Who is Ebru Şahin? religion, boyfriend and more

a full article about the Turkish actress Ebru Şahin, about her birth, religion, family, personal biography, artistic career, and most important drama and film work, boyfriend Ebru Shaheen. Many secrets about her life she knows for the first time. Her talent and works she loves to do. Her favorite foods. And her role model in acting. New photo albums for her. And her social networking sites.

Ebru Şahin

Her first name is Abru. Her name in English is Ebru ahin. Not only that, but her date of birth is May 18, 1994. Current age is 26 years. Her astrological sign is Libra. Her birthplace is Istanbul-Turkey. Furthermore, her nationality is Turkish. Her religion is Judaism. Her weight is 54 kg. Likewise, her height is 166 cm. Her academic qualification is. Istanbul University College of Sports Sciences is a very athletic figure who has been practicing sport since she was 11 years old. She is unmarried. Her favorite sport is Judo. She started her artistic career in 2017.

Biography and study of Star Ebru Şahin

Ebru Şahin is a beautiful young actress who became famous in the Arab world because of her series Hercai. She is a talented actress who insisted on succeeding in being an actress and took a stand to enter the world of art with great confidence and strength, but quickly grabbed the hearts of viewers.

As for the study of Ebru Şahin, she graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Mathematical Sciences. From New York University in Media and Economics Management, and is currently a graduate of Economic Sciences from Istanbul Technical University. And obtained a master’s degree at Harvard University. She continued to study at the New York Film Academy. Study and train She has also written and directed his short films, which she has signed four agreements with Universal Studios.

Her acting career

She did not start acting until after completing her studies in the College of Mathematical Sciences first. Then she worked on studying acting in order to develop her acting talent. This made her take many courses, lessons and training in acting. She got her first artistic role in 2016 in the movie Blood Money, the movie Blood Money.

Then I got a chance with ‘Father with Cetin Tekindor’ to work in Istanbul. Then she appeared in Babam, directed by Nihad Duraku, written by Neil Peligan and starring Chetin Tekindor, Melissa Senolson, Berker Goffin.

The Turkish public knew her in the series Warrior in 2017 and the work was starring Berk Oktay, Murad Cerezli, Burk Kumpitlioglu.

It is a Turkish war series that tells about what the soldiers are exposed to, especially the elite forces and leaders. With the feeling of patriotism and the dangerous tasks that they undertake to defend their homeland. And the risks they are exposed to and their willingness to sacrifice everything for their homeland.

This work was her way to stardom. And she became one of the most important and famous artists in Turkey despite her young age.

Ebru Şahin’s television and film work

In 2017, she participated in the film Abi Film – and the series Warrior
In 2018. She participated in the famous Turkish series The Bride of Istanbul – the Forbidden Apple series. The Blood Money movie
In 2019, she participated in the series Pansies – the movie Unconscious Love
In 2020 Ebru Şahin was awarded the 46th Pantene Gold Award as Best Actress

Ebru Şahin in the bride of Istanbul

The beautiful actress, Ebru Şahin, participated in the series Bride of Istanbul. The work was starring Ozcan Deniz. Asli Enfar. Salih Badamji. The story of no work revolves around a girl from the countryside who dreams that she lives in Istanbul and marries a rich man from Istanbul’s wealthy.

And she wanted to fulfill her dreams and leave them to the countryside and her family because of her family problems and to escape from her bad past,

One day, a businessman from Istanbul appears in front of her, so she falls in love with him and he also loves her, but his appearance in her life is not a coincidence, but a bad past had gathered them together a while ago and wanted to marry her and compensate her for what happened in the past in order to atone for his sin. But she does not know that

He proposes to marry her and she accepts and gets married quickly, and she goes to Istanbul as a bride who was able to fulfill her eternal dream, but at that time the Istanbul bride is shocked when she discovers that this person is the one who raped her 13 years ago.

Hera in the forbidden apple series

It is a Turkish series starring Ida Eiji, Onur Tuna, Sivda Argenji. Cheval Sam, Talaat Bolot. Turkish actor Ahmet Kayakan and actress Ebru Sahin participated in the second season of the series “Forbidden Apple”.

And Ahmed Kayakan plays the role of “Hakan”, a close friend of “Alihan”, and the artist Ebru Shaheen plays the role of “Hera”, the ambitious girl who is applying for a job in “Alihan” company.

The events of the series revolve around the sisters “Zainab” and “Yildiz” who live in one of the popular and poor neighborhoods in Istanbul, but the personality and nature of the two sisters are very different from each other, as “Zainab” is characterized by a calm, natural and romantic personality and is looking for true love. Her sister, “Yildiz”, enjoys a cheerful personality and dreams of marrying a wealthy man with whom she lives in luxury and wealth.

Ebru Şahin as Hercai lead Ryan

It is a romantic Turkish series that is considered the first absolute starring in the drama of the Turkish star Ebru Şahin. In it, the character (Ryan) is a beautiful and romantic girl who is looking for love and the boy of her dreams and believes in miracles, happy endings and loves stories and novels.

One day, the young Miran and the girl Rayan meet, and a great love arises in their hearts despite the great enmity between them. (Miran) is a beautiful young man, but he grew up and was brought up with a motive of revenge 27 years ago.

But when Miran sees her, he forgets this enmity. For the first time, he has a heart full of love after cruelty. It is a story transformed from revenge to love.

The actress, Ebru Şahin, played a very strong role in the series. She also refused to Dobbler play her role in the burning scene and presented it herself. To the extent that she suffered some minor injuries.

Beloved of the artist, Ebru Şahin

The Turkish actress, Ebru مرتبطةahin, had a relationship with the Turkish actor Tolga Saritas. He posted many pictures of them and she was with the artist Tolga Saritas, they were enjoying their vacation in one of the nightclubs in Imerjan, Istanbul, and they romantically flirted with each other, but they separated.

Recently, Turkish actress Ebru Şahin was photographed with her new lover, basketball player Sidi Othman. Some pictures were published of them while on vacation in Alacati, while they were standing next to each other and kissing, although they previously denied that they had a love story.

Ebru Şahin Instagram

Instagram is: https: //www.instagram.com/ebrusahin

Ebru Sahin
Ebru Sahin
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