Get firm moist fresh skin in winter and all year long

Every woman is distinguished by her love for reaching radiant. tight and attractive skin. But the problem of dry skin and early wrinkles that appear for women remains a problem that worries them all and makes them lose confidence in their appearance when leaving the house and facing the outside world. So care must be taken of skin to get rid of this problem.

Tips to get wrinkle-free skin

You must massage your skin using circular motions from the outside to the inside. i.e. towards the nose and not to the outside. as in this way you help in stimulating blood circulation. But remember well. Circular movements inward in the center of the face.

Use an egg white mask by using whole egg whites and put it on your face and leave it to dry. Then rinse it with warm water and then remove it with cold water. This mask works to tighten the facial skin and keep it shiny and shiny.

If you are going out of your home. You should drink two cups of water an hour before going out. in order to keep your skin moist and the skin to keep its moisture and not to dehydration. And it is preferable to take a bottle of water with you and drink water from time to time to ensure that your body is preserved and hydrated.

Supple complexion

You must eat many vegetables and fruits. Eat healthy food, And avoid ready meals because they cause many problems for the skin and for the whole body in general. So you must follow a healthy diet and stick to it.

Do not use a lot of make-up when going out and also make sure that when you buy your make-up. It does not contain chemicals or alcohol because they cause many problems for the skin and skin. And always make sure to use products made of natural materials.

You should also continue to moisturize the body permanently. by using moisturizing oils and creams suitable for your skin and applying them permanently to prevent dryness of the skin and also use creams that prevent the appearance of early wrinkles and to preserve the skin from the appearance of signs of aging.

What is the cause of dry skin?

The skin is exposed to dryness most of the time due to pollution and changing weather factors. But it is more susceptible to drought in the winter due to the harsh weather. the face is considered one of the areas that are most affected by weather factors and that because it contains sensitive and small veins that do not bear the effort and exhaustion and The psychological factors that affect us all. therefore the face is one of the most important places that we must care about.

Also. There are wrong behaviors that help dry the skin. Such as showering in warm water. Being exposed to direct conditioning. Or using soap that is not appropriate for your skin type. As well as exposure to sunlight for a long time.

What is the cause of dry skin
What is the cause of dry skin

What are the ways to maintain attractive and moist skin?

Skin peeling recipes should be used once or twice a week in order to get rid of dead skin. renew skin cells and increase its smoothness. Pine and walnut flour can be used and mix them homogeneously and rub your face with them. But be careful to stay away from chemical mixtures because they harm the body and cause Dry it out.

You should not use hot water while showering. Because it causes the skin to get rid of a large percentage of oils. Which causes it to dry out. So it is advised that the duration of the shower should not exceed 5 minutes if you are in winter.

You should use commercial human products that do not contain alcohol or chemicals because these substances harm the skin. so it is advised to read the ingredients before purchasing and to pile it up from natural elements.

My lady. Make sure to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Because they are the main factor in the freshness of the skin. as they provide it with vitamins and minerals necessary for the shine of the skin and its beauty and help in moisturizing it clearly.

Moisturizers should be used after showering on the body as they help increase body moisture. So make sure you always have a moisturizing cream or moisturizing oils suitable for your skin type with you.

Use a honey mask on your face and body for 10 minutes. Then rinse it off, and you will notice the difference in a very short period.

What are the causes of dry skin?

Dry skin is one of the most important problems that encounter any woman and causes her problems and lack of self-confidence when going out of the house and meeting friends. so my lady must take care of your skin. care and take care of it in order for everyone to shine through and become you have the confidence and attractiveness that you are looking for among all.

Steps to get healthy moist skin

1 – You should moisturize your body with the appropriate type of moisturizing oils or creams for your skin. because the body after showering has the ability to absorb the moisturizer in a good way and also before going to grow. which helps the moisture of the skin.

2 – You must constantly moisturize your hands in a continuous way to get soft and shiny hands. so it is best to keep the moisturizing cream package in your bag always. and also to keep moisturizing your feet before bed.
Moist skin in winter

3 – Make sure to drink from 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and drink fluids to maintain and protect your skin from dehydration. But stay away from caffeine and alcohol because they cause damage to the skin.

4 – Continuously exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to remove dead skin cells and get rid of them. You can use a mask that is appropriate for your skin. You can also use a sugar and coconut scrub to get smooth and fresh skin.

5 – Buy a specialized skin brush to remove dead skin and use it from the soles of the feet in circular motions. Then the thighs, then the buttocks. Then the chest area. After that. Use it on the heart area gently.

6 – Hot water should not be used while showering. Because it causes the body to get rid of oils. Especially hot water with soap. So make sure that the water is cold. And in the winter the bathing period does not exceed 5 minutes.

7 – If your lips are dry and cracked. You must make sure to moisturize them permanently by using a suitable moisturizer for your lips. And if they are very dry. You must use specialized moisturizing creams.

If you follow these tips. You will get hydrated and radiant skin.

How to take care of the skin and its freshness
How to take care of the skin and its freshness

How to take care of the skin and its freshness?

The skin needs attention and care and its protection from the influences that cause many problems for it. Such as the darkening of the skin and its transformation into a dark color.

As well as the appearance of dark spots. acne sagging skin and skin all of this happens due to lack of interest. Neglect of the skin and its exposure to pollution and sunlight. So my lady must pay attention. With your skin and preserving it from these factors.

In order to become radiant and attractive and your face bright and refreshed. It is necessary to follow a daily routine and use masks and masks that protect your skin from dryness and sagging.

Therefore. We offer you some recipes to preserve the beauty and elegance of your skin. Which if you stick to it. You will get white and tight skin.

Skin tightening and whitening masks

This mixture consists of two tablespoons of yeast plus one egg white for oily skin and one whole egg for dry skin.

The method: Mix the ingredients well until they are homogeneous in the body and then spread them on your face from the inside out. Leave them to dry and then rub them on the face.

They were then washed with lukewarm water and then with cold water so that the pores of the face are closed so that they are not exposed to the factors that affect them and make them It becomes dark and helps in the appearance of pimples and dark spots.

But after applying this recipe you will notice that you get a tight. Supple and white skin.

One of the most important skin preserving factors that my lady should routinely follow is to keep drinking water. As you should drink 6 to 8 cups of water a day because water helps the body get rid of toxins and impurities and get fresh skin full of vitality.

You can also add some Rose water drops on the water that you drink daily and this will help speed up getting the desired result. You can also my lady put some drops of rose water on a cotton ball.

Wipe your face twice a day in the morning and evening to get the pores of a fresh and open skin. The most important one of the factors also For firm and supple skin. Eat fresh vegetables.

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