Deniz Isin religion age nationality & report

Turkish actress deniz işın to all those who watched get acquainted with us about this beautiful Turkish star and a lot of information about her age nationality religion academic qualification. When did her artistic career begin. What artworks she participated in. about her latest artistic work. And many other details with a group of New photos of the Turkish artist deniz işın.

Deniz Isin and a lot of information about her

Deniz işın is a Turkish actress. Born in 1993 in Izmir. Turkey. And her current age in 2021 is 28 years. And her nationality is Turkish. Her religion is probably Christian. And her height is 165 cm.

Who is the Turkish actress Deniz işın?

Actress Deniz işın was born in Izmir. Turkey. In 1993. And after obtaining a high school education. She joined the Ege University in Turkey. Department of Chemistry and completed her postgraduate studies in this field and obtained a master’s degree in chemistry.

The actress Deniz Isin says about herself that since her childhood she was a very shy and antisocial child. And she remained that way until she reached high school and offered her to participate in her acting classmates on the school stage. She laughed and escaped from them in any way of acting because she is too shy to face people
After her graduation from the university she worked for a while in the field of chemical engineering as an engineer. Then after a while she left her and entered the field of commercials to escape from her extra shyness.

When some people advised her about this. That she must face people and society and interact with individuals and at work. So she received advice in a welcome manner and already began to get rid of fear and shyness from people. So she entered the field of commercial advertising and appeared as a model in the months of advertisements. After which the actress joined me She received acting lessons and training in the Izmir theater. due to her strong desire to enter this field.

Deniz işın is a young Turkish artist who was distinguished from her artistic beginnings with her wit. Grace and cheerful spirit who loves to laugh and play and her natural beauty because she prefers to highlight the beauty of her eyes and take great care of her skin. So she is always keen to have makeup tools in her bag. Especially mascara. Cream and sunscreen And blush

deniz işın and her acting debut

Her artistic debut and her first appearance on the Turkish screen was through the Turkish series Iyi Günde Kötü Günde. in which she embodied the role of the girl Murphy. And this series has achieved great success and an unexpected high viewership.

And deniz işın through it became one of the most important and prominent emerging faces that She appeared in this series. After which she participated in a strong and influential role in the series (The Gift).

Then she participated in the starring role in the Turkish series In Good and Bad and Sefirin Kizi. and one of her newest artistic works is her participation in the new Turkish series Masumiyet.

Film series by deniz işın

Iyi Günde Kötü Günde series
Series in good times and bad times
Sefirin Kizi series
The Gift
2019 Her Yerde Sen (TV Series)
Masumiyet series

Deniz Isin
Deniz Isin

deniz işın and the series Iyi Günde Kötü Günde

Iyi Günde Kötü Günde is a Turkish series called “Her Yerde Sen” and its number of episodes is 23 episodes directed by Ender Mıhlar and its story revolves around when the monument takes place on both Celine and Demir, and they own the same house after someone sold them the same place And each of them insists on not leaving the house and staying in it because it is his right, and they live together in the same house.

Celen is an architect. And she discovers that her new manager at work is Demir. Who is a successful architect. And he is the same person who lives with her at home. Demir recently came from Japan and Celine tries in all different ways with her friends. Especially “Marwa and Ida” to get rid of Demir.

Let him leave the house for her and leave and also help her in that the son of the owner of the company in which they work. and he is “repair”. but with all her attempts with Demir. She falls in love with him without knowing and everything changes for her and leaves her close friend Ibrahim and the rest of the events unfold. In an interesting romantic setting.

A group of artists participated in the series Iyi Günde Kötü Günde. Including Ibuki Busat – Furkan Andic – Beynur Sherpichioglu – Aisha Tunabuilo – Ali Yagchi – Aslihan Malboro – deniz işın – Ali Gozzerin – Ivar Tokatli – Mehmet Fatih Ozkan – Aziz Janeer – Jim Gogen Ihsanoglu – Best Kokdemir.

deniz işın and Masumiyet

Masumiyet is a new Turkish series. The first episodes of which were recently shown on Turkish screens. Written by Serma Yanik and directed by Omur Atay and produced by Gold Film. A large group of artists participates in the Masumiyet series.

Including the actress Deniz Chaker – Muhammad Aslan Tug – Borgo Derya – Celine Sezgin – Ilanda Albashan – Tolga Gulish – Neslihan Arslan – Asina Tugal and other artists.

The young actress deniz işın participates in one of the main roles in the series. The story and events of the Masumiyet series revolve around a woman named Hayat Bahar. who is embodied by the actress (Deniz Shaker).

deniz isin and Masumiyet

Who is married and has two daughters. The eldest daughter. Elida Alishan. is a 19-year-old university student. Her mother discovers that she loves her father’s manager to work. And he is many years older than her because he is 35 years old. and when her mother knows this issue. she tries in every way to prevent him. Especially when she knows that her daughter wants to marry him. and then the series events follow in an interesting romantic drama.

deniz işın and the series Sefirin Kizi

Sefirin Kizi is a Turkish series whose events revolve in a romantic and dramatic framework and tells its story about the girl Nara. who is the daughter of an ambassador and from a wealthy family. And Nara falls in love with a simple and poor young man named Sangar who is the son of a worker. Their love has grown in their heart over time and they want to marry each other. but the Narah family will refuse.

So they decide to flee together. But on the same day that their escape would take place. Nara disappears in mysterious circumstances. and no one knows anything about her. And the years pass by and the life of Sangar changes. It is linked to another love story with a girl who is not a fire. and on his wedding day. a fire appears again and stands in front of him while he marries another girl and has many secrets inside her. The events of the series reveal all these secrets.


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