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We have collected for you a full and detailed report on the star Fahriye Evcen and a lot of information about her personal life, nationality, religion, age, upbringing, other details about her, academic qualification, husband and when her artistic career began and the most important works that she presented from series, films, her official social networking sites, and a set of new and exclusive photos of her.

Place of birth: Solingen – Germany
Date of Birth: June 4, 1986
Age: 33 years old
Nationality: German – Turkish
Religion: Christianity
Weight: 50 kg
Height: 173 cm
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: dark brown
Marital Status: Married to Burak Ozjevit
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Academic qualification: Bosphorus University (2014), University of Düsseldorf.
Her artistic career began in 2006.
favorite sport: yoga, swimming, and running.
Her hobby: raising cats, going out with her friends, traveling around the world with her husband, visiting new countries, and learning about cultures

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Fahriye Evcen Özçivit

Her Instagram account: https://WwW.instagram.com.Fahriye Evcen
Facebook website: https://www.facebook.com.Fahriye Evcen
Her Twitter account: https://www.twitter.com.Fahriye Evcen

Complete information about the actress Fahriye Evcen Özçivit

Fahriye Evcen is a German-Turkish actress. Born on June 4, 1986, in Solingen, Germany, her mother’s family is Circassian and a Turkish father is a displaced person. While her family of children are Turkish immigrants from Kavala Greece.

She studied at the German Heinrich Heine University in the Department of Sociology. But moved later. To Istanbul with her mother. She worked in government facilities as a social worker. Since Fahriya did not finish her studies in Germany. She attended Boğaziçi University and studied history.

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The beginning of her artistic career in acting

Fahriya appeared in front of the camera for the first time in 1996 and at the age of 10 years in the program “Beyaz Show”. But no one knew her then Fakhria entered the world of acting after she got acquainted with the Turkish actress Angelia Akyun. Who offered to participate in the movie “Nostalgia” in 2005. She participated in the Oya Idogan program. Which was presented to the producer. Ibrahim Mirtoglu. She received an offer to work in a TV series as an actress. And Evsin moved to Istanbul.

One of her first notable Nickla roles was in the TV series. In 2006. Fakhria participated in Fallen Leaves and filmed her first TV series. Which launched her acting ability and fame; Where she excelled in performing the role of “Naglaa”. And this work is considered one of the most important works in which she participated. As the parts of the work continued until 2009. Dubbed into Arabic and shown on a number of satellite channels.

In the same year. Fakhria presented her first movie experience with a starring role in Aşk Tutulması. a 2008 Turkish romantic comedy film written and directed by Murat Shiker. co-stars Toljahan Saysman and Fakhria Ogen in the lead roles.

In 2006

participated in the film You are my home. The film begins with Laila. who left her family and fought them for the sake of Muhammad. her beloved whom she believed was the love of her life. Only to discover that a year after their marriage. This man had been deceived and that he was married to another woman without telling her.

She did not compel her to go to the hospital and forget her personal bag in the hospital bathroom. But she came back and took it. To think that this was from her disappointment and shock. But this scene is a prelude to the film complex in a good gesture from its director as it was initially set to build the dramatic plot tightly.

She also filmed advertisements for the international brand Koton in the summer of 2017. The actress also participated in the drama series “The Wren Bird”. In the series she plays an orphan girl named Farida.

Who is placed by her relatives in a boarding school. And a warm love story arises between her and their son. The young doctor who despite His relationship with another woman whose love sneaks into his heart. Bears her misery and joy, and competes over her with another man. Who will win it in the end? In its first three episodes. when it was shown every Tuesday evening in Turkey. This work achieved the highest viewership ahead of major series. Indicating Turkish viewers ’love for romantic drama in particular.

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In 2011

Fakhria played the role of Zainab in a romantic series entitled Shadows Al-Madhiya. Which is a dubbed Turkish series that revolves around Zainab. who is married to a wealthy man. And they live a wonderful life with their son. But her life suddenly changes after her first love appeared. Who was recently released from prison trying to get it back. Whatever the cost.

