Get a snow-white complexion pink and bright

Many articles are concerned only with ways to get white skin only. but in this article you will know my lady on how to not only get white. but you will learn how to make your skin white and keep it prosperous without changing its color again.

Most of the methods used. my lady. in these recipes are natural. home and completely safe methods. and if you are worried about the presence of some side effects of any of these recipes. it is recommended to consult your doctor before doing any of them.

Ways to make skin rosy

Vitamin C: Vitamin C should be taken to obtain a flexible. bright skin as it maintains the collagen ratio and skin freshness. And vitamin C can be increased by eating some foods such as lemon. orange, apricot, Sweet pepper. peas and tomatoes, or vitamin C can be increased by taking medications However. You should not take more than 250 mg of vitamin C per day.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is one of the natural and basic components of the skin L1 for you. Taking it helps to keep the skin looking fresh and prosperous. If your skin is weak or not tight. This means a lack of vitamin A.

Vitamin A can be increased by high-fat milk. Oysters and egg yolks. Eating some foods will reduce the effects of the sun on the skin and foods such as carrots. Watermelon, tomatoes and dark foods.

Bright white complexion

Lack of exposure to sunlight and pollution: because ultraviolet rays cause damage to the skin and reduce the skin’s ability to regenerate skin cells and get rid of dead skin cells. And pollution is also one of the causes of acne and dull skin.

Drinking water: You should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

Exercising daily: You should exercise daily for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day in order to get rid of stress. Replenish energy and allow your body to get rid of toxins.

Vitamin C should be taken to obtain a flexible
Vitamin C should be taken to obtain a flexible

5 recipes to lighten your skin

If you want to have white skin. Make some masks and masks. such as

1- Lemon juice and fresh cream: Mix equal parts of the two and massage your skin with it daily.

2 – Carrot mask: Grate two carrots and put them in lemon juice. then put them on your face and leave them for 10 minutes. then wash it carefully and notice the difference as carrots help in the lack of appearance of dark spots.

3 – Lemon: Peel the lemon and put the peel until it dries. then put it in a blender to get a powder. Then put the milk on it until you get a cohesive mask and put it on your skin and then leave it until it dries and wash your face with warm water used daily.
4- Sandalwood powder: Mix a little sandalwood powder with a little bit of tomato juice. Lemon and cucumber. Then mix them well and put them on your face and leave it until it dries. Wash your face and notice the difference.

5- Hummus flour: Mix two tablespoons of chickpea flour and mix with a sprinkle of turmeric. Lemon juice and drops of fresh liquid cream until you get a cohesive dough and put them on your face and leave it until it dries then wash your face with warm water and notice the difference.

5 recipes to lighten your skin
5 recipes to lighten your skin

7 important tips

If you want to have a white skin that is not dark. Then the first step that you have to do is not to be exposed too much sunlight as it contains rays harmful to the skin and cause a lot of problems for the skin. And if your skin is dark and pale. you can use these recipes in order to restore your skin’s freshness and beauty.

It becomes white and soft like snow. These recipes are useful for the skin and do not result in any harm to the skin as they consist of natural ingredients and do not contain any of the chemicals. But all of them consist of natural ingredients and also inexpensive and very simple but must use these recipes immediately

after preparing them. So you should not prepare more of them only. What you will use is also the most important system for preserving the skin is eating fresh vegetables.

Onion recipes for white skin as snow

Most women do not like the smell of onions. But they add it with their food because they know that it gives a distinct flavor and taste to their dishes. And also onions are considered one of the most important vegetables that are beneficial for the skin and body. It is very beneficial for your skin. Do you have the courage?  To make a mask for your skin from onions in order to get fresh skin And bright white as all women want to have flawless skin. Impurities and problems. And the onion mask will solve all these problems and leave a clear skin like children.

Onion masks for the face

Red onions: The use of red onions is one of the most important components of your daily dishes. But have you ever thought about using red onions to lighten your skin and its clarity and get rid of the dark skin color that puts you in embarrassing situations.

and spoils your appearance. Especially when attending a special occasion because it contains Natural elements that help and contribute to the renewal of skin cells and strengthening them. And all you have to do now is to prepare this recipe and use it, and you will notice the difference.

Make the juice of a grain of onion. using a blender or through strong pressure. Then put a little of this juice on a cotton ball and put it on the dark places and leave it and repeat this mask from once to twice a day and you will notice.

Onion and apple cider vinegar mask

There is no doubt that onions and apple cider vinegar are always available in your kitchen. So it is time for you to use them for the freshness and lightening of your skin and the method for creating the mask is to mix a spoonful of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of onion juice in the same way we mentioned before.

Then put them on your face and leave them until Dry and then rinse your face with a soap suitable for your skin type. And if you feel a tingling in your face.

Wash your face again and you will notice that your face has increased freshness and brightness in a few minutes. Then repeat this mask three times a week and you will notice the difference in the freshness of your face and get rid of spots Dark and paler face.

What are the ways to get white skin?

The skin is exposed to darkening and discolouration in many women. Especially in the summer due to frequent exposure to sunlight. And there are many recipes that lead to the purity and purity of the skin again and whiten it. And these methods include:

Grapes: Cut a grape and pass it on your face. Then leave it to dry and wash the face after that. This will lighten the skin.

Cucumber: Cut one of the cucumbers into slices. Then rub the face with it. Especially the area under the eyes. And leave it for a period of 3 to 4 hours. Then wash your face. And the difference is not lost.

Olive oil: Mix olive oil with lemon juice and an egg yolk. Mix them well and put them on your face for a period of 15 to 25 minutes. then wash your face well with water and repeat it daily and you will notice the difference.
Honey. castor and mint: Mix a spoonful of honey with castor oil and mint oil and put them on the skin for an hour. then wash your face with lukewarm water and you will notice the difference. This recipe helps get rid of skin pigmentation and restore its natural color.

Potatoes and yogurt: Bring one of the potatoes and put it on the fire in the water and leave it until it becomes soft. then put the milk on it. after letting it cool down. mix the mixture well and put it in the refrigerator and before use. shake the bottle well and put it on your face and let it dry and then wash it.

Reasons for skin exposure to browning

The skin is affected daily by many factors that lead to its darkening and lack of youthfulness. And it is important to know these factors that affect the skin in order for women to avoid them and to have a fresh and bright complexion.

Sunlight: The pigment melanin is produced in excess of the limit when the skin is exposed to too much sunlight.

Hair bleaching creams: These contain chemicals that lead to pigmentation on the skin.

Dry skin: If there is an imbalance in the skin tissue. This leads to a change in skin color and darkening.

Hormonal imbalance: The skin is more likely to change color if there is a hormonal imbalance in the body such as liver disease. Kidney disease, and thyroid disease.

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