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Specifications for electrical Arabic


Electric cars have always been a long-standing dream in the electric cars industry, developments have been hampered badly over the years until it has turned into a carrot hanging on the heads of such innovative technology however recent years have shown that the dream is now a reality, the goal now is to have electric cars Reliable cars are within reach of mass demand.

electric car

Today we tell you everything you need to know about a new car company that is producing small, ridiculously affordable electric cars. It is the small city car produced by Jiayuan Electric Vehicles,. This miniature version of the Jeep shares a boxy shape and a bit of a grill design, but none of the specs or price tag.

There are different models on offer, two-person cars start at 115,000 EGP, and prices go up to 170,000 EGP for four-person vehicles. The models also differ in terms of top speed, 50 km/h or 80 km/h, as well as various specifications in the car such as air conditioning, power steering, rear and front cameras as well as a DVR information system, panoramic sunroof and electric folding mirrors.

Efficiency and capabilities

As for the efficiency of the car, it is very practical in terms of charging, as you can do it through any outlet in your home. Charging takes 6-8 hours and is very cost effective as it can only add about 5-10 pounds to your electricity bills, but of course this will increase depending on your updated rates and your overall personal consumption. This charge will give the car from 80 to 120 km depending on the speed and engine power.

Now the main concern for any car enthusiast considering buying this car is that the top speed is only 80 km/h. The company’s answer to this concern is to drive it within the confines of the apartment complex as an alternative to golf carts In addition, the company does not provide any registrations for this car yet, which means that you cannot register and will not be able to drive it around the streets of Cairo.

Weep offers test drives for their cars, so if you want to see how it feels to drive this little car, or are looking to find out more information.

Quick Details of Electric car

automatic transmission gearbox
Color white, red, blue, brown, yellow, purple
electric fuel
Maximum speed 80 km/h
Battery Maintenance Free Lead Acid Battery
Power 7.5kw
Braking system four wheels disc brake
Wheel four wheel independent suspension
Engine AC Motor Electric Car
small electric car model
Maximum speed: 45 km per hour. 80 km/h
EEC . Certificate

Electric vehicle specifications.

Quick Details of Electric car
Quick Details of Electric car

Specifications for electrical

General Dimensions: 2245*1290*1570mm
Seating capacity: 2, 4
Battery: lead-acid maintenance battery
Brakes: four-wheel brakes; Four-wheel independent suspension: front
suspension (MacPherson independent suspension), rear suspension (trailing
independent suspension arm
Speed: 45~90km/h
Continuing mileage: 150 km
Air conditioner, mp5, car dvr, view camera

electric car warranty

Vehicle Warranty: 2 years
Battery Warranty: 1 year

For the Micro Electric, an emission-free vehicle designed with city driving in mind is a fully automatic two-seater with a top speed of 78 km/h and range of 150 km on a single charge. LED daytime running lights, air conditioning, Bluetooth, rear parking camera, power liftgate and panoramic roof as standard.
Low cost cars with zero emissions means no road taxes, no London congestion charge and reduced parking in Westminster. Simple to drive, easy to park and hard not to love.

electric car warranty
electric car warranty

London-based startup Siticars has launched a small electric car for trekking in its new Ultra Low Emission Zone in London called the Me BEV, and it also comes as a pickup and board. Performance is severely reduced for the use of the enclosure which has a top speed of about 80 km/h and a range of about 150 km.

Small Arabic of two seats

London-based Sitocars is launching a two-seater Mini BEV in three different power and battery variants. The lead-acid (riser) Me battery will be available as a replacement variant with a 3.5 kWh motor up to 45 km/h (£8000) About €9,250) and as an alternative with a 7.5 kW motor and up to 78 km/h for £10,000 (about € 11,550) there will be a Me with a 10 kWh lithium battery with analogue performance data (7.5 kWh, 78 km / h) for 12,500 pounds (about 1,450 euros) orders will start in May – initially only in Great Britain.

More information about electric cars

Cart Sizes

By the way, the range of about 150 km applies to the lithium version, while the other two types have a smaller operating range. In terms of dimensions, the Me car (for Micro Electric) has a compact format of 2.2 x 1.3 meters and is expected to occupy only half the space of conventional passenger car parking. On the other hand, Sitters recommends not driving a battery electric vehicle on the highway due to its moderate top speed. Charging the 10 kWh lithium-ion battery version should take about four to six hours in a household socket.

Cart Sizes

Electric vehicle specifications

Overall Dimensions: 2245*1290*1570 mm
Seating capacity: 2, 4
Battery: maintenance-free lead acid battery
Brakes: Four wheel disc brakes. Independent suspension
Four-wheel: front suspension (McPherson Suspension
independent), rear suspension (boom independent suspension)
Speed: 45~90 km/h
Continuing Mileage: 150 km
A/C, MP5, Car DVR, Rear View Camera, Sun Visor/Optional.

Electric vehicle specifications

How do you charge your electric car?

It charges on 220 volts of home electricity, so that you can put it on the charger at night at home, or in the workplace, and the charge goes according to the battery, and the cost of one charge does not exceed approximately 10 pounds.

The head of the manufacturer of new electric cars added that the new car runs from 120 to 150 km on a single charge, and it can be increased by increasing the battery.

What are the disadvantages of an electric car?

The head of the imut company explained that the electric car does not have any defects, as it does not pollute the environment, and does not need oil or air filters, and water that you look at daily, and the “radiator” does not heat up, so you need to repair it, and it does not need an overhaul or a mechanic, and its spare parts are to be changed. “The rubber”, or electric fuses, only, and does not require much maintenance, and its spare parts are very cheap, and there is a two-year warranty period against manufacturing defects, and the car is very durable, as long as there is interest in the car.

It is about 3.9 meters long
The width of the car is about 1.45 meters
It reaches a height of about 1.83 meters
The car weighs about 1700 kg
The car’s water tank has a capacity of about 1.3 cubic meters
The car battery can handle travel even between 50 and 60 km.

disadvantages of an electric car
disadvantages of an electric car

electric car price

As for its price, it starts from 115 thousand to 170 thousand, depending on the model, and 2 or 4 chairs, and the selected speed is from 50 km up to 80 km, and you can choose it with air conditioning or without, and with a roof or without, and you can also choose it with mirrors that include electricity, front and rear camera, and a dvr information system.

electric car price
electric car price
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