Who is Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy؟ husband, religion

1. What is the religion of Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy?

Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy’s religion is probably Muslim.

2. Who is Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy’s boyfriend?

Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy married Bogra Toplusoy in 2018, then immigrated with him to the United States.

3. How old is Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy?

Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy’s age in 2020 is 32 years old.

4. How tall is Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy?

Its length is 161 cm.

5 . What is Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy’s birthday?

October 14, 1988 AD.

Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy Information about the Turkish actress Series, Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy height, age and date of birth, the wonderful actress who became famous in many wonderful roles, and a lot about it in one article.

Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy’s religion, height, weight

Date of birth: October 14, 1988 AD, how old is she in 2020: 32 years old, what is her religion: Probably Muslim. What is her height: 161 cm. What is its weight: 55 kg.

Actress Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy and her life story

She is a prominent Turkish actress among all the Turkish characters on screen. She has given great performances throughout her career and has established her own identity at such a young age. She was born on September 14, 1987 in Ankara, Turkey, and is from a Turkish family. Ceyda Ates was the creative and adorable child in her family who was always eager to Exploring herself at a young age, she became interested in acting and wanted to pursue it as a profession. She started acting at the age of five. After giving the best performances, she became a famous actress in Turkish cinema.

Djida Ates completed her education from Ankara, where she was born and raised at the age of ten, took acting lessons from Paris Manchow Cultural Center, completed her studies in a foreign school, and then joined Barish Manchow Center to study Drama and Performing Arts. She is passionate about acting and drama She participated in school plays and participated in performance competitions.

Actress Jaida loves fashion She always understands new things in the world of fashion Loves music and reading She insists on exercise and diet in order to keep her body healthy and beautiful She loves animals, sympathizes with them and takes care of them She can speak several ambitious languages ​​She is currently studying acting in the United States .

This actress is characterized by her beautiful personality, and her healthy body, her mother, like her, maintained her grace, in addition to exercising and following her diet, she took care of her appearance well, and it seemed as if her fans knew, and her appearance was the most beautiful.

Information about Jaida Atish

Full name: Jeda Atesh
Date of birth: October 14, 1988
Place of birth: Ankara – Turkey
Current residence: United States of America
Occupation: Actress and fashion model
Age: 32 years old
Her hair color: yellow
Her eyes colour: grey
Nationality: Turkish
Her religion: Muslim
Length: 160 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Marital status: Married to Bora Toplusoy
Astrological sign: Scorpio
The beginning of her artistic and professional career in 1995 until now
Qualifications: Studied theater and acting arts at the Parish Manchto Cultural Center

Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy Series Movies & TV Shows

Despite her small role, she participated in the youth drama “Years of Willows” with young actress Pelin Karahan and star Asli Anver. Despite her small role, she is still one of the most important positions in her artistic career, but she was able to stand firmly in this generation of young people. The business is to win a wide range of prestige, and this role is well known, across Turkey’s borders, including the Middle East and many countries in Europe and Northeast Asia.

In addition to her leading role in the 2014 Turkish film “Chayang” it was a great leap in Jeddah’s career, especially in the field of cinema and before that, she was able to prove herself in drama and prove her ability to succeed as well. This film achieved success in the film industry.

Ceyda Ates Toplusoy Series
Ceyda Ates Toplusoy Series

She has won many awards Ceyda Ates is among those who have won success and recognition at a young age You will be surprised to know that whoever won her first award in her childhood won a child beauty contest organized by Ness Erberk, there is no doubt that she is an absolutely amazing actress in Turkish cinema True, but one of her most famous films called Cilgin Dersane in which she assumed the role of Esra became the reason for her huge success.

Her plays hosted the show “Dizi Magazin” on Cine5, as she took on the role of Pelin in the series ‘Doludizgin YÄ ± llar’. She also played the role of Leyla in the TV series “Kavak Yelleri” on Kanal D in 2010, then she played the role of Hande in AdÄ nÄ Feriha Koydum.

Information about her starring in the Fariha series

Elvida Rumeli, YerGök Aşk, Feriha, and her highly successful character, Handa, is a Turkish TV series produced by MedYapım, first created by Melesch ivlik and Serma and narrated on Show TV Yannick, starring the beautiful Hazal Kaya.

It is a youth drama that revolves around the beautiful, peaceful and innocent Feriha, a diligent girl from a poor family, her father works as a real estate keeper, the mother worked as a maid among the rich and the high. .

her movies

2006 Golco Papa
2007 Çılgın Dersane embodied as Asli Esra
2013 Rüya Gibi Geçti as Asli Lale
2014 Julian Duygu
2014 Çırağan Baskını embodied in the role of Asli Mariam

Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy and her husband

The beautiful actress, Jaida, has been away from the screen for a long time, and after her marriage was settled in Miami, she married Bogra Toplusoy in 2018, and then immigrated with him to the United States, although she avoided behaviors and shows that attract attention, but she still lives a beautiful and happy life. Her first child type is in the statement and she is pregnant with a girl, and her life is very happy.

Ceyda Ates Husband
Ceyda Ates Husband
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