And she starred in the series False Spring (yalancı Bahar) in front of the international actor Gansel Icın. And the series ended early due to the circumstances of the production company.

Although it was successful, and she has a movie of love that resembles you with the Turkish actor Burak Ozjevit. This work was the main reason for them falling in love with some of them. The Turkish actress. Fahriya Evgen. suffered a hysterical screaming while filming her movie “Love Is Like You”.

With the star Burak Ozcevt. While filming some action scenes on the Turkish coasts of “Edge”. In one of the scenes of “Burak Ozjevit” with the young artist. she was supposed to get out of the fishing boat. But on the way back the motor broke down. and she was trapped in the middle of the sea. And her friends from the photography team worked to save her< and on their way to her they joke until they relieve the “Fahriya” Frightened.

Fahriye Evcen in Ölene Kadar

Fakhrya took on a new role in the series “Until the Dead” with Engin Akyurek as the lawyer Selvi Nardan. The events of the series revolve around the accusations of Dahan (Engin Akurek) when he was in his early age and preparing to become a doctor. He was accused of murdering the father of Beryl the woman he loved and was about to marry her after Ander (Serb Lavan Douglo). who had fallen in love with Beryl. plotted to get rid of Dagan.

Create a plan to get rid of Sezai (Beryl’s father) as all evidence indicates that the only killer and suspect is Dahan. Dahan was sentenced to life in prison and he lost everything in his life. his future and dreams. even his love. Dahan served an eleven-year sentence for a sin he did not commit. He did not succumb to oppression and oppression. nor did he decide to search for the real killer and tried to escape from prison. Over the years he got to know Silva. a successful 24-year-old young lawyer. This lawyer lived a life full of difficulties and pain because of what she was suffering from. as she had a heart transplant when she was a child. and all that she went through made her believe that there is nothing in life that has no solution.

The young lawyer (Fakhriya) receives the case to defend Dahan and seek his release from prison. and this is the first case in which she begins her career. Silva began searching for evidence to prove the innocence of the accused Dahan. and came to evidence that no one had ever noticed before. She persuaded Dahan to reopen the case file based on the strength of the evidence she had and indeed succeeded in proving Dagan’s innocence and taking him out of prison.

Fahriye Evcen Özçivit And her husband

The artist married her lover Burak after a love story that appeared during her work together. She said in one of the press interviews that she fell in love with him after they presented the movie Love Is Like You. and then presented her with Burak to marry her in a beautiful romantic way until the wedding was held on June 29. 2017 at the Black Sea in Said Palace Halim Pasha.

in which I changed three dresses. the first with which I attended the marriage ceremony. a man designed by Rachid Bazebagli. and his fabric was from Paris. and the dress was long and narrow. with a simple crown over raised hair. and I changed the dress after the marriage contract with a dress more comfortable but very elegant At the end of the party. she wore her last dress with a large multi-layered chiffon skirt. Their son. named Karan. was born on April 13. 2019.

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Fahriye Evcen’s most important series and movies

2013 Yilin yildizlari ödül töreni (Video)
2013 3 Adam (TV Series)
2010-2015 Beyaz Show (TV Series)
2012 Evim Sensin (performer: “Sen Yarimidun (Düet)”. “Sen Yarimidun”)
2005 Asla unutma (TV Series) (2005)
2006 Hasret (TV Mini-Series)
2008 Cennet
2008 Ask Tutulmasi
2010 Takiye: Allah yolunda
2010 Sinyora Enrica ile Italyan Olmak
2006-2010 Yaprak Dökümü (TV Series)
2011 Yalanci Bahar (TV Series)
2012 Evim Sensin
2012 Veda (TV Mini-Series)
2014 Kurt Seyit ve Sura (TV Series)
2013-2014 Çalikusu (TV Series)
2015 Ask Sana Benzer
2017 Sonsuz Ask
2017 Ölene Kadar (TV Series)

Awards received by Fahriye Evcen Özçivit

The most admired actress 2013
Golden Lens Award 2013
Best Film Actress Award 2014
Most Admired Actress Award 2016

Who is Fahriye Evcen

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