who is Elçin Sangu religion?

For all fans of the beautiful Turkish star (Elçin Sangu), known as Dafna in the series Kiralik Ask, he presents you with all the information you want about her height, weight, religion, her lover, information about her family, the story of her childhood life, secrets about her personal life, the beginning of her artistic career in acting, and the most important works that she did She has series, movies and videos, her role in the series Kiralik Ask and her new series Çarpisma, and new photo albums for her.

Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth: August 13, 1983
Age: 33 years old
Residence: Izmir, Istanbul, Turkey
Religion of Islam
Marital status: in a relationship is in love with Yunus Ozdekin
Friend/lover: Yunus Ozdekin
School: University of Mersin
Height: 159
Weight: 45
Profession: actress
Years of work: from 2011 until now
Star official websites:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elcinsangu/

The life story of the star and her personal secrets

The beautiful Turkish star Elçin Sangu, born August 13, 1985, Izmir, one of the most highly paid personalities, before starting an acting career, in the opera department of Mersin University, television screen in television, was a theater actress, she studied opera, and in 2006 in Fine Arts, Hacettepe University, Turkey.

During her childhood, there was a lot of ridicule because of her white skin, her face full of freckles, and her red hair, when the disputes began between her parents, and they decided to separate her, her year, and her journalist winter, and we decided who reached him, because after her separation, she decided to struggle to raise her and her sisters and decided not to marry.

She is called by her name on the social networking site Instagram. She is a pet lover. She has a million followers on Instagram. She is called the Orange Girl for her orange hair.

Her career in acting

She starred in acting in 2011, has made a lot of the season all over the world, and in 2014 she co-starred in the co-star and co-starred with her. The series that I was most famous for was the series “Bassem Al-Najm”, and I also participated in the “Enghlab” series, the star Kadir.

Elchinen Sanju and her boyfriend

The Star Elchinen Sanju is in love with businessman Yunus Ozdekin, where she met her love three years ago, and the star also explained that her lover has nothing to do with acting and screen, he studied political science in one of the most beautiful universities, it is the time in Izmir, but when we first met he was And sack him, sack him, sack him.

Her role in the series Love for Rent

You establish it, you turn it, you design it, you design it, you design it, you do it, you sign it, you put it in love, you marry it, you evaluate it, you hold it, your serial holder, your serial holder, your serial holder, your distinguished yourself, your advertiser, your “love for rent” A huge success in Turkey, taking first place in the viewing arrangements table on the day it was shown, achieved massive action champions.

Her role in her new series Collision

Turkish actress Elçin Sangu will star in the series “Çarpışma Collision”, and she will play the role of Zeinab, a bank employee, and her husband will die in these statements, and she will be co-starring with the star Kivanc Tatlitug as Maher, a police investigator, and the star Alberin Doymaz will perform a wonderful photo exhibition Written by Ali Ayden.

Elçin Sangu series and movies for the star


2017 is a time of happiness


The year 2011 is a series of times

2012 Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer

2013 Bir Aşk Hikâyesi

2014 Laith and Nora or Said and Shura (TV series)

2015 Sevdam Alabora

2015 – 2017 love for rent


2012 Turkish Nescafe

2015 Coca-Cola Turkish

2016 Sunsilk – Boehner


2015 with superstar Tuigar Ashkeli

2016 with star Barış Arduç Elçin Sangu

new look
new look
the beautiful Turkish star Elcin Sangu
the beautiful Turkish star Elcin Sangu
The Star Elchinen Sanju is in love with Yunus Ozdekin
The Star Elchinen Sanju is in love with Yunus Ozdekin
Elcin Sangu religion 1
Elcin Sangu religion 1
Elcin Sangu born August 13 1985
Elcin Sangu born August 13 1985
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