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Many of us when they see the skin of a small child. Marvel at the beauty and purity of his skin and would like to have a perfect complexion like that skin free of any defects. But how do we get such skin in this article. You will know my lady on the ways that help you get that.

How to get skin like babies

– You should wash your face at least twice every day. Using medicinal soap and warm pure water because it works to lighten the pores of the skin and avoid washing it with cold water because it closes the pores of the skin. Which prevents it from being cleaned.

Wash the face with cold water before applying cosmetics. And you should also massage your face with an ice cube for 5 minutes before applying makeup because this closes the pores of the skin. Which prevents them from entering cosmetics. In addition to that it maintains your appearance for the longest possible time without the need to apply a layer From makeup again.

For skin care. You should reduce the use of cosmetics because they clog the pores of the face. But if you have to use them. You should choose products that contain hypoallergenic because they work to reduce sensitivity on the face or use products for sensitive skin. Do not forget to spray your face With cold water before applying cosmetics. And make sure to remove makeup well before bed.

Avoid touching your hands or hair with your skin because they contain oils and bacteria that can cause acne. And while applying creams and cosmetics to your face. Use special tools and avoid using your hands. Or sanitize your hands before proceeding with it.

Moisturizing the body and skin by drinking adequate amounts of water daily (at least two liters of water) because it works to remove toxins from the body and skin and makes your skin smoother.

Eat balanced meals and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits because they contain vitamin A and vitamin E. which are necessary to take care of the skin and make it clear and pure.

If you follow these tips. You will notice the difference in the freshness and vitality of your skin.

A radiant and glowing complexion

Do you (want) to have smooth and fresh skin at the lowest costs? Especially in light of the high prices of cosmetics ??

We all answer in the affirmative. Of course so we wanted to review together the most important simple recipes that we can use to get a glowing skin that is somewhat free from all defects and which consists of a distinct group of materials available in every kitchen. Which are virgin olive oil. Honey baking soda, which are It being beneficial for healthy skin.

A radiant and glowing complexion
A radiant and glowing complexion

Recipes for a radiant complexion

Ingredients :

Extra virgin olive oil.
Baking soda.
A small spoon to use.
A medium-sized cup.


We put a teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil in a bowl. then add half a teaspoon of honey in the bowl. Then add a teaspoon of baking soda also in the same bowl. Mix the mixture ingredients well until we get a homogeneous thin dough and if you want to get a thick paste. You must add More baking soda now has a mixture suitable for use as a homemade face mask.

How to use :

The face is washed and dried in a way that makes the skin slightly moist. Note: (water will help reduce the feeling of greasiness when using the mixture). And after washing the face.

We must apply the mixture on the face and neck and distribute it all over in a circular motion with a light massage and leave about 10 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

You must take into account that the owners of oily skin must use moisturizers after the treatment. Use this mixture once a week to maintain smooth. Glowing and beautiful skin.

This mixture with its components is suitable for all skin types. You must also eat a healthy diet As this is the main ingredient that affects the freshness of the skin. The elimination of toxins and freshness.

As well as drinking water helps to maintain the moisture of the skin and get rid of toxins in the body and reduce the appearance of acne and protect the skin from dehydration and pollution, and you will enjoy a radiant look and free skin Of faults and problems and any causes of damage.

Baby-like complexion

There is no doubt that getting problem-free skin that resembles children’s skin is difficult to obtain. But in this article we will present to my lady some recipes and methods that will help you get such a skin as every woman dreams of radiant skin and Attractive to everyone. You give her self-confidence and courage in facing everyone. So you must follow these tips and recipes. And you will notice the difference yourself.

Baby like complexion
Baby like complexion

The secrets of having skin like a baby

1 – You must use the appropriate cream for your skin. As children’s skin is characterized by flexibility. So in order to obtain a skin similar to children’s skin. The skin must be moisturized with the appropriate cream for it and for dry skin.

The cream that contains nutrients must be used to supply the skin with what it lacks and the skin must also be cleaned before applying the cream because applying cream to unclean skin clogs the pores and does not absorb the cream.

