Cihangir Ceyhan serials his religion old wife and artistic career

Cihangir Ceyhan, an actor known for television drama, learn about Cihangir Ceyhan age, upbringing and marriage, what are the most important works of Jehangir Ceyhan, how the artistic beginning was and a lot of exclusive and renewed information and news.

Date of Birth October 1989
Place of birth: Adana
Nationality Turkish
Academic qualification ascoritem University in Business Administration
Marital status does not exist

Cihangir Ceyhan birth, upbringing and study

Turkish actor at the beginning of his artistic career, he was born in Adana in October 1989, his astrological sign is Libra, his origins go back to Diyarbakir by the mother and from Elazığ by the father, his ranking among his last siblings, he is the youngest child in the family, he continued his educational life at the University.

Beginning of Cihangir Ceyhan acting career

Cihangir Ceyhan his artistic beginning was through some short films and music videos, he co-made a film about the suburbs of Adana and the world of crime, it was always something that he and his friends dreamed about, directed by director Qadri, he is also a long-time friend of Beran Taskin along with him, they realized their dreams about the streets of Adana,

The first TV work by Cihangir Ceyhan

The first series he appeared in is (one Safar – Safir BIR), which revolves around a group of young people living in the suburbs of Adana, trying to protect their area from drug traffickers, securing justice in their area, and lasted for four seasons, after finishing his role he thanked his fans and followers on his official Instagram page, said that the character of CIO BABA, – forgotten by Torrance.

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Cihangir Ceyhan his role in the series the hole Çukur

He will present the role of ( Azer kurtulos), undoubtedly that the series pit one of the most famous Turkish series that was presented in 2017, a series of crime, thriller and suspense, presented so far three consecutive seasons, did not say the percentage of viewers, but won several awards, the action takes place around an area called pit the most dangerous neighborhood in Istanbul under the control of the desperate, yamach, the young son of the family who chose to travel and build a different life years ago, returns to the pit and begins a new era, yamach.

He left his family and the pit years ago behind him and drowned in a life that does not think about tomorrow, life came out before him a girl who does not do calculations like him, a young girl wounded and beautiful, yamash believes that he has found eternal love and will remain happy forever, but after they return to the pit nothing will be.

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Cihangir Ceyhan and his girlfriend

He dreams of being a great actor in the cinema, he also wishes to write and represent stories about his city Adana, he has the spirit of excitement and struggle, he will remain a worthy actor of this country, he lived and grew up in Adana amid his family that he loves, he loves to play sports to keep fit.

Cihangir Ceyhan and his girlfriend
Cihangir Ceyhan and his girlfriend

List of works of Cihangir Ceyhan

2020-2021 Alev Alev (TV Series)
2019-2020 Çukur (TV Series)
2016-2018 Sifir Bir (TV Series)
2017 Gazapizm Feat. Cash Flow & Esat Bargun: Pusula (Video short)
2015 Yusuf
2015 Ehveniser (TV Series)
2021 Alev Alev (TV Series) (performer – 1 episode)

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