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Information about Erkan Meric Ömer in all Adini sen koy series. Who starred in many TV roles. Let’s get to know his religion, his age, his weight. His lover and his wife.

Erkan Meric is one of the most popular Turkish drama stars. Works of movie series and a complete list of them. The stories of his works in detail. his life story. His birth and date of birth. Who is the actress who was in a relationship with him and broke up with her and more in the next report.

About Erkan Meric

Erkan Meric, Ibn Adana, a young man who attracted the attention and admiration of the viewer since his first appearance. He worked as a model and then an actor in TV dramas, here is his personal card:

Erkan Meric’s birthday is July 26, 1986
His age in 2022 is 37 years.
His religion is Islam.
His birthplace is in Adana, Turkey
Its length is 180 cm.
Its weight is 80 kg.
He started acting in 2011.

its upbringing

Erkan Meric was born in the city of Adana, where the tradition and the family. Strict traditions and customs. He studied in a city called “Mersin” until high school. Then he joined Mersin University, Department of Electronic Studies.

And because of the strong presence of Erkan and his attractiveness and attributes. He also has an amazing body that many of his close family members advised him to work as a model. Indeed, he had a successful start in 2008 when he participated in his first fashion show.

Attracting attention to him because of his strong presence, good looks and tact. He also has grace and attractiveness, and this is what made the producers flock to him for his appearance in their TV dramas.

Erkan Meric and his girlfriend and fiancée

Actor Erkan Meric has a romantic relationship with a famous Turkish drama star, “hazal subaşi”. Their love story culminated in a marriage until they separated in 2020. They announced to the press their decision to separate.

Erkan met Hazal in the series Adini sen koy. This work was the reason for his fame. He even withdrew from the series Adini sen koy because he was looking for a bigger job, in addition to the end of Zahra’s role after offering strong roles to Hazal and her withdrawal. It meant the end of Ömer’s character because the two characters are related to each other. For this reason, Arkan decided to withdraw from the series, but the followers were angry at Hazal, as if she was the reason for the withdrawal.

Is Erkan Meric married?

Erkan was about to marry his co-worker “hazal subaşi” but they broke up after a very strong love affair. Monday’s fans mourned the rapid collapse of that relationship.

His beloved Hazal also wrote on her Instagram account

“I loved him and he loved me, we laughed and grieved together and also struggled together and collected many memories sharing life with us. I wish him to fulfill his dreams from the bottom of my heart. I wish you happiness, luck and success always take care of yourself well and let your path be open and full of happiness.”

Erkan Meric Omer in all Adini sen koy series
Erkan Meric Omer in all Adini sen koy series

Erkan Meric series

Erkan Meric got into drama when he was very young. After he starred in the field of fashion shows. To appear for the first time on small screens in the series “Valley of the Wolves” in 2011. It was a big step for him towards fame.

To participate after in the series “What is Fatma Gul’s fault”. It is a controversial drama with many mysteries and ambiguities. It was shown in 2011. After that, he participated in an honorable role in the series “Greeb Stories”.

He also co-starred in the series “Smile to Your Destiny”. His story was very emotional about Eda and Yaren, two young girls who grew up in an orphanage in Bursa and try to console their loneliness by accepting each other as brothers.

Yarin wants to become a doctor by passing the university exam and getting a scholarship in medical school. Eda has dropped out of high school and thinks she will get nowhere to study. While they both want to establish their own lives since they were 18 Ömer, the fate of the two girls will tragically change after a house party. As Yaren embarks on a journey into the secrets of her past hidden from her, Eda begins to turn all crises into opportunities on this journey. She believes that life owes them. And if, fortunately, this debt is not repaid, Ida is determined to collect it.

Information about Ömer, the hero of the series Adini sen koy

Erkan Meric, the hero of the series Adini sen koy. It is considered one of the most famous series in which he starred. The events of the series “Adini sen koy” revolve around “Omar”, a rich man, his sister is sick, and the doctor has informed him that she will not live more than 3 months only. His sister loves him very much and would like to see him happily married. As for Zahraa, she is a beautiful girl from a poor family who is looking for a job.

And her father is sick in the health center and needs money to recover. They met by chance several times under different circumstances. And when “Zahraa” came to the institution to ask for a job, “Omar” assumed that she was having an affair with his sister’s husband, so he tried to solve the issue by making “Zahraa” his lover, his wife and his consort, so that his sister would not be distressed if she knew that her consort was having an affair with another girl.

Erkan Meric’s work

In 2009, he was nominated in the show of the best model and role model for Turkey, and was chosen as the best model from Turkey in the competition for the best model from Turkey for the first time, and then he was nominated after that in the competition for the best fashion in the planet, which was held in Bulgaria, and Erkan Meric won With the title, he became the third model in the history of Turkey to receive that title, following Emir Zalioglu and Kivanc Tatlitug.

He co-starred in the series Savasci, which consists of 366 episodes. Dramatic martial arts television series that premiered on April 5, 2019. Set during the Tong Wars in the late 1870s in San Francisco, the series follows Ah Arrow, a martial arts prodigy who emigrates from China in search of his sister, to be sold to one of the most powerful tongs in Chinatown.

Umut, the hero of the series Yazgi

Turkish star Erkan Meric is co-starring in the series Yazgi, which is shown on TV8 on a daily basis. He is co-starring with the actress “Yagmur Ozturk”, who will play the role of Dunya.

Erkan Meric Instagram and many photos

After graduating from university, his family and a group of close relatives advised him and directed him to join a modeling agency in Turkey. In fact, the star Erkan Meric joined a modeling agency in 2008, and brought him noticeable attention and to his good shape, tact and physical agility.

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Erkan Meric
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