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Actor Faysal Quraishi, Religion, Age and Nationality

Full name: Faysal Quraishi
Date of birth: 26 – October 1973
Age: 47 years
Place of birth: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Nationality: Pakistani
Academic qualification: Graduate of the National College of Arts
Marital status: Married
Number of children: 3 sons
As for religion, height and weight: unknown
The beginning of his acting career: He started in 1984 – until now
Profession: Actor, Producer, TV Host, Singer, Director, Writer.

Actor Faysal Quraishi

Faysal Quraishi’s birth and childhood story

Actor Faysal Quraishi was born in Pakistan and his father was a director of the City Government College in Hyderabad. Pakistan
And his brother is Imran Qureshi. Also, a Pakistani actor and writer, and his mother is Afshan Qureshi. Who is also a TV actress.
Faisal attained his early education in Lahore and graduated from the National College of Art. Department of Graphic Design.

The beginning of Faysal Quraishi’s acting career and his most important works

Actor Faisal started his artistic career as a playwright with his brother Imran Qureshi, and he acted and wrote many plays in the emergency plays Andhra Ojala Ward for PTV. He participated in many drama series as a secondary role and his first starring series was the series Boota of Toba Tek Singh in the role of “Boota” and this series made him a first-grade star. He presented many roles that were well-received by critics and audiences. and made him a pioneer in Pakistani dramas and the highest-paid among artists. As he charges 2 million per episode.

Who is the wife of actor Faysal Quraishi?

Actor Faisal married more than once, and it was his first marriage at the age of 18, and he gave birth to his daughter Hanish and then got married again. But this marriage only lasted 18 months and the separation took place after he gave birth to a son. finally, he married one of the ages and gave birth including his daughter Ayat. he lives a happy life with her. And his eldest daughter also lives with him.

wife of actor Faysal Quraishi
wife of actor Faysal Quraishi

What are the Faysal Quraishi TV series and movies?

In 1985, he presented the series Andhera Ujala – and the series Emergency Department
1999. He presented the series Bota from Tuba Tik Singh and was the reason for his fame as an actor
In 2000, he presented two series. Harjaee – and Shamak
2003. he participated in the series Deewar – and the series Umrao Jan Ada
2005 Masuri presented – Wajood e Laraib – Tom Kahan is Kahan
2007 presented from Salwa – Jhumka Jaan – Kitni Door Kitne Paas
In 2008, he worked in the Al-Shaar series Chand – Ab Ghar Jan Do – Abhi Abhi

In 2009,

he participated in Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan – Achti – Baarish Kay Aansoo – Phir Kho Jaye Na
Meri Unsuni Kahani – Tikkun – the ghost
In 2010, he presented many series during this year. Tere Jaane Kay Baad – Sandal Series –
Qaid-e-Tanhai – Abdul Qadir Hoon Al Raisi – Yaryan – Haal-e-Dil – Ter Lee – Adoration of worship.

2011 participated in Kia Meri Shady Shahrukh Si Hogi – Ek Hatheli Pe Hina Ek Hatheli Pe Lahoo – Mira Sa’in – Umm Kulthum – Dil Hai Chota Sa – Akher Barish – Khushboo Ka Ghar – Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga Mera Pehla Pyar.

2012: Sabz Pari Laal Kabootar – Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga – Pachtawa
2013 Adhoori Aurat – Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga – presented Man Ki Muti

In 2014

He participated in the series Rawaj – Bushra Al Main – Bashar Moamen – Iqra
2015. the series Maryam – Bheegi Palkein – Mall – Rang Laga – Nraz was presented
In 2016, he participated in Tom Merry’s series Waada – Aap Ke Liye
201, only one series was presented. Zakham
In 2018, he worked in the main Manto series – Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga (Season 4) – Khaleesh
Baba Jani – Hywan – Satranji.
In 2020. The series Al-Muqdar was presented

Faysal Quraishi Filmography

In 1992, he participated in the movie Saza – and in 2013 he presented the film Aina
2015 Good Morning Karachi – Mantoux movie
2016, he participated in the movie Laloolal.com
The year 2020 is a love story. And he also co-produced it
The films that the actor Faisal presented in the cinema are considered to be few in relation to the dramas because he was more interested in presenting drama series because he achieved wide fame through them.

Programs in which the actor Faysal Quraishi participated

Besides acting. Actor Faisal participated in many important programs and appeared as a jury member in one of the famous competition programs Dum Hai To Entertainment Kar and Nachle. And presented the reality show Hero Banney Ki Tarang. the Muskurati Morning Show on TVOne Global with Aisha Khaled. from 2016 to 2019. Actor Faisal presented the show “Morning Sallam Zindagi” broadcast on ARY Zindagi.

Awards won by actor Faysal Quraishi

Actor Faisal has received many important appreciation and awards during his artistic career. and the first prize he received was for his role in the series Bota from Tuba Tik Singh and his embodiment of the character “Boota”. Finally. On July 30. 2019. actor Kaisel was appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador CLF By the Children’s Literature Festival.

Actor Kaisel in the series Qaid-e-Tanhai / Chained Tanhani

It is a Pakistani drama series from Umera Ahmed and directed by Babar Javid. the series starring Saffira Nadim – Faysal Quraishi – Sunita Marshall Neelam Munir – Saba Hamid and others.

The story of this series

revolves around the story of the Aisha and Moez couple. Who love each other. They live a happy life with each other despite their financial conditions being somewhat difficult, and they have a place where Noor is. Moez’s mother insists on his travel abroad to earn money for his family even though he It works great to provide for their needs and the money they need.

Under a lot of pressure. Moez travels abroad and leaves his wife devastated and in her most difficult condition. And his daughter Nour needs him to take care of her.
And Moez meets abroad with a woman he gets to know and is related to her name Anela. and he sends his news to his wife Aisha. This is what makes Aisha feel angry. Anxious and depressed.

Actor Kaisel in the series Qaid e Tanhai
Actor Kaisel in the series Qaid e Tanhai

She is waiting for him to come to her. But he did not come. And the years pass and his daughter Noor grows, and he marries Ella and has a son with her. One day Moez decides to return to Pakistan and tells Anila about Aisha because he lied to her and did not know her that he is married and has a daughter and when she gets to know Anila feels crazy and angry and expels him from the house.

After 4-5 years Anila dies in a car accident and knows Moez and takes his son Farhan and decides to return to Pakistan. There he meets Aisha and his daughter Nour. Who is a rebel and hates her father who left her since She is young and does not like her brother Farhan. but Aisha and Farhan have a good and strong relationship. And then Moez takes his wife. Nour and Farhan and they travel to London.

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