Who is Ezgi Senler? photographed religion age, and many details

Ezgi Senler is her age, religion, nationality, height, weight, and more

Date of birth: 28 – January 1993
Age 2020: 27 years old
Place of birth: Ankara – Istanbul
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Nationality: Turkish
Height: 1.68 cm
Weight is 55 kg
Marital Status: Unmarried
Academic qualification: Hacettepe University, Department of Dance
Hobbies: listening to music – dancing
Profession: Actress – Turkish ballerina
Religion: Unknown
Unfavorable food: She does not like cheese of all kinds.

Ezgi Senler’s upbringing and family life

The rising artist Ezgy was born in Ankara. Istanbul. And she loved art since her childhood. She had artistic tendencies and talent. Especially dancing and ballet. Her family encouraged her to do so and supported her to develop her talent and no one interfered in front of her dream and love for dance.
And at the age of 9. She joined the children’s ballet department at the Opera and Ballet House in Ankara to train in the art of ballet and she stayed for two years.

Then, at the age of 11. She entered the conservative classical ballet department of the Hacettepe University in Ankara. To complete her training in the art of ballet. and then at the university level. she entered the modern dance department in Hacettepe University in Ankara to complete her education. She says of herself that she was a very shy. Introverted child and She is young. but art had the effect of changing her personality. And she is now a social and active person who loves to share with others.

Ezgi Senler and her acting debut

When the artist was in the first year at the university level at the Department of Modern Dance. during which she performed the Ezgi Şenler dance in front of the faculty teacher. and this dance was a change in her life. so she was transferred to the second grade and also drew attention with her beauty and success in teaching her to nominate her to dance ballet on different theaters. she attracted Attention to her from many producers when she saw her and was nominated to participate in the first TV series. which is the Bodrum series. and after her tremendous graduation from the art of ballet. She decided to enter the world of acting in 2016.

In 2016, she appeared through the Bodrum Story series. which is the first dramatic work in which she participates. In 2018 she participated in the Nafs Nafs series. While 2019 presented the series – Canevim (Müjgan Haksever). and the artist Ezgyi was able to attract the audience with her beauty, grace, Talent and mastery of her work. Artistic and critics praised her for her good portrayal of the characters that she presented in the artworks.

Marriage of Ezgi Senler and her husband

The artist. Ezgy. She is not married. Has not been engaged in the past. And has no children. She is seriously focusing at the present time on her artistic career and choosing the best works.

Ezgi Senler in the Bodrum Tale series

It is a Turkish series that tends to romantic drama and is directed by Muhammad Ada Oztekin. written by Başar Başaran and Emre Özdür. and the series is produced by Errol Avji. and starring Murat Aijin – vevval Sam – Ezgi Senler – Cyril Yereli – Najat Eisler – Pura Cengiz – Timuçin Esen – Murat Aygen.

The story of the series

revolves around Evrin Ergvin. a wealthy and ambitious man who owns many private hotels and lives with his wife Yildiz and his children in Istanbul. In Bodrum. Most of the hotels that he owns are located, and he also has another life there as he is married to a second wife in the secret .

Evrin Ergvin is quickly bankrupt as a result of making wrong decisions. Losing everything he owns. and their lives are transformed from a life of wealth and living in palaces to a completely changed life. And they have nothing left in the city of Bodrum except for a small and old house that his wife Yildiz inherited from her father and also have a hotel Young, and they came to this city to spend a holiday every year with their rich friends.

They must move to live in this old house after taking from them all their possessions and starting their lives again. as for the other half of the hotel that he owns with them is Universe. Who used to love Yildiz before her marriage. And she also never forgot it. On the other hand she does not know anything about his wife The other one lives in the basement of the house. and many and exciting events have occurred that are completely different from their previous lives. This series made the audience know the artist Ezgy and praised her performance a lot.

Other works by Ezgi Senler

It is a Turkish series of thrilling drama. Written by Zeynep Anacan. Directed by director Igor Yucil. And the series starring Shukur enolsun – Gulchin Santiroglu – Ezgi Senler caner sahin – deniz hamzaoğlu with another group of stars.

She tells the story of the series and its events about the girl Yasmine. Who discovers that her mother is still alive and has not died. And that she lives in one of the Arab countries, and it is Syria. And she decides to search for her in Syria. On the other side. Her father Ayaz Kiran. Works in illegal business and Illegal, and he smuggles some things in violation of the law. he tries to smuggle his daughter to Syria.

Where her mother lives in one of the occupied villages of Syria. Yasmine met a dangerous and terrorist man through the Internet and promised him to marry her in order to help her search for her mother. While she was traveling to Syria On the plane. I met a young man named Youssef. Who was studying in the city of Istanbul. And he finished his studies and returned to his country on the same day that Yasmine travels to search for her mother.

Youssef is from a wealthy family. And his father is a businessman and the owner of many lands in Trabzon. The region where her mother is located. During the acquaintance of Yasmine and young Yusef. She did not tell him about the real reason behind her travel. But rather told him that the reason is a friend’s visit to her on the occasion of her wedding.

After that. Youssef’s father is kidnapped, and he discovers that Yasmine is with the people who kidnapped his father and knows that her father is the reason behind his father’s kidnapping. And he discovers the real reason behind her presence. Which is the search for her mother and tries to help her, and they meet many adventures and exciting events in the search journey About her mother.

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