kalp Atışı

The story of the Kalp Atışı series has been classified as a medical drama series that carries a romantic character. And the character of the serie’s heroes attracted viewers. Making its episodes watch more than one million viewers. Kalp Atışı was shown on YouTube as it was translated into Arabic only. and it achieved high ratings in 2017.

The events of the Kalp Atışı series revolve around an eighteen-year-old girl who is a rebel who suffers from a great wound affected by the death of her mother. who died due to her father’s betrayal. Which led to a great impact on her school life and was a great reason for not completing her studies at school due to aggression as She was expelled from school. so her stepmother expelled her from the house after convincing her father that she did not want her to live with them and she sent her to her grandmother’s house. who lives in a Turkish village. And there she met Ali. Who was working as a doctor and then left the profession after a failed operation and came to practice the profession of teaching And he was living in the house of Jeddah September.

Ali Asaf Denizoglu & Eylül Erdem

And the story of the series Kalp Atışı tells after that how between Ali and September become a love story. and many quarrels and quarrels occur between them. but in the end stability occurs between them. but it does not last long due to the emergence of a girl known as Bahar who causes many problems resulting from jealousy. because Ali I love September. but Bahar was in love with Ali. and there she meets a girl named Asma who stands with September in all cases and helps her to get to know Ali and becomes her best friend.

Later, the story of the Kalp Atışı series reveals a lot of operations that occur and many injuries. and how they are treated and treated by the hospital. and Iul. Ali and Ipek. the sister of September. and the series highlights many of the courageous attitudes of Aylol. her responsibility and her ability to defend herself. as well as many problems. Between Ali and September. but in the end. after many attempts. September falls in love with Ali. so that the happy ending with the presence of their daughter comes.

Gökhan Alkan’s most important works of series films and plays

2020 Yasak Elma (TV Series)
2019 Zengin ve Yoksul (TV Series)
2017-2018 Kalp Atisi (TV Series)
2016-2017 Seviyor Sevmiyor (TV Series)
2017 Organik Ask Hikayeleri
2016 Makas (TV Movie)
2016 Defne’nin bir mevsimi
2014-2015 Kocamin Ailesi (TV Series)
2013-2014 Gurbette Ask (TV Series)
2013 Her sey yolunda merkez (TV Series)
2012 Muhtesem Yüzyil (TV Series)
2015 Dada Dandinista (TV Series)

Gokhan Alkans most important works
Gokhan Alkans most important works
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