Gizem Ergün religion age work and a full report on her life

Gizem Ergün We know with us about this beautiful Turkish artist and a lot of information about her. You know her for the first time, her nationality, her religion, her age, her astrological sign, her academic qualifications. when did the artist Gizem Ergün start her artistic career, and what are the artworks in which she participated in series, films and other details? Many with a group of new pictures of the Turkish artist Gizem Ergün.

Gizem Ergün Her age, religion, nationality and more Gizem Ergün

Name in Turkish: Gizem Ergün.
Arabic name: Gizem Ergün.
Date of Birth: December 19, 1995
Age 2021: 23 years.
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: unknown.
Astrological sign: Capricorn.
Height: 163 cm.
Weight: 50 kg.
Academic qualification: Faculty of Fine Arts, Yeditepe University.
The beginning of her artistic career: 2007 – until now.
Profession: Turkish actress..

Information about the Turkish actress Gizem Ergün

Gizem Ergün is a Turkish actress, born in 1995 in Istanbul, Turkey. The artist, Gizem Ergün, got her education from primary to secondary school in Istanbul, and at the university level, she joined Yeditepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Theater, and the artist Gizem Ergün has more than a million followers on the website. Instagram.

Turkish actress Gizem Ergün and her acting career

Actress Gizem Ergün is one of the young artists and rising stars in Turkey and has a wide reputation in Turkey, but her fame is limited in the Arab world because many do not know her and do not know her name. Therefore, she enjoys artistic stardom in Turkey. The Turkish artist, Gizem Ergün, started her career with Art During her studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, theatrical department, she participated in a number of theatrical performances and continued to work as a theater actress even after her graduation.

But her appearance in cinematic and dramatic artworks began in 2007, and her first appearance on the screen was through her appearance in a Turkish movie entitled Ilgın Aksu, and her first dramatic work was through a Turkish series entitled (Benden Baba Olmaz), during which she embodied the starring role as a girl named Narin. The series was shown on the Turkish Star TV channel.


Information about the Turkish actress Gizem Ergun
Information about the Turkish actress Gizem Ergun

Then she participated in a successful Turkish drama series, Umuda Handcuffs, which was shown on Fox TV, and a distinguished group of artists in Turkey participated in the series, including Mert Yazicioglu, Melissa Schnolson, Begum Bergoren and Zeinab Bastik.

works by Gizem Ergün

Turkish actress Gizem Ergün is participating in a Turkish series entitled Masumiyet, which is scheduled to be shown during 2021 and will be shown on the Turkish Fox TV channel, and a group of artists will participate in the series, including Hulya Oshar, Mehmet Aslantoy, Deniz Çakir and other artists.

The artworks in which the artist Gizem Ergün participated

She participated in a movie called Ulak .
– She participated in the series “The Handcuffs” in “Al-Amal Did Not Hit”
– And in a series entitled Baita Abdel Hamid
She participated in the Black Pearl series
– Participated in a series called “Solid Head”
– She participated in the series Çukur – and the series Masumiyety

works by Gizem Ergun
works by Gizem Ergun

Actress Gizem Ergün and the series Masumiyet

The Masumiyet series is a Turkish social drama series written by Sirma Yanik, script and dialogue, directed by Umur Atay and produced by Gold Film. It was shown at the beginning of 2021 on Turkish screens and starring a large group of artists, including Deniz Çakir and Muhammad Aslan Tug, Borgo Derya, Celine Sezgin, Hulya Oshar, Serkai Totongo, Deniz Ishin, Tolga Gülish, Neslihan Arslan and others.

The story of the series revolves around a married woman who has 3 children and her eldest daughter is 19 years old while she is in university. One day, her mother discovers that she is falling in love with her father’s manager at work, who is 35 years old and wants to marry him, but Her mother stands in her face and tries in every way to prevent this marriage from taking place and refuses this marriage because her daughter chooses the wrong man, but a surprise happens that turns all the events into action and the events of the series continue in an interesting dramatic framework.

Actress Gizem Ergün and the series “The Hole”

The series Çukur is called (Turkish: Çukur), and it belongs to the type of mysterious social dramas, full of suspense and excitement, and it was made into 4 parts.

And the story of the Çukur series revolves around the most dangerous neighborhood in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and this neighborhood is under the control of a dangerous family called “Koçovali”, but this family, although it is dangerous, but it prevents drug trafficking, and the young man Yamash (Aras Bulut Enimli) is the youngest son Koçovali family, and this young man decides to leave everything his girlfriend and family and travel to start a new life outside Istanbul.


He left his wife alone and after returning to Çukur he finds many problems, conflicts and disputes waiting for him and tries to solve them in any way, including the problem of taking over the Çukur region by other people and imposing their control over it and ruling it instead of his family.

A large group of distinguished and prominent artists in Turkey participated in the Çukur series over the course of 4 seasons of the series, and among these stars are Aras Bulut Enimli, Dylan Çukur Deniz, Arkan Kolcak Kustendel, Oner Arkan, Ercan Kesal, Brihan Savas, Reza Kocaoglu and Burak Sergin, Alberan Doymaz, Najib Mimili.

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