Get healthy straight shiny hair recipes and tips

There is no doubt that both men and women dream of smooth and silky hair. but women are the ones who care more about that than men. and that is because hair is the title of their beauty and femininity. and therefore they spend more effort and money to get this hair. but in this The article will present to you. my lady. the methods of caring for hair. which are natural methods and their components are inexpensive and give you an impressive result.

8 ways to straighten hair

Put olive oil. Rose water. white henna and almond oil and mix them all and put this recipe on your hair and repeat for 3 days and you will notice the difference.

The second recipe: olive oil. castor oil. almond oil. apple cider vinegar and nargile. All of them are mixed together and put on the hair.

The third recipe: Bring marjoram. boiled lupine water. a quarter cup of vinegar and watercress oil. which is a watercress juice. which is available at perfumers and coconut oil. and all of them are mixed and used.

The fourth recipe: Use olive oil. violet oil. coconut or watercress oil. and it is used when combing hair. preferably and applied at night. and it has an effective effect in increasing the shine and strength of hair.

The fifth recipe: to paint your hair daily with pure olive oil and you will notice the difference as it helps in the smoothness and shine of the hair.

The sixth recipe: We use coconut oil and watercress oil and soaked cotton seeds with olive oil and mix all the mixture together and apply morning and evening. It helps in the smoothness of the hair and moisturize it.

The seventh recipe: mustard oil Coconut oil rocca zain with mastic, and all of them are added and mixed well and used before bedtime to get healthy hair.

The eighth recipe: mustard oil and castor oil. Watercress oil and olive oil. Mix all of them and put on the hair.

Healthy and shiny hair

There is no doubt that hair is the title of any woman and makes her feel confident in front of herself first and then in front of everyone, Therefore. Every woman must start by taking care of hair and not leaving it and feeling bored with it or losing interest and an integrated care system for hair. Especially women must be followed The veiled woman must pay attention to the hair. Because some times they wear the veil for a long time. and therefore the attention and hair care must be intense and the hair must be left for ventilation and not pulling while tying the hair permanently. which leads to its weakness and causes frizziness and loss.

Hair care system
Hair care system

Hair care system

It should be borne in mind that wet hair is weaker than dry hair. So you must take care and care of the hair while combing it and use a comb with wide teeth for combing, and it is not preferable to use the brush with dry hair. But the brush should be used with dry hair and after combing the hair should not be tied strongly And let it breathe. And my lady must always remember that the hair is a living organ in the body like the rest of the members must be taken care of.

Care must also be taken to make an oil bath at least once a week. Because the oil works to nourish the hair and scalp and increase blood circulation. Attention must also be paid to using the appropriate type of oil for hair and also care must be taken while making hair masks and choosing the appropriate type. For example An egg mask. Olive oil And castor oil are suitable for dry hair. And a lemon mask is suitable for oily scalp and dandruff.

We will provide you with recipes that help you get long. Healthy Shiny. And frizzy hair. And if you persevere in the recipe. You will find the result. But it needs patience. As it lengthens the hair about 3 cm per week. Which is a drenched lupine in hot water from morning to evening. Then add nakhshbina oil and put it on the head. Preferably leaving it for the morning and wash the hair with conditioner.

Smooth and shiny hair

Hair is considered a woman’s woman and the title of her beauty and her self-interest. If a woman wants to show her beauty. All she has to do is show her hair in a sexy and attractive way. Therefore.

The interest in hair for women is a very important thing and spend a lot of money and time to get the shiny hair that As long as you dream about it, and you wish it.

But in this article we will present the simplest and least expensive way for money and time to get such hair that makes you trust yourself in front of everyone and move freely without being embarrassed by the shape of your hair and its dryness.

To get fine hair

Women should use hair conditioners. Which are the most popular methods that hairdressers rely on to get perfect. Smooth and shiny hair and do not put you in embarrassing situations because of its dryness and frizziness.

Doctors also recommend using oils because they moisturize the hair and increase Its glossiness and among these oils is Amla oil. Which is one of the most recommended oils by doctors to obtain fine hair. It is also available in pharmacies and supplies your hair with what it needs to be nourished. You can also use aloe vera oil.

Which is one of the most used oils in recent times. Which helps moisturize the hair and protect it from dryness. Also, one of the most widespread and beneficial oils for hair is snake oil as many actors and actresses rely on it, and it is the one that makes their hair healthier and shinier as you see it on television.

You can also mix all these Oils to get healthy and perfect hair with high nutrition and hydration. But you must remember that proper nutrition. Daily routine and proper food is the basis of the health of everything in your body. Including your hair. It is affected by everything so you must follow a healthy and balanced routine to maintain it And fed by proper and healthy nutrition.

For beautiful smooth shiny hair

Women cover their hair in particular. As they consider hair to be the title of their beauty and a way to show the extent of their beauty and self-confidence in front of everyone.

But women may face many problems that may affect them negatively. Which is that their hair is not attractive and healthy. But it is dry And it has some problems. So we offer in this article some tips to restore your self-confidence in front of the body and the attractiveness of your hair.

Tips for straight and shiny hair

First, you should not use hot water while washing hair. Because warm water affects the scalp and hair. And also negatively affects the nerves in the scalp. Also, cold water should not be used because it does not clean the hair. But the solution must be used to Bat. Which is lukewarm water. Meaning that it is neither hot nor cold.

Can also use conditioner instead of shampoo. Because shampoo contains chemicals harmful to the hair. So you can use conditioner instead of it. And over time the hair improves and reduces weak hair and strengthens it. And if you use shampoo.

Choose the right shampoo

You must choose the right shampoo for your hair. And for this you must know that hair is 3 types of dry hair, and it needs care and permanent moisturizing and oily hair, and it also needs attention but does not need moisturizing and finally mixed hair It needs special care, and therefore you must know your hair type first and then use the appropriate shampoo for it.

The hair should not be combed quickly. Because most women comb their hair very quickly. But continuing with this method makes them get brittle hair that can be dissolved easily and quickly And the Therefore. You must carefully comb your hair and not be quick or careless while dealing with your hair. And you will notice the difference in the result.

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