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We have collected for you a lot of information and a comprehensive report about the actor Gökberk Demirci, the hero of the series, details of his age, nationality, wife and family, information about the most important works he did in series and films, a report on his childhood and his professional beginnings in acting, his official websites on social media, and a new and exclusive photo collection for him .

Personal information about the star Gökberk Demirci

Birthdate: October 20, 1989
Age: 30 years old
Occupation: Actor
Astrological sign: Libra
Gender: male
Brothers: Berkay
Marital status Single
Height: 1.81 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Eye color: blue
Hair color: chestnut
Beloved: Unknown

Gökberk Demirci’s childhood and complete information about him

The handsome Turkish star Gökberk Demirci was born in 1989 in Izmit and is originally from Adana because of his father’s profession he lived in many cities. Participated in many advertisements for Rexona and Letgo, Gökberk Demirci is 1.81 cm tall and weighs 80 kg, debuted in a series Living in the back streets, and later in Love in My Life, in Yildizlar Kayar and in Malazgirt 1071, he is a motorcycle enthusiast, but had to give up his passion due to the death of his 18-year-old brother as a result of a motorcycle accident, he was engaged in martial arts Self for many years.



In addition to his actor identity, he did mixed sports in the past for a long time He participated in children’s plays during his education, he is also a member of the Turkish State Theatre, and has the ability to use swords and horseback riding with sports, started his career with Kroos and continued to play sports Like basketball, boxing and Muay Thai Muay Thai kick boxing 2009 Marmara region has the third place, he also received training in swords, defense and choreography from İlker Can Karagül and Slovak Belicka, in addition to the documentary “Behind the Words”, he worked as a model for Italian photographer Eduardo Delil for a while .



Most successful actors love animals to listen to music in their spare time and spend time with animals while Gökberk Demirci, who stated that he is beautiful in his voice, prefers to listen to himself singing, and he prefers to stay away from social media and magazines, studied acting with plays at Cengiz Theater Küçükayvaz. Gökberk Demirci and started modeling Despite his first acting experience in theater in his student years, he went to visit a friend in a series of groups in Izmit and took a small role by chance and decided to stay in the sector.


Who is the girlfriend and wife of Gökberk Demirci

Gökberk Demirci has no known boyfriend or girlfriend.


Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Gökberk Demirci

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gokberkdemirci/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/public/Gökberk-Demirci
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gkberkdemirci?lang=ar


The works he participated in

In 2019 he participated in the Al-Qassem series, and the series began with the marriage of two people who did not see each other, Emir and Rehan. Rehan is a modest, young and beautiful girl trained in the traditional style. After the death of her mother, she changes in a moment that she does not expect at all. She will move from Erzurum to Istanbul to live with her uncle Hikmet. Fikret Me asks Rehan to marry his reckless son and take care of his sick daughter, Rehan did not think of marrying someone she does not know because this would be unfair to Emir whom she has never seen, and because she knows that her uncle is seriously ill and at risk of death, but she cannot tell anyone, and she will not She is happy to please him, but she agrees to this marriage for her uncle’s sake, and she will marry Emir, and her uncle will give her the Emir’s grandmother’s ring, and the lady of Kafidan, Emir’s mother, did not even allow her to kiss her hand. She despised her for being a peasant, because she was born and brought up in the village. Marriage and doing her best to end their marriage after signing them, Emir does not love Reyhan but only married her in fulfillment of his father’s wishes, after marriage Emir wants a divorce by telling Reyhan that this marriage was not valid, but with the passage of time and with the sequence of events, N Emir will fall in love with Rehan.

And in 2016, Shaq in the series The Love of My Life with Handa Doğan and the star Serkan Çayoğlu. At the age of thirty without encountering her life partner, she begins to search for the love of her life, which she did not find, because she does not want any man.

While she is looking for him, at first she does not feel that he may be closer to her than she imagines. At the same company works its director Demir (Serkan Çayoğlu), who belongs to a traditional, stable and well-off Turkish family, which did not deprive him of anything, but he is completely unhappy, after The failure of his romantic relationships with several girls, which made him psychologically frustrated, made him withdraw a little on himself, and become more careful with girls; Will he be the love of Gökçe’s life?

Gökberk Demirci series and movies

Yemin (Emir) TV series 2019
Malazgirt 1071 (Sultan of Al-Barslan) Motion Film 2017
Sliding Motion Movie Stars 2016
The love of my life (Adel) TV series 2016
Your Name (The Sword) TV series 2016
Iron Horse Film Motion 2015
The Deep State in the Ottoman Empire TV series 2013
Ottoman TV series Times
The Return of the Streets is a TV series
12. Season 2017


Gokberk Demirci 1
Gokberk Demirci 1
Turkish star Gokberk Demirci was born in 1989
Turkish star Gokberk Demirci was born in 1989
Yemin Emir TV series 2019
Yemin Emir TV series 2019
Facebook Gokberk Demirci
Facebook Gokberk Demirci
Gokberk Demirci girlfriend
Gokberk Demirci girlfriend