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Deniz Barut, her nationality, her age, her religion, and a full report about her

Turkish star Deniz Barut We have collected for you a full report and information that you know for the first time about the actress Deniz Barut, her nationality, religion, age, family life, private secrets, when she started her artistic career, what works of art she participated in and the works of art that she will participate in during the coming period And many other details about her and a set of new pictures of the artist Deniz Barut.

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Deniz Barut her religion her nationality her date of birth her age
Deniz Barut biography and much information about her
Actress’s husband Deniz Barut
Deniz Barut and her artistic grill
TV series in which actress Deniz Barut has contributed

Deniz Barut her religion her nationality her date of birth her age

Born: March 19, 1983
Birthplace: Denizli, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Her religion: Muslim
Age: 38 years old
Profession: Turkish actress
Astrological sign: Pisces
Length: 172 cm
Weight: 56 kg 56
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Marital status: divorced
Academic Qualification: Graduated from the Faculty of Communication, Bahcesehir University
Net worth: $7.6 million
Hobbies: reading books
Preferred destination: New York, Greece
Favorite color: white, black

Deniz Barut biography and much information about her


The beautiful Turkish star Deniz Barut is a famous Turkish actress. She died on March 29, 1983 in Denizli, Turkey. She is thirty-eight years old. Her father and mother hold Turkish citizenship. Deniz studied high school and then completed her education at the Sports Academy of Aegean University in Izmir.

Deniz Barut, who has a unique beauty and blurry eyes, in 1997 participated in the Turkish beauty contest Elite Model Look and took third place in the competition. After leaving the competition in third place, she started working in the field of fashion shows and appearing on the podiums.

The beautiful model Deniz Barut who realized her interest in acting and decided to become a professional in acting, started studying acting at Tekand Studio Her first acting experience was in the TV series Lost Years after the series Lost Years, she played in the TV series Anneler and Girls, after the departure of actress Serenay Sarıkaya from the series TV host Tulip Era Deniz Barut entered the series to revive the character of Ezra Dogan, making her name known to a wider audience through her character in the series.


Deniz Barut
Deniz Barut

Actress’s husband Deniz Barut


In 2005, actress Denise Barut married TV director and producer Halil Shafak Bakalbashioglu, who said that she fell in love with him at first sight and had two sons with him. In 2019, actress Denise Barot separated from her husband after 14 years of marriage, because Deniz stated in a court petition that she did not She agreed with him intellectually or spiritually, so the motive was to destroy their marriage, and she decided to separate and said she agreed to separate, and they submitted to the court an agreed agreement to dissolve the marriage relationship, and the judge decided to allow both parties to agree to the divorce. The husband and wife did not demand any compensation from each other.

Deniz Barut and her artistic grill


Deniz Barut is one of the distinguished artists in Turkey, who in a short period of time managed to attract a large audience and enjoy wide popularity from her artistic beginnings. She is a beautiful and cheerful artist who drew attention to her with her beauty, agility and wit, which viewers loved for her acting nature and talent. the big one.

She is the TV actress who played Karadol in Poyraz Karayel: Global Capital in 2017 and played Melis Ersoy in Avlu in 2018, and finished second in the Elite Model Beauty Contest in 1997, her first screen appearance was as Melek in Kaybolan Yilar in 2006.

TV series in which actress Deniz Barut has contributed


In 2002, she participated in a small role in the Turkish drama series Dadi and performed in the character of Guzlik Yarsmassi Aday, starring a group of Turkish artists, including Gulben Ergen – Kenan Izyk – Haldon Dormin – Serai Sever – Sinem Kobal – Yasar Abraya – Gökçe Uzuner – Alp Emre Kokus

In 2006, her real fame came through her role as a king in the Turkish TV series Kaybolan yillar, a Turkish social drama series released in 2006 and translated into Arabic in the Syrian dialect, broadcast on MBC 4, and it achieved a high winning rate and wide fame in the world. The Arab and the work starring Sorokan Honel, Burak Hakki, Umut Tabak, Taylan Guner, Tolga Ozturk Fikret Hakan and a group of Turkish artists.

The events of the series began, and the days go by a girl called Broza, this girl who gave birth to a daughter by a hidden marriage from a Bulgarian who became, while the largest mafia man in Turkey, but he gave up on her and her daughter, except that because she is a Christian woman, she sinned, which dismissed the nuns after they gave birth to her daughter who is the centerpiece The novel is called Ghazal until you put her in one of the orphanages in which Asmar and his friend Ali are staying.


Deniz Barut biography
Deniz Barut biography


Asmar watches the nun as she puts the little girl down. Asmar is worried, and he is a small little boy. He wakes up his friend Ali and tells him that there is a little boy outside without knowing that she is a girl, so he goes out. And on her, Asmar takes her in his arms, and the course of events changes.

In 2010, she played the role of Ezra in the drama series Layla, which is a Turkish series consisting of two seasons, broadcast on MBC 4 and the first part of which was shown on Dubai channel, starring Tolgahan Saysman, Celine Soyder, Khadija Aslan, Serenay Sarikaya, Kenan Pal and Amina Jahovich The series tells the story of a rich young man named Gulnar.

In 2014, actress Deniz Barut participated in the romantic series Kara Para Aşk and starred in the role of Pinar, starring the handsome artist Engin Akyurek and actress Tuba Buyukustun.

In 2016, I played Elim in the series The Love of My Life, Hayatimin Aski, which is a Turkish series, a romantic drama, directed by Keci and starring Hande Doğan Demir, Serkan Chayoglu, Berk Hackman, Zafer Algöz, Saadi Jalil Cengiz.



In 2018, she starred in the Turkish series Avlu The Yard and played the role of Melis Ersoy, which is a Turkish series that is classified in the framework of dramas of suspense and suspense and tells the story of a human tragedy for a woman as a result of her husband entering prison and facing a life of stronger cruelty, and it is adapted from an Australian series Avlu series is composed of several seasons and has been shown since 2018. It is directed by Yuksel Exo and co-stars Dimit Avgar, Jiren Murray, Nursel Kos and Kinan Eji. The Avlu series revolves around a woman named “Deniz Demir” who is introduced to a young man. A young man in the prime of life and he is a colleague of hers who studies music and begins a love story between them, which ends with marriage, and that love ended after marriage, as he began to practice cruelty in exchange for his wife, as she gave birth to a daughter named Ijam.



In 2019, she was represented in the Hekimoğlu series, which is a Turkish drama television series that began broadcasting on December 17, 2019 on Kanal D channel. It is adapted from the American series House, starring Temuşin Esen, Kan Yıldırım, Damla Gülbay, Ebru Ozkan, Itas Şışmaz and Okan Yalabik.

In 2020, she participated in the left side series, Sol Yanim, alongside Cansel Elçin – Ozge Yagiz – Emre Dinler – Tolga Mandi – Defne Samili – Cimre Baysal – Emre Bey – Bunyan Donmez – Taner Rumeli, which is a Turkish drama series shown on Star TV.


Deniz Barut TV series
Deniz Barut TV series
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