who is Ece Aydemir? religion age, boyfriend and more

Ace Aydemir, the heroine of the Aslan family series. We have all the information available about her life, lover, series, biography and beautiful actress. Good roles and difficult ones. We know her birth date, religious beliefs, height and weight. Who is her husband or lover, and her professional and personal life story. A traditional artist born in Istanbul took her first step towards art and performance. It started in 2017. A young girl dreams of a job. Her talents were demonstrated through her performances and performances, and many audiences expected her bright future.

Ece Aydemir Profile Data

How old is Ace Aidmeier’s birthday? 2001. Omar Ace Aidemir: 20. Ace Aidemir al-Din: Muslim. Her husband or boyfriend: not married. Weight: 53 kg. Height: 170 cm. Place of birth: I was born in Istanbul. Nationality: Turkey. What is the degree? Teach her to study creative drama in front of the camera. When did her career start? Her artistic career began in 2017.

Childhood Ece Aydemir

Serial actress. He was born in Istanbul in 2001. She is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 53 kilograms. Ayla Elvis studied creative drama in front of the camera. Since 2017, she has been acting as an actress in a TV series. Submitted by Ufuk Özkan, Kerem Kupacı, Ayça Varlıer, Sena Çakır, Mehtap Bayri, Nalan Yavuz, Yıldız Kültür and Alican Okumu; Can Kıran, Pelin e Ahin, Beyazıt Gülercan, Füsun Kostey, and Geanur TV series.

Ece Aydemir, Boyfriend & Husband

TV actress, born in Istanbul in 2001, is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 53 kilograms. Ayla Elvis studied creative drama facing the camera. Since 2017, she has been working as an actress on a TV series. She is not married, in love and has no personal friends.

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What are the main series of Ece Aydemir

Her first appearance was in the series “Aslan Family”. His story began when Polkow’s father ran away from the police, who took control of his bank account and lived in the house. The only place she could go is a farmhouse she inherited from her father, because she lived her life. No. However, Murad lives on this farm with his parents, grandmother, and three siblings, and they don’t think they should give up their home so easily.

The Aslan family starring Ece Aydemir

The series “My Aslan Family” talks about the “Federal Government”, his wife “Hadiya”, his mother “Hadiya” and his three sons who have been living on the same farm for 30 years, including his son “Umut” he has in the arrangement, but he was visiting his family. Except for his younger brother Mutlu, everyone has a source of livelihood, and Fedat, who is proud of his children, lives on the farm in peace and reassurance.

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Borgo is the daughter of verbal “Typhoon Olgun” and the only spoiled person, while “Borgo” believes that a credit card is a magic wand, which is the most extravagant people imagine. She can cancel her father’s criminal charges and flee Turkey, and her path intersects with the Aslan family because the investigator in charge of her father’s case is the eldest son of the Murad family. While the Aslan family was sitting in the garden enjoying their time, “Borgo” came to ask to vacate the farm, and no one knew about that except “Fedat” and his wife, because Fida owed the debt “Typhoon”. Many years.

More famous posts in the life of Ece Aydemir

The first Turkish film I participated in was “Like this-Olmaz Böyle Sey”. She also participated in the Aslan Family Farm series which revolves around the Aslan family of 7 characters. She raises chickens and grows vegetables, just like Vidat’s eldest son, Jeter, who is a radiologist and has a tired personality. This is why all his attempts to find a girlfriend have failed.

As for the second son, he is Murad, and he is a young man in the prime of life at the age of thirty, who works as a police officer, and is distinguished by intelligence, goodness and idealism, and he pays attention to the smallest details, and although others see him very hard, God is in the truth of the matter soft-hearted, and he cares about his family, And he has their confidence, as everyone turns to him to take his advice, and the 3-year-old is an aspiring journalist, called Umut, and he loves his job so much that he can bear any risks that he faces throughout the implementation of his work.

Aslan family

The fourth son of the Aslan family is Mutlu, and he was a young man most of the time. He worked on the farm with his parents and grandmother, although his intelligence was very strong, in addition to that he only used it for benefit. With the passage of facts, the life of all members of the Aslan family changed, this is a young girl named Borgo claims that the farm belongs to her, and Borgo is a beautiful college girl and the daughter of a wealthy man with whom the father and wife live in a huge palace, despite her ideal age, changed after the completion of the charges. Her father was corrupt, ran away from the security services, and left the country without telling his daughter anything. After that, Borgo will live a secluded life, where the stepmother and her new friends appear together, and all the bank accounts and the house where she lives will be under the control of the security department, and finally when she returns to the farm, she found an old telegram from her father stating that she is its owner, so she owns a conflicting property between him and the family Aslan.

What are the main series of Ece Aydemir
What are the main series of Ece Aydemir
Ece Aydemir Boyfriend Husband
Ece Aydemir Boyfriend Husband
The Aslan family starring Ece Aydemir
The Aslan family starring Ece Aydemir
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