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Fatma Toptas the actress, her religion, is she a Muslim or a Christian, her nationality, her husband, what is her relationship to Chef Gurkan Toptas, her date of birth, her place of birth, her astrological sign, her age, her life story, her artistic career, her most important and prominent works and roles, one of her most prominent works is the series “Season Cherry”, her photo album, complete information about her that we put in your hands in this article.

Information about Fatma Toptas

Religion: Muslim.
Nationality: Turkish.
Born: November 25, 1982.
Birthplace: Mersin – Turkey.
Astrological sign: Scorpio.
Age in 2021: 33 years old.
Marital Status: Married.
Spouse name: Chef Gurkan Topcho.
Hair colour: brown.
Eye colour: black.
Profession: actress.
Academic qualification: Mojdat Jezzin Arts Center, theater department.
The beginning of the artistic career: It started in 2007.
Years of activity: since 2007 until now.
Her most important work: the series “Cherry Season”.

Life Story of Fatma Toptas

Fatma Toptas was born in the town of Mersin in Turkey on November 25, 1982, she is 33 years old, her astrological sign is Scorpio, and it is worth mentioning that her religion is Islam. This is due to the presence of her talent in this place and her ability to achieve and bring out all her energy in this field.

This is despite her teachers’ view of her as her talent for music more, and she must join the Music Institute in order to develop her talent, but she started in the artistic field and acting as a hobby and her vision to prove herself more in this field, and her family encouraged her a lot to achieve her goals and after completing her studies she decided to train in what It’s about the artistic community behind the scenes and also about writing.


she married Chef Gurkan
she married Chef Gurkan

In addition, she loves to play sports a lot, especially dancing. She always shares some videos of her with her fans through some exercises and different dances. She always takes care of her body and keeps it fit. As for her personal life, she married Chef Gurkan Topcho, and they have not had children yet.

Artistic career of Fatma Toptas

Fatma Toptas started her acting career in 2007 by appearing in small secondary roles, including her appearance as a guest on the “Blade Runner Special” program in Kanal D, and also her appearance in a small role in the series “Nabad Al Hayat”, until she appeared in a wonderful and romantic starring role in the movie “Rajab Afdic.” In 2008, she portrayed Sibel, the childhood sweetheart, of the character of Shahan Gök Bakkar in the film.

She was also offered in the same year to join the comedy film “Avanak Cousins”, and then participated in many works, including her distinguished role in the series “Başrolde Aşk”, and her works varied after that, including the series “Hayat Continues”, embodied a very beautiful character and role in the series “” Cherry Season”, and it varied in its roles and appearances with different personalities, and it was not in one form or appearance, but rather varied in its appearance and participation.


Artistic career of Fatma Toptas
Artistic career of Fatma Toptas


Including her joining the embodiment of the role of Şebnem Yalaz in the series “Life Continue”, and she made a statement through a press interview in which she talks about her acting journey and the obstacles she faced, saying: “Acting is a bottomless well, and she is at the beginning of this well”, so she does not care about the lack of her work and participation. It is always developing and does not accept any work that does not host any new for it and is always proud of its artistic balance so far.

Fatma Toptas and Gurkan Topcho

The star, Fatma Toptas, said about her relationship with Chef Gurkan Toptas, their marriage, and their meeting through a press interview, saying: “She actually said to the famous chef (Yes), after a long story of admiration and friendship between them.” It is worth noting that Chef Gurkan Toptas has artistic participation Few, but he had a distinguished presence, including his embodiment of Kansu’s character in the series “The Wrong Master”.

To finish filming in this series and offer her to marry, and the two celebrate a big wedding, in which there are many friends, family and actors, and the last thing she published of them together was pictures in many of the places they traveled to, as she is always in continuous activity through social networking sites and shares her audience with her photos constantly.

Fatma Toptas in “Cherry Season”

One of the most prominent works of the star Fatma Toptas is her participation in the series “Cherry Season”, which revolves around the girl Oiko who lives with her mother and brother in a modest popular neighborhood and admires her childhood friend Matta, but he does not exchange her any interest, and one day when she was stopping the taxi, she met Ayaz The handsome young man is the son of Mrs. Onam, the owner of the fashion house for which Foton always dreamed of working as a fashion designer.

And fates wanted Ayaz to fall in love with Oiko, and they live together in funny situations, which are close to the imagination with a group of their friends, including Matta, who loves Shaima. Her partner Ayaz, on the other hand, is the playful couple Borgo, the sister and lover of Matta and Emra, who comes from the lower class and lives with his grandmother.

Sibel and her husband Ilker, who always chases after women, and Fatma Toptas plays the role of Sibel, who married her husband after a love story and a lot of disagreements occurred between them, but their love remains in the end, and although it is a secondary role, it was greatly admired by her fans and followers.

Series Fatma Toptas

In the series “The Wrong Master” in 2020, she played the role of Kansu Akman.
The series “No.: 309” in 2016, she played the role of Nilufer.
series “Cherry Season” in 2014, she played the role of Sybil Korkmaz.
In the series “Those in the Shadows” in 2014, she played the role of Rana.
The series “Courageous Nurse” in 2013, she played the role of Serbil.
series “Life Continues” in 2011, played the role of Shabnam Yalaz.
The series “Love in the Leader” in 2011.

The series “Children Do Not Hear” in 2010, she played the role of Epic.
series “A Very Special Team” in 2007, she played the role of Porco.
The series “Naif Pack” in 2007, guest of honor.
The series “Doctors” in 2007, guest of honor.
series “My Mother” in 2019.
The series “Then” in 2011, she played the role of Ace.
The series “Everyone is cheating?” In 2010, she played the role of Kanan.

Fatma Toptas movies

2008 movie “Avanak Cousins”, she played Mallika.
In the movie “Recep İvedik” in 2007, she played the role of Sibel.

Series Fatma Toptas
Series Fatma Toptas