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GAC GN8 2021 is one of the cars with the highest rating and the cheapest price, one of the models of the well-known Chinese company, let’s get to know together about this powerful and often sold car, know its price and specifications, its advantages and disadvantages, information and a full report on the GAC GN8 2021 that was launched in the Gulf markets.

About GAC GN8 2021

GAC GN8 Group 2021The parent company of GAC Automobiles was established in Guangzhou, China. The company finds itself separate from most other Chinese factories and has strong companies and joint ventures and manufactures Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Fiat, Hino trucks, Jeep and Chrysler, and therefore to benefit from its years of experience In producing cars for other brands, GAC Group launched its own brand – GAC Motor.

In order to ensure the production of a high-quality car, the GAC Group not only used its experience gained from working with other car manufacturers, but also imported various components for its cars from world-class suppliers such as the electronic stability program and engine management system from Bosch (Germany), the front brakes from Continental (Germany), front and rear bumpers from Fistion (USA), 5-speed transmission (Aisen) Japan, air conditioning from Denso (Japan), seat belts, airbags, rear brakes, and hydraulic power systems from TRW USA.


This strategy has yielded impressive results. In 2011, GAC broke the record for the best-selling Chinese car, and witnessed an impressive sales growth of 92.9% in 2012, a testament to both the quality and reliability of the car. In the first quarter of 2014, the increase in sales was 51% and based on this success, GAC Motor’s strategy is to launch at least one new car every year in order to have a wide range of cars enough to compete with other well-known brands.

For the third year in a row, GAC Motor has been ranked as one of the largest car manufacturers in the world according to Fortune magazine among the top 500 brands.

Information on GAC GN8 2021

The family car with seven interior seats comes from everyone’s agency for cars in two categories only, where the first category is the GAC GN8 2020 GL, which is a standard category that has the same engine version in addition to less capabilities in the external and internal structure of this car, and the second category is a full class It is called the GAC GN8 2020 GP which comes at a higher price with better specifications.

In 1997, Mr. Zhang Fangyu established the GAC Company in China, and since that time, GAC has been providing a distinguished range of vehicles such as the GA5 that have been competed by major international companies. The Chinese company is currently competing with companies such as Changan, Chery and Geely, and provides the UAE market with a competitive price starting from 47,500 dirhams for its famous GAC GA3 2017. GAC offers a wide range of cars consisting of 3 models and 7 versions that the UAE customer can choose from. For more information on key specs, up-to-date pricing, and features, scroll down.

Features of GAC GN8 2021

If you are looking for a family car, a five-door minivan with a sporty design, you should think about purchasing the GAC GN8 2021, it is complete, because it has many features that you may not find in competitors, this car is cheaper than all competitors, and this is normal, as it is Chinese It is made, as well as economical in fuel consumption, as it is a modern model that arrived for the first time in the Kingdom through Al Jomaih Agency during the past months, and the agency has also offered financing offers on new GAC 2020 cars.

GAC GN8 also offers smart keyless entry and start. In addition to a 10.1-inch infotainment screen that supports Apple Car Play, with a 180-degree viewing angle rear camera, and wireless charging.

the engine

With this car, you will be able to get a good engine version, which is the engine that comes in the Chinese market for this car, the 2.0-liter engine with a 4-cylinder turbo, which produces 198 horsepower and 320 Nm torque with a 6-speed automatic transmission, This car consumes an average of 11.2 km per liter of petrol, which is considered an economical fuel consumption.

the design

The GAC GN8 is distinguished by a modern and attractive design that reflects the GAC design language, as it comes as a high-end minivan, intended primarily for businessmen and high-end families who are looking for a car with an eye-catching exterior design without sacrificing practicality. The GN8 blends elegance, strength and durability with a superyacht-inspired design.


The car will be able to get a good engine version, which is the engine that comes in the Chinese market for this car, the 2.0-liter engine with a 4-cylinder turbo, which produces 198 horsepower and 320 Nm torque with a 6-speed automatic transmission, this car It consumes an average of 11.2 km per liter of gasoline, which is considered an economical fuel consumption.

GAC GN8 2021 The car from the outside

This car has 18-inch, sporty, large-size tires with LED headlights with adjustable lighting and road tracking feature, front fog lights at the bottom of the bumper, LED rear fascias as well, rear parking sensors and a rear view camera. Which comes with a wide angle in addition to the parking assistant technology, the side door can be opened and closed electrically in addition to the security system.

the car GAC GN8 2021 from the inside

From the inside, this car has a 10.1-inch central navigation screen in addition to a 7-inch dashboard that contains a trip computer, and you can rely on the wireless charger in the car to wirelessly charge smart phones, which accepts only that, the center navigation screen contains support for phones Apple Inc. In addition to the Bluetooth feature to connect a smartphone to the car.

There is also a USB competitor for the front and rear seats for charging smart phones, and the recorder comes with 8 speakers with a cruise control button, which helps to maintain the car’s speed in open spaces, you can start the car engine by pressing the start button.

the car GAC GN8 2021 from the inside
the car GAC GN8 2021 from the inside

Also, from the inside, the car has distinctive LED lights with automatic air conditioning with three different control zones, and the steering wheel has a luxurious leather cover. As for the seats, they have a luxurious leather cover, which contains a massage feature, as well as a cooling and heating feature with the possibility of changing the position of the seats in an electric way and there is a hatch Roof top panorama.

Use the remote

The possibility of controlling the opening and closing of the doors of the entire car remotely using the electronic remote attached to its key, and the doors of the entire car have a central locking feature, as soon as the car moves or the fuel piston is pressed, the car doors are closed to keep its passengers safe.

Equipped with the ability to control the level of sound inside the cabin and lower it through the electronic steering wheel, as it is equipped with dedicated buttons to control the car audio system, which also contains AUX and USB inputs in addition to Bluetooth technology to transfer files to and from the car and Connect the audio system to the mobile phone.

Safety and security specifications in the car GAC GN8 2021

Equipped with many features including Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Rear Camera, Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), High-Strength Steel Safety Frame, 360° Panoramic Camera and High-Strength Steel Safety Frame to provide you Maximum protection for you and your family. ABS brake system, electronic brake distribution EBD, anti-theft immobilizer system, ESP electronic balance program, anti-theft alarm, driver airbags, front passenger airbags, rear seat belt.

GAC GN8 2021 price in Saudi Arabia

This car comes at its highest price, as the price of the GAC GN8 2021 is full of 126,000 riyals in addition to the value-added tax of 5% of the price of the car, and if you want to get the lower category, the price of the Standard category starts from 115,000 riyals .

In the UAE, it comes at its highest price, as the price of the GAC GN8 2021 full fill is 118.000 dirhams.

Safety and security specifications in the car GAC GN8 2021
Safety and security specifications in the car GAC GN8 2021