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To all the followers of the Turkish star Demet Evgar, we have collected a complete report for you about everything you want to know about this distinguished star, her age, nationality, religion, life and upbringing, when did her artistic career begin and her most important artistic work that she presented from series, movies, and many other details and a reason Her last injury and a group of new photos of the artist Demet Evgar and the social networking sites of the artist Demet.

Demet Evgar Her nationality, age, height, weight and more

Full name: Demet Levent Evgar
Date of birth: 19 – May 1980
Age 2020: 40 years old
Place of birth: Manisa – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown
The beginning of her artistic career: 2000 – until now
Profession: Turkish actress
Academic qualification: Graduate of the Music Institute, Department of Theater

Growing up and studying the artist Demet Evgar

Demet Evgar is a Turkish artist and actress. She was born in Manisa, Turkey in 1980, her father’s name is Levent Evgar. Her father’s family belongs to Albanian origin and another part of her family belongs to Turkish origin who immigrated from Greece to live in Turkey.

Her brother is the well-known Turkish filmmaker Yit Evgar. Artist Demet Evgar graduated from Istanbul University Music Institute, Theater Department.

Facts you did not know about artist Demet Evgar

Favorite animals: cats
Favorite sport: swimming, she loves it as a sport and not as a form of entertainment
hobby: Traveling – Shopping. She always works to please herself by buying clothes, jewelry and gifts
Favorite music: She likes and loves to listen to rock music
One of Demet Evgar’s faults is that she is irritable and constantly feeling suspicious
She is a stubborn and rebellious character often.

Artist career, Demet Evgar

The distinguished Turkish actress Demet Evgar started acting early during her adolescence and at the time she was 17 years old, she started standing on an amateur stage, during which she formed a theater group with a group of her friends and during which they performed many different plays.

After a while, she moved to work in the Turkish National Theater at the Kinter Theater. Her first appearance on the screens in dramas was in 2000, after which she participated in many distinct and different artistic works, which varied between comedy, historical and dramatic, as well as police, tragedy and others .

With time, the artist Demet Evgar managed to become one of the most famous and distinguished stars in Turkey and has a special place among the big stars who have a name and became one of the highest paid artists in Turkey.

Demet Evgar Dramatic series

2000 series number seven
In 2002, she participated in the series Asli and Karam – The Beautiful Life series
2004 series All My Children
2005 series Special Order
2006 series Men Never Cry
2009 series, a woman and a man
The year 2018 series Al-Fnaa – You are my homeland

Cinematic films

In 2005, she participated in the movie The Bath – and the Woman movie
2009 movie I saw the sun
In 2010, she presented Western Sherlock – and a resounding success movie
2013 movie night Jasmine flare
2015’s Inconceivable – and Bad Cat
2017 movie among the family
In 2018, she participated in the film Secrets of Tableware – Love does not need eyes

The theatrical works of the artist Demet

The artist Demet Evgar is considered a first-class theater actress because her start was standing on the stage in addition to her studies in the world of theater art. All this made her a professional theater actress, and she participated in many and varied plays such as the play of the wearers and those who wear it – the play lost the women’s war – the blue room – Night Season – Anna Karenina – Ayşegül in India – 39 steps – Curmudgeon – Maketh – King Lear – Cocoons – Hada Gabler.

Wards won by Actress Demet Evgar

In 2005, she won the Night Season Awards and the same year she won the Afife Theater Awards.

2008, she won the Golden Butterfly Award as the best comedian in 2008.

In 2009, she won the Ismail Jim Award for Television as Best Comedian Actress and the Gem Festival Award for Television.

2010, she won the Best Actress in Antalya Festival in 2010. Also in 2010, she won the Actress of the Year Award at the 8th Theater Awards at Kent Players Theater.

The artist, Demet Evgar, was chosen among the list of the most beautiful women in the world by Listal, among 87 Turkish women.

Social media for Demet Evgar

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dmtevgar
Twitter: https://WwW.twitter.com/dmtevgar
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dmtevgar

The cause of injury in the face of artist Demet Evgar

The Turkish artist Demet Evgar recently mentioned that she was injured in the face while she was in the home quarantine with her family because of the large spread of Corona virus in Turkey. The cause of the injury was that she was exposed to a bee sting twice in her mouth, which made her fall from the ladder of the house, which made her lips swell dramatically. Big and her face is exposed to swelling.

But the artist Demet took the topic in a funny and funny way, she and her family, and she posted photos and a video with her family on her social media sites and explained what happened to her and commented saying that it has become completely natural stuffing. This made all her followers laugh about what she was exposed to and Others considered this day an unfortunate day for her.

The artist’s sweetheart, Demet Evgar

Although the Turkish artist Demet Evgar reaches the age of 40, her personal and private life is considered a mystery and mystery to many of the public and followers. She refuses to talk about her private life and says my personal life belongs to me alone. As for my professional and artistic life, everyone has the right to know about it. everything .

This made many try to find out whether the artist is connected or has a love story with anyone, but it is characterized by mystery and does not reveal her secrets to anyone. But recently it was revealed that the artist Demet had a love relationship 4 years ago with Tanner Olmez. Some pictures were taken for them and when asked. That they are married, she did not deny or confirm this. As for her as a character, she loves stability and marriage.

Demet, the heroine of the series Avlu

It is a Turkish series that is in Turkish, Avlu, whose story is taken from an Australian series called Wentworth, and the series starring artist Demet Evgar, Jiren Murray and Norsil Kos. It is a dramatic social series that discusses many social issues and problems such as addiction, marital problems, violence against women, and others. the problems .

The events and story of the Al-Fanar series revolve around a woman named Denise, who is embodied by the artist Demet Evgar, during her university studies, she met a young man with her and loved him very much, and after a short period of time she married him and gave birth to her daughter Ijam, but after a period of marriage his treatment of her changed, and he became a hard-hearted person And with it, he used the violent and beating method.

This made her think about getting rid of him, and she shot him, but he did not die, and he imprisoned her on charges of attempting to kill him, and then she goes to prison and the series events unfold.

Demet Evgar age religion
Demet Evgar age religion
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