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Drashti Dhami, her religion, is she a Muslim, her age, her husband, her nationality, her date of birth, her personal life, her artistic life, all this and more in a detailed report about her. She is the heroine of the Gate series, and she is one of the finest and best actresses in India, which she was able to participate in Many dramas, which achieved many successes, and were able to obtain many awards in recognition of the distinguished roles that won the admiration of the fans.

Information on Drashti Dhami

Drashti Dhami’s Date of Birth: January 10, 1985.
Drashti Dhami’s birthplace: Mumbai – Maharashtra – India.
Residence: Mumbai – India.
Drashti Dhami Nationality: Indian.
Her religion: Hinduism.
Career of Drashti Dhami: Actress – Model – Dancer – Presenter.
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Methbai College, Mumbai.
Age of Drashti Dhami: 35 years old in 2020 AD.
Drashti Dhami’s husband: Niraj Khika.
Astrological Sign: Capricorn.
Years of activity: since 2007.

The life story of Drashti Dhami

Drashti Dhami is a model, actress, broadcaster and dancer with great fame in India, due to the great works of art in which she participated and achieved great success. the wonderful actress Drashti Dhami was born on January 10, 1935, AD in Mumbai, India.

Drashti Dhami belongs to a Gujarati family and their religion is Hindu. Her family consists of her father. mother and only brother. Giselle Dhami. Her family is distinguished as a family that adheres to customs and traditions. Until I graduated from it.

The beautiful Drashti Dhami initially worked as a dance coach. although she belongs to a conservative family and adheres to customs and traditions. But she entered the field of dance and worked in it and her family supported her in this field. but when the dance is offered to her on any occasion she had to take approval Ten people from her family and relatives before she agreed to participate in this show. Her cousin was the most person of her relatives standing next to her and helping her. after she worked in the dance field. she entered the world of fashion and worked as a model and achieved many successes.

Her favorite hobby of Drashti Dhami

The brilliant actress Drashti Dhami has multiple hobbies. She loves to walk every day in order to maintain her agility so that she can continue in the field of dance and develop herself. Also loves to travel and enjoy cruises. Reading stories and novels.

She loves to eat chocolate a lot. Loves to watch Bollywood movies. Especially the Rockstar movie. she is distinguished by the fact that she loves to develop herself, so she loves to watch the artwork of the big stars in order to gain more confidence and learn from them to develop artistic performance. And she also loves a group of big stars such as Ranbir Kapoor. Karan Singh and Anushka Sharma.

Drashti Dhami personality traits

The beautiful actress Drashti Dhami has all the ingredients that helped her to be one of the most famous and best actresses in India. Which became dominant in the artistic scene due to her great fame that she achieved through her participation in many works of art. Characterized by attractive beauty. brown eyes and beautiful laugh. She has a first-class artistic figure who helped her to perform the roles required of her to the fullest.

Although most of her works are romantic. She does not like to participate in kissing roles or bold scenes. Because she adheres to the customs and traditions that she was brought up with and does not violate the wishes of her family. She always tries not to stand on the success of one that she has achieved. but she wants to develop from Itself in order to achieve many and more successes. As it has the love of many fans. so that it is afraid to lose the love of this audience if it fails in a work of art. so it is always keen to present its best.

The wonderful actress Drashti Dhami has not only participated in dramas and art. but has represented her country on a number of international occasions. She was a brand ambassador to support the cause of the planet in 2011 AD. And participated in the swachh survekshan initiative in 2016.

She was the organizing leader in the celebrity championship in 2016. And due to her participation in many campaigns to support children in need of food and education. She was chosen from among 78 TV personalities participating in these campaigns.


Drashti Dhami’s husband

The beautiful star Drashti Dhami has many fans. and the role of these fans is not satisfied with admiration only. As a number of actors and public figures proposed to marry her. but she refused under the pretext that she wanted to focus on acting. But she was not convinced of them.
My study got to know the Indian businessman “Niraj Khimka” on one occasion.

She lived a great love story with him. He admired her acting and beautiful spirit on the screen. and was very impressed by her adherence to customs and traditions and not performing bold scenes. The marriage was concluded on February 21. 2015 in A legendary marriage ceremony attended by many celebrities and big personalities in India. she gave birth to a boy and a girl from her husband. And her study stated more than once that her husband stood by her and helped her to achieve success in her artworks.

Drashti Dhami acting

The brilliant star. Drashti Dhami. shone in the field of acting in India. and was able to win the love of the audience in a short time and achieve great fame in the artistic community. and it was helped by her participation in the beginning of her artistic career in a number of famous advertisements and also her participation in a group of videos that were the prelude to her entry in The field of acting. she actually succeeded in entering the world of acting in 2007 AD by participating in the wonderful series “Daily Mail Haya”. And she achieved great success in this series and was the beginning of her wonderful artistic career. she was bombarded with offers to participate in many dramas. and we review the

following Drashti Dhami’s artistic career

2007 AD
She participated in the series “Daily Mail High”.
In 2009 AD
participated in the second part of the series “Daily Mail High”.
And in 2010 AD
participated in the series “Gate or Gate”.
In 2012 AD
She participated in the series “Madhubala”.
And in 2013 AD
She participated in the series “King and Queen”.
In 2015 AD
participated in the series “I am full of longing”.
In 2018 AD
She participated in the series “I stole my husband”.
And in 2019 AD
She participated in the series “Changing Relationships”.

Awards received by Drashti Dhami

The beautiful star Drashti Dhami was able to achieve unprecedented fame and great success. and managed to reach the podiums several times. and won many awards in appreciation of her enjoyment of the audience with the distinguished roles that she participated in.
In 2011. she won the Indian Television Awards in recognition of the work she participated in during that period.

She won the Golden Petal and Hindi Teles Awards in 2012.
In 2013. she won the Big Star Awards. due to the great success achieved by her participation in the series “Madhubala”.
She got the best dramatic actress from Star Ice in 2014.
In 2015. she was awarded Zee Feathers Awards.
Drashti Dhami was awarded the Tara Parayar Award in 2017.

Information about (Ghaith) the Indian actress. the heroine of the Ghaith series

The full name of the Indian artist Drashti Dhami is Drashti Dhami. the nationality of the Indian artist Drashti Dhami is Indian. the birthdate of the Indian artist Drashti Dhami is January 10. 1985 AD. her age in 2017 is 32 years. the birthplace of the artist Drashti Dhami Mumbai. India. the name of the husband of the Indian artist Drashti Dhami Niraj Khimka. Indian actress Drashti Dhami started acting in 2007.

One of the most important information about the artist. Drashti Dhami. is an Indian actress. presenter and dancer. from Mumbai. who started working with advertisements in 2007 AD. she was chosen among the 100 most exciting women in the world in 2014 AD. she won the title in the famous dance program. the sixth season with her dance partner Salman Yusuf Khan She married actor Niraj Khimka after a love affair that lasted for years in February 2015. and now she has one son.

The most important work of the Indian actress Drashti Dhami series Jet or Ghaith in front of the star Gormit in 2009 AD. the name of the artist Drashti Dhami in English is Drashti Dhami.

Drashti Dhamis husband
Drashti Dhamis husband
Her favorite hobby of Drashti Dhami
Her favorite hobby of Drashti Dhami
Her religion Hinduism
Her religion Hinduism
Information on Drashti Dhami
Information on Drashti Dhami
The life story of Drashti Dhami
The life story of Drashti Dhami
Astrological Sign Capricorn
Astrological Sign Capricorn
Drashti Dhamis husband Niraj Khika
Drashti Dhamis husband Niraj Khika
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