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Ece Cesmioglu much information about her personal life, nationality, religion and ethnicity, and details more about the height, weight, educational qualifications and when she started her music career in the representation of the most important works made by from the series of ideas and social media own official collection of images new and exclusive to him.

Ece Cesmioglu nationality, religion and ethnicity

Date of Birth: November 26, 1990
Place of residence : Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality : Turkish
Religion : Muslim
Age :28 years
Length: 163cm
Weight: 52kg
Academic qualification: graduated from the theater department at the State Institute of Mimar Sinan University
Marital status : Single
Horoscope sign : Scorpio
She started her acting career in 2002

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Full information about actress Ece Cesmioglu

Ece Cesmioglu, who was known to the public through the character of the child she embodied in the series Noor, the girl who saddened everyone by her indifferent attitude towards Maison, aunt of Muhannad in the Turkish romantic drama Noor in 2005, quickly grew up and became a young woman befitting the romantic roles of adoration, and not many when they saw her in the role of Aisha in the series all the time in 2013 Although her features did not change significantly, she became another girl with her super acting talent, which developed rapidly and became one of the well-known movie stars and co-starred in a large number of successful Turkish series.

Ece Cesmioglu born November 26, 1990, is representative of Turkish. Her family is a Yugoslav immigrant. She began her career as a nurse for the child. She graduated from the theater department of Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2009, she debuted on the silver screen in the film Ev. Turkish actress who gained wide fame for her recurring roles in the programs Eki Il, Ferar, and Il Bir Geir Zaman Ki. She got her acting debut in her early teens starring in the series Çocuklar Duymasin 2002. His first acting adventure was in the series “children do not hear, which still speaks a lot about the series. ISE čičioğlu has improved her acting career.

In 2006,

she played the role of Serin in Iki aile, a Turkish social drama series dubbed into Arabic in the Syrian dialect that aired on MBC 4. On the Moroccan channel Al-Oula, the series revolves around the father (Wael) returning from his West with his three daughters, looking for a place to reunite them, and at the same time the return of the divorced mother who is looking for a small house to house her sons, but the two families fall victim to fraud and fraud by buying the same house, and Aegean presents the character of Seren Karaman the actress attracted her role and later became known for participating in many TV series and feature films . In 2017, ace Cesme Oglu starred in the film “Yüz Yüze’e” (face to face).

She then drew attention to his performances in the ar Trail series“, ER A Time That Will Pass”, “Summer Story”, “Kalbim Fire Place” and “Magnificent Century Kösem”. In 2017, Çeşmioğlu played the character Zeynep in the series Yüz Face to face son.

Ece Cesmioglu in the series face to face

The series revolves around a young man named Gino, a brother of the Tatar and jagdash brothers, who lives with his mother and brothers after his father dies and is accused of treason. A girl named celha appears in Gino’s life, and he meets her at the beginning of the first episode when he sees her planting flowers on one of the graves in the cemetery at the same time as he was with his brothers to visit his father’s grave. Celha works in the police in secret sometimes in order to arrest elements of corruption, all within plans organized by her and her own team.


Gino appears at the beginning of the first episode of the series as a character who is loved by everyone, old and young, and always loves to do good and help others. He, his brother Tatar and a group of his friends used to steal luxury and expensive cars belonging to Turkey’s wealthy, and the theft is carried out in a plan drawn up by a man considered to be one of his closest friends.

Gino meets celha in a fancy restaurant, but they each have a task to do in disguise, they will arrest one of the most wanted from the Justice who will complete the theft of the car assigned to them. The plot of the story is based on the fact that Both Gino and celha do not know the truth of each other, and the events continue between them and the secrets, subtleties and mysteries damage the course of the series. The most important moments in the opening episode of the series are the revelation of the truth about Gino’s father, that he was not a traitor to his homeland, but a victim of a plot hatched by a group of outlaws.

Ece Cesmioglu in the series Enemy in my house.

The role of Serin tadoo presented the story of the series “an enemy in my house ” about a man who sought all his life to reach the life he dreamed of. Wishing, the first-born of Murad (Pamir Peking) and Yasmin (Asli Tandogan) shivthanli who have been waiting for him for years is about to come . The road they happily went out that day, ruined by the accident that Yasmin committed . Geren (Ege çashmioğlu) is finally waiting to meet her dream child, while she waits with Kamal the man she loves their child, she gets the news of Kemal’s death. Geren, devastated by the news, loses everything. Jasmine has not lost her baby but is experiencing the trauma of her life . Oljay (nabhat chehri), who heads the shivthanli family, decides to take a nanny for her grandson until Yasmin’s condition improves . But she doesn’t know that this decision will their lives upside down .Geren, who was reborn from ashes, will enter their lives as a nanny, and now everyone will pay the price.

Ece Cesmioglu TV series

Don’t let the kids hear (2002)
You have a problem child (2004)
River (2005)
Silver (2005) – Crescent
Two families (2006-2008 – – Serin Karaman
The dream (2008) – Asia
Superfluous (2011-2012) – spring
The time allowed has come / Ayça – 2012-2013
Summer story (2015) – summer.

My Heart Place (2016) – Sevda Günsoy
The Great Century Kösem (2016-2017) – Atike Sultan
Face-to-face (2017) – Zainab
The enemy in my house (2018) – serine
Promise (2018-2019) – Melissa
The magnificent century: Kösem / Atiker Sultan – 2016
My heart fire place / Sevda Günsoy – 2016
Jailbreak / Spring – 2011 – 2012.

Ece Cesmioglu cinematic films

Beginning – 2011
Home page – 2009
Bird – 2015
Children Not Hear – 2002

in Twitter Ece Cesmioglu
in Twitter Ece Cesmioglu
information about actress Ece Cesmioglu
information about actress Ece Cesmioglu
Religion Muslim
Religion Muslim
Date of Birth November 26 1990
Date of Birth November 26 1990