2 – The hair must be removed continuously. As you know that children’s skin is characterized by the absence of hair in it. Which makes it more brilliant and smooth. So you must.

Make sure to remove hair from the entire body continuously. Through wax or laser or known methods, and you can also use Hair removal cream or blades in the event that the hair grows in a fast way. And to avoid irritation of the skin.

Oils should be used to calm the skin after hair removal. As well as the hair must be removed and the skin is completely dry and if it is not dry. Use baby powder to reduce pain after hair removal.

3 – Skin peeling, as one of the advantages of children’s skin is its smoothness. So you should my lady peel your skin at least once a week using different methods. You can also do a steam bath or use saunas as it helps in the sweating of the skin and get rid of toxins, and thus it becomes easy to rub Skin and get rid of dead skin by using soap and a suitable loofah and applying moisturizing oils after that to get smooth and moist skin.

How to get skin like babies
How to get skin like babies

Smooth skin like children

Women consider dry skin one of the most common problems they are exposed to. Which makes them use many means and products to get rid of dry skin and get fresh and attractive skin. For example.

You may buy products that are advertised on television. But they are surprised that no change has occurred in her skin in order to contain these The products contain chemicals that harm the skin more than they are beneficial.

Especially if it is one of the owners of sensitive skin and suffers from irritation and redness from these chemical components. So many women have resorted to natural recipes and masks to use them because they do not harm the skin after they contain substances Chemical or alcohol.

Ways to have healthy skin

You must first use the cleanser appropriate for your skin. In order not to cause skin irritations or cause dry skin.

The temperature of the water when showering should be moderate. Not cold or hot. As well as your body should not be exposed to water for a long time while showering. So the duration of the shower should not be more than 5 minutes.

The skin should be exfoliated once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin. Renew skin cells and stimulate blood circulation.

Use a shower gel or soap suitable for your skin and that contains oils in order to keep the skin moist and not cause it to dry out.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits as they contain vitamins and minerals necessary for the skin and that help in clearing the skin. You can also take vitamin E capsules because it provides the skin with vitamins.

Drink water continuously throughout the day. So the rate of water intake should not be less than 8 cups per day.

The use of specialized oils for children on your skin after bathing. Which helps in moisturizing the skin to a large degree and does not cause dry skin.

Use a cream suitable for the eye area. To maintain a healthy and attractive eye appearance.

It is preferable to use wet wipes instead of dried wipes. Because they help you get rid of dust and pollution factors that your skin is exposed to throughout the day.

The importance of problem-free skin

Many girls dream of clear skin without defects and problems. Without using chemicals because they cause many problems for the skin. Such as dryness. Leaving brown bugs. Irritation of the skin and red spots.

So they resort to using natural materials such as masks made from natural materials such as fruits and oils. Natural and that because it does not affect skin damage such as chemicals as it gives a quick solution and prevents the appearance of early wrinkles and keeps the skin fresh and attractive without problems.

Recipes get white skin without wrinkles

Sunblock must be used when going out and not directly exposed to sunlight.

Continue to drink from 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. And when leaving the house. two cups of water should be consumed to keep the skin hydrated.

Continuing to wash the face twice a day at least. It must be washed when exposed to pollution and to go out to maintain the cleanliness of the body.

Using nutritional supplements that provide the skin with vitamins and minerals needed by the skin. As well as eating fresh vegetables and fruits because they contain minerals and vitamins useful for the skin and in the formation of its tissues.

The skin must be peeled from time to time or once a week in order to get rid of dead skin and renew skin cells and keep them moist by using natural exfoliators such as sugar and oil or baking powder with the lotion that you use appropriate for your skin.

Use a milk mask by soaking a towel or towel in a cup of milk and then placing it on the face and rubbing the face with it and leaving traces of milk on your face to be absorbed by the skin.

Cut half a lemon or an orange into two halves. Then rub your face with it and leave it on the skin for 20 minutes. Rinse your face and you will find a dazzling and noticeable result.

Mix turmeric roots. Olive oil and chickpea flour in equal proportions. Then apply it to your skin for half an hour and wash your face with water.