Deniz Can Aktaş girlfriend age, Religion

The young Turkish actor Deniz Can Aktaş has a lot of information about his life, his birth date, current age, nationality, religion, astrological sign, academic qualifications, life and upbringing, and when did actor Deniz Can Aktaş start his artistic career with acting and what artworks he participated in so far And other details about him with a set of new pictures of the Turkish artist Deniz Can Aktaş.

Deniz Can height, weight, astrological sign and more

Date of Birth: 28 – July 1993
Age 2021: 28 years
Place of birth: Istanbul – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion of Islam
Astrological sign: Cancer
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black
Academic Qualification: Graduated from Piri Reis University
Occupation: Actor
The beginning of his artistic career: 2015 – until now
Favorite Hobbies: Traveling

Actor Deniz Can Aktaş his religion and life story

Turkish actor Deniz Can Aktaş was born in Istanbul – Turkey in 1993. His family originally belonged to Kasta Mono Anpolo. Actor Deniz Can Aktaş studied and graduated from Piri Reis University, Department of Naval Engineering and Business Engineering. Aktaş in the field of fashion shows as a model for his handsomeness and harmonious physical fitness, and during his work in the field of fashion shows gave him a high degree of self-confidence and boldness. The title of the best young model in Turkey.

In addition to his distinction in the field of fashion shows, he is also distinguished in the practice of many sports professionally, such as the game of football, where he devotes himself at least an hour a day to practice this sport and is always keen to exercise regularly to maintain his physical fitness, as he prefers to eat Vegetarians and snacks Actor Deniz Can learned to cook because he prefers food at home and does not eat outside and cooks the food himself, and this makes him feel safe because he knows what is inside the food.

Actor Deniz Can Aktaş and his career

Actor Deniz Can Aktaş is one of the famous young stars in Turkey and has a wide audience in Turkey and abroad, especially girls, because he has a great deal of handsomeness in form and elegance in clothes, appearance and consistent physical body.

Young actor Deniz Can Aktaş started his professional career in 2015 after his great fame and success in the field of fashion shows and artistic shows. The actor Deniz Can appeared on the screen for the first time through the well-known Turkish series, Tatlı Küçük Liars, and Deniz Can was able to achieve A remarkable success in this series, despite his acting for the first time and standing in front of the camera, but he embodied the character as a professional and veteran actor and has many works of art.

In 2016, Deniz Can participated in another successful drama series entitled Life is Good Sometimes, and then participated in the series Where are you my brother, but in 2018 was the year of the real artistic breakthrough in his career when he participated in the series Al-Fana, during which he embodied the character of a mentally deranged young man and He fought in the series and was able to embody this character with great professionalism and credibility, which made all the audience coexist with the events with passion, interest and sympathy at the same time. The series also got the highest viewership at the time of its presentation.

And in 2019, the actor Deniz Can embodied the character of Cheb Youssef in the series Love Makes Us Cry, and in 2020 he participated in the series Call My Manager and achieved great success among Turkish series.


Actor Deniz Can Aktas and his career
Actor Deniz Can Aktas and his career

Who is the girlfriend of Turkish actor Deniz Can

Turkish actor Deniz Can Aktas recently announced his association with a great love story and a romantic relationship with the well-known Turkish artist Havsanur Sancaktutan. He also stated that he lived with her in one house a year ago, and the love story between them began when they participated in the Turkish series championship. He called my managers and collected the love relationship Between them during the filming of the series, and then developed into a great love relationship between them, and the actor Deniz Can published a number of pictures of them while they were spending their summer vacation on the sea, and announced their emotional connection through these pictures, and all the followers noticed that there were feelings of great happiness that unite them.

Deniz Can Aktas girlfriend
Deniz Can Aktas girlfriend

Artworks in which the actor Deniz Can participated

2015 – The series, The Little Liars, the Sweets
– 2016 the series Life is Sweet Sometimes
– 2017 series Where Are You My Brother?
– 2018 series of the courtyard
– 2019 the series “Love Makes Us Cry”
– The year 2020 is a series, contact my managers

Actor Deniz Can in “Love Makes Us Cry”

The series Love Makes Us Weep is a Turkish series that was shown in 2019 on the Turkish Show TV channel. The series is produced by MF Production and directed by Tuna Aktas, Senol Sönmez and Gökçen Usta. It belongs to the genre of romantic dramas, and a number of stars starred in the series, including Deniz Can Aktas – Hafsa Nur Sancaktutan – Yaz Jan Konyali and other artists.

The story of the series revolves around a group of young people who decide to move to Istanbul to search for a new job, including the actor Deniz Can. There is another beautiful girl named Ada who loves her family very much and one day her family decides to marry her to someone who is several years older than her because he will help them in their financial crisis they are going through and this girl lives a great confusion between her love for her family and between her freedom and her life She and over time this girl falls into a great love story with the young man Youssef and they want to marry each other, but Youssef encounters many obstacles that prevent him from marrying his girlfriend.


the actor Deniz Can
the actor Deniz Can
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