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Today we get to know the Turkish star Öykü Çelik, where we presented you in this article, a detailed report with all the information about her, whether when she was born, how old is she now, and which tower she belongs to, what is her religion and social status, what is her most important artistic work, what is her academic qualification, and how special social networking sites were created With a group of special pictures of her.

Öykü Çelik her nationality, age, religion and upbringing

The Turkish actress, Öykü Çelik, is one of the most famous faces on the Turkish screen. She is 32 years old and holds Turkish citizenship, and her religion is Islam. As for her studies, she is a graduate of Bilkent University, Department of Theater. She is 160 cm in length and weighs 52 kg. Her hair color is black and the color of her eyes is brown. Cancer.

Family of Öykü Çelik and her husband

Father Ilker Celik
Mother is unknown
Marital Status Divorced (2015)
The husband is Ahmed Murad Jacan

favorite stuff Öykü Çelik

hobbies are traveling and reading
Favorite color is pink and pink
and Favorite non-vegetarian and Thai food
Favorite destination is Sweden

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: Artist Öykü Çelik

Instagram account: https: //www.instagram.com/Öykü Çelik has over 160,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/?lst Öykü Çelik

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/=ar Öykü Çelik

Öykü Çelik her biography

Although the young Turkish actress had an accident while studying drama, she was still able to attract her talent. She entered the cinema industry from the widest doors and opened the door to drama and television works, so she is one of the actresses who was able to show her artistic personality in a short time and was able to steal the light quickly .

The artist Öykü Çelik is a Turkish actress who was born in Istanbul, Turkey on July 13, 1987. Her father was a famous football coach. She studied primary and secondary schools in Istanbul and then studied theater at Beykent University.

More information

However, she could not complete her studies due to a car accident, a traffic accident, her body suffered from many bumps and burns at that time. She was still a student in the drama department at Bilkent University. She had to leave her education in the middle of the road because of her treatment process. When she recovered, she took special theater lessons from Some teachers, in fact, having no idea what to do as a career in high school, found herself on a theater course on the advice of a friend.

Characteristics of the actress

Öykü Çelik knows the English language well, apart from acting in her films, she is interested in sports such as figure skating and soccer, the actress Oyko became famous for her character in the movie Kuzey-Güne.

where she started acting in 2006 through the Turkish TV series Selina, where she played a simple and small role and then She has succeeded in many Turkish television works, for example the series Baiat Al Ward with the role of Nizar, the series Ard of the Ottomans, and the series Poyraz Karayel.

Her acting career

In 2006, she started acting through the series “Selena”. In 2009, she starred in Cin Geçidi and Haluk Piyes, and in the films Barut in My Blood.

She played the role of Reina in the series “Nuri” starring Oktay Kinarja and Meltem Kombol in 2011, she played Bahar’s series “Sorry for Me” written by Mahsun Karmijol.

In 2014, he starred with Kivanc Kapali in the TV series “The Dance of Crying” with Burak Serdar Chanal, Oiku Celik, Meles Babadag, Mert Turak, Burak Alkas, Ali Barkin, Amin Gursoy, Renan Bellek, Zeynep Gulmez, Nuri Gokasan, Yenire Gorsoy, Jill Elanche.

Poyraz Karayel her role in

In 2015, she starred in Poyraz Karayel, a Turkish TV drama series that aired on Channel D from 2015 to 2017, starring Ilker Kalieli as Poyraz Karayel and Porshin Terzioglu as Aisha Uman.

The action revolves around Poyraz with Assegol in a taxi and he fell in love with the rings, but he did not know that Asegol was the daughter of Bahri Oman, and although he discovered that he had decided not to tell Issegol that he worked with his father, she was still the daughter of Bahri Oman.

More about Poyraz

Poyraz meets Aysegul in a taxi and then falls in love with her in the rings. However, he does not know that Asegul is the daughter of Bahri Oman, who despite his discovery that he decided not to tell Ayseegul that he works with her father in addition to this.

She also appeared in the Turkish historical fictional TV series Artegral Resurrection as Sirma Khatun, who is the sister of Eilbalj Khatun, Ertugrul’s second wife, who plays Hand Sural.

In addition to the series “Resurrection Ertugrul”, Oiku Celik has previously appeared in the following Turkish drama series: “Medina”, “Nuri”, “Once in the Ottoman Era”, “Green Sea”, “Weeping Dance” and “Poyraz Krayal”.

In 2019, she participated in the Turkish TV series “The Great Duo” with fellow actors Karim Bursin, Ibrahim Celikkol and Ozge Görl.
Öykü Çelik in the series Promise of Honor

The Turkish actress, Uiku Celik,

the successful Turkish actress, who is famous for the role of “Sirma Khatun” in the Artegral Resurrection series, announced that she will join the “Promise Honor” series. Which is produced by Sherif Suzu, a new television series expected to be modified. It is expected to steal the hearts of millions of people in all around the world.

Waad Sharaf is a series of a dramatic and social nature. And its story deals with a thorny and controversial issue. As it revolves around the issue of harassment. especially the harassment of schoolchildren. Upon completion of filming the series and making its presentation, it is expected that it will raise controversy and will achieve successful due to the real contemporary issues around us.

The story revolves around a female student who accuses a teacher of harassing her and trying to rape her, as the series will address the problem of harassment with some details and other events in addition to the presence of some different conflicts in the events of the series.

The series is being worked on now to catch up with the 2020 season, and it is scheduled to be shown during the month of September, unless anything happens that leads to its postponement, it will be shown on the Show TV channel in Turkish.

Husband of Öykü Çelik

When Öykü Çelik went to film in Bursa, she met businessman Ahmed Murat Cakan on August 14, 2014, then got married and settled in Bursa after being married for 25 days, they separated from each other within 15 months on November 22, 2015, and then moved to Istanbul again. In 2018, she announced that she had married a second time, to Kan Buonomo.

The works of Öykü Çelik from the series and movies

2018 – dead investment – Artegral Resurrection – Pranjali Yarim- Caban.
2017 – kevkat Yerimdar (Benso)
2016 – The Life of Sevens Gozel (Amina)
2015 – Poyraz Kreel (Daphne)
2014-2015 – Sea Green (Seashell) – hit – The Weeping Dance (Begum Demir).
2013 – Two Heads: A Chinese Connection – Romantic Comedy 2: The Bachelor – Besses (movie).

2012 – Saba (motion picture) – The Ottoman Once Upon a Time: KIAM (Cchmidel) 2012 – 2013 – Don’t Be Sorry To Me (Spring).
2011 – Nuri (Rina) (TV series))
2010 – Mahpeyker Sultana Kusem (Mahfiruz) – Seller of the Ward (Nizar).
2009 – Town (Zahra) – Parrot in My Blood.
2008 – Sen Geçidi (Sea) – Acacia Stop.
2006 – Selena (Ida).