Get a clear bright white complexion like Iranian and Moroccan women in 7 steps

The dream of getting perfect. Healthy and bright skin is a difficult challenge. But fortunately there are some aesthetic methods and simple tips that help you to achieve this easily. At present. Many women resort to buying expensive products to get fresh and pure skin. But they may not get The desired result therefore, These are the most effective ways to help you achieve clear and bright skin.

Effective ways to get perfect skin

Green tea oil mask: It is considered one of the best natural oils for skin and hair care as well. As it contains natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Which helps to calm the skin effectively. In addition to that. Tea tree oil is an effective treatment that many doctors prescribe to get rid of problems Common skin like acne for a naturally flawless, Clear complexion.

Lemonade mask

This mask is one of the best elements that help to get clear skin quickly. as lemon is rich in citric acid. Which helps to fight bacteria that cause acne. And if you suffer from acne problem. Use lemon juice on the affected areas to get the best results. As you can use it diluted with pure water so as not to be severe on the skin.

Snow mask

This mask helped close the blood vessels surrounding the pimples. which helps to reduce their size. so it is advised not to touch the pimples or pop them. as this may leave traces of scars on the skin. and ice should be used. which helps reduce redness and speed up the healing of pimples.

Aloe Vera

It has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. so it helps to speed up the treatment of sunburn. and it also helps to treat acne. use fresh aloe vera gel on the skin of the face and you will notice yourself the disappearance of acne quickly.

My lady must keep eating from 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and keep eating vegetables and fruits and make it a daily routine that you do. If you follow this system for a while. you will notice how fresh and bright your skin is?

Beauty secrets of Iranian women

Iranian women are characterized by flushing clear skin. but what is the reason for this?

Iranian women are interested in rose water. As it helps in the beauty of the skin. Purifies it from toxins and problems. And makes it soft and pink.

And to get clear skin like Iranian women. One must drink water daily plus rose water in the morning. And the face can be painted daily in the morning and evening.

You can shower with milk and oil or use Dead Sea salt. This helps in removing the effects of aging and stress and increasing blood circulation and an equal amount can be used. Of tahini and yogurt.

Put it on the body and leave it to dry to get a smooth and pink body. The most important reasons for Iranian women to shine in their skin are their interest in eating fresh vegetables and fruits free of chemicals.
The most important masks used by Iranian women.

Beauty secrets of Iranian women
Beauty secrets of Iranian women

1 – Carrot Mask

Ingredients: fresh carrot and lemon

Method: Grate the carrot. but without peeling. because the peel contains many vitamins useful for the skin. put lemon and mix them well. then put them on your face until it dries. then remove it and notice the difference. as it helps the skin to get rid of impurities.

2- Potato mask

Ingredients: Peel 10 bananas – a fruit of boiled potatoes – a lemon – a cup of milk.

The method: Leave the banana peel to dry. Then put it in a blender with boiled potatoes and lemon. But the potatoes and lemon should be without peeling because the peel contains many vitamins useful for the skin.

Then mix them well until they become like a paste and put them in the refrigerator and gently massage your skin with this paste and leave it on your skin for up to For 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water. Then wipe it with a cotton ball moistened with rose water. And the difference and the freshness of your face will not be experienced.

But the main reason for the freshness of your skin continues. To keep eating vegetables and fruits free from chemicals. As well as to keep drinking water daily and use rose water.

All these factors help your body and your skin to get rid of toxins and impurities and to become prosperous and pure white like Iranian women who marvel at the beauty and The purity of their skin when you see them.

Therefore,  you must pay attention and persevere in the daily routine in order to notice the difference.

The importance of the freshness of the skin for every woman

If you want to have perfect skin without problems. You must follow an integrated diet. Skin care and treatment of all problems in your skin in order to appear the good appearance you want.

Many women marvel at the beauty of Moroccan skin and wonder how they can get such perfect skin without any problems and But you must know my lady that they adhere to an expensive diet and medicinal recipes.

But in this article we will guide you on some recipes that make you get perfect skin like theirs at the lowest price and at the same time you get the ideal results that you always dream of.

Skin freshness recipes

1 – A spoonful of flour. Olive oil, milk and half of a lemon and mix them until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Then spread them on the skin for 20 minutes. Wash your face with warm water and then cold water.

2 – This mask is considered very simple. Except that its results are impressive. Which is two tablespoons of powdered milk of any kind and with them two tablespoons of liquid milk and we mix them and put them on the skin for half. then we wash the face.

3 – A spoonful of Johnson’s baby powder and mixing it with rose water and a spoonful of powdered milk. then mixing them well and spread them on the face and neck for half an hour. then rinse the face and you will find impressive results and other things. you will get a wonderful and refreshing scent for your skin.

4 – We use a cucumber and two tablespoons of starch and rose water. and we beat them in a blender and put them on the neck for 20 minutes. then rinse the face with warm water. then cold water.

5 – We boil one of the potatoes with its peel. then mix it with milk and spread it on the face for half an hour. then remove it and so. and you will find an amazing result.

6 – We use the text of a grated cucumber and add white flour and lemon juice to it and mix them well and put them on the face to dry. then wash the face with warm water and then cold water to close the pores.

If you follow these tips. you will notice a change in the freshness of your skin.


Attractive complexion for everyone

Dry skin reduces the attractiveness of women and their sense of femininity in front of everyone and makes them lose confidence in themselves. so you must my lady to keep moisturizing your skin. even if in the simplest ways. but you must follow a diet first and then use natural products or masks and natural methods to obtain radiant skin and An attractive show off in front of everyone without an eclipse.

Ways to get tight and clean skin

You must first take care of your skin and not be exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore. You must use sun protection creams that help reduce the skin’s susceptibility to harmful sun rays that cause it many problems.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to massage the skin of your lips before applying lipstick as it helps you get rid of chapped lips and appear hydrated and sexy.

Make a mask of cantaloupe and mint and put it on the face and leave it for half an hour because it contains vitamins and minerals that help get rid of dry skin and help it rebuild skin cells and stimulate blood circulation.

You can also use almond oil to get problem-free moist skin with an attractive and clear appearance.

Use an avocado mask. Cream and egg whites. And make a homogeneous mixture from them and put it on your skin for 20 minutes. Then rinse your face with water and notice the difference as you will notice that your skin has become significantly moist and supple.

Smooth bright white complexion

Hand gloves should be used while doing dishwashing or household cleaning in order to keep the skin on your hands soft and moist.

You must continue to eat vegetables and fruits because they contain vitamins and minerals. And reduce external food and fast food. Because they cause many problems for the skin and for the whole skin.

Also. Make sure to put water on your priority list and keep drinking water continuously. Which helps the body get rid of problems and toxins in it. And you will notice the difference when you follow these steps.

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