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Erdem Kaynarca Batu, the hero of the series The Tale of the Island of Ada Masalı

Erdem Kaynarca in lines

Turkish actor Erdem Kaynarca was born | Tunahan is the hero of the series “Bir Deli Ruzgar” in the Turkish city of Istanbul in 1992. Turkish actor Erdem Kaynarca’s age in 2018 is 26 years old. Tonhan, the protagonist of bir deli ruzgar, is Erdem Kaynarca. Erdem Kaynarca’s religion is Islam.

his study

Turkish actor Erdem Kaynarca graduated from Turkey’s Kadir Has Üniversitesi University of Theater Department.

Erdem Kaynarca series and movies

His artistic beginning was by participating in advertisements and plays before he started appearing on screen through acting in soap operas and films.
Erdem Kaynarca participated in a large number of plays, such as the play The Worst Work, the play of the state of women, the play of the ruined train, the play of the eagle, and the play of Romeo and Juliet, which also participated in the championship by the Turkish actor Çağlar Ertuğrul (Yagiz, the hero of the series Virtue and Her Daughters).

Erdem Kaynarca, who was able to prove his talent for acting through the theater, appeared on the screen through his participation in the film Emanet, where Tayanç Ayaydın also starred in this film. After his participation in this film, he participated in a short film entitled Parpali.

In 2017, Erdem Kaynarca participated in the series “The Heartbeat of Kalp Atışı”, which won the admiration of viewers. The series Heartbeat Kalp Atışı, which was shown on the Turkish Show channel during the summer season, co-starred with a number of young stars such as the handsome actor Gökhan Alkan (Ali Asaf), the beautiful actress Oyko Karayal (Eul), the actor Barış Itaş and the actress Ece Kokkinli. Erdam Kainarja portrayed the character of Muhammad in the series Nabatat Qalb. Muhammad is a rebellious and troubled young man who is at the same time one of Eylul’s close friends
Erdem Kaynarca participated in the year 2019 in the series “Bir Deli Ruzgar”, which was shown on the Turkish Fox channel. The series “Bir Deli Ruzgar”, starring the great Turkish actor.
Berk Cankat (Ugur), Turkish actress Pınar Deniz (Gökçe), Turkish actress Almila Ada (Malikia) and actress Hatice Aslan.

Erdem Kaynarca portrayed Tunahan in “Bir Deli Ruzgar” (Bir Deli Ruzgar).

Chabi, the hero of the series Oh My Sorrow for My Youth eyvah gençliğim

He participated in the year 2020 in the series “Ya Asfi Aly Shababy”, in which Elif Dogan (Ezra), the handsome Turkish actor Burak Tozkoparan (Zola), the Turkish actor Ekin Mert Daymaz (Can) and the beautiful actress Bahar Suwar, participated in the series.

The series, “I am sorry for my youth” eyvah gençliğim, will be produced by Süreç Film Company for Artistic Production, and it will be directed by director Deniz Yilmaz. As for the script, it will be written by Akel from Barış Başar and Unal Yatar.

The series “Ya I’m Sorry on My Youth” eyvah gençliğim is a Turkish romantic comedy series that began filming in May 2020 in the Baykoz district of Istanbul and its episodes were shown on the Turkish channel ATV.

The story of the series Ah, my youth, revolves around two kebab sellers who are neighbors, but they are enemies and do not like each other. The first is from Urfa, while the other is from Adana. The story will be full of tricks and secrets, and it will also deal with the story of two young men who love the same girl, but these two young men do not know that they are brothers.

Batu, the hero of the series “The Tale of the Island of Ada Masalı .”

Erdem Kaynarca recently joined the cast of the series “Hekayat Jazeera”, where he will embody the character of Batu in this series, which is shown on the Turkish Star channel, and also co-stars with Elb Navruz, Aisha Ishan Turan (June), Elul Arsuz (Nahir) and Nihan Büyükağaç (Peaceful) .

Ada Masalı Island Story

It will be shown next Tuesday 07.09.2021 on the Turkish Star Channel, while it will be broadcast
The Ada Masalı Island Tale series, episode 12, with Arabic subtitles

Next Wednesday, God willing. At eight o’clock in the evening, Saudi Arabia, and Qubet and Qatar, seven o’clock in the evening, the time of Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Syria, six o’clock in the evening, the time of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, nine o’clock in the evening, the time of the Emirates, God willing.

Erdem Kaynarca Instagram

An Instagram account with more than 213,000 followers.

Ada Masali Island Story
Ada Masali Island Story
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