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Get to know Cengiz Bozkurt with us, what is his birthdate, age, and when his artistic career began. For all fans of the star, this is a complete article about everything you would like to know about his religion, nationality, astrological sign and his communication sites, his works and secrets of his personal life and artistic career, and his upcoming projects , His academic qualification, his life, and a set of personal photos.

Cengiz Bozkurt his origin, religion, nationality, age

A film and television actor, born on December 24, 1965, in Nevsehir, Turkey, 54 years old, his religion is Muslim, his nationality is Turkish. Cengiz Bozkurt is 1.70 meters tall, weighs 79 kilograms, and his sign is Capricorn. He studied at Stanford University in the Department of Architecture, and then dropped out and decided to study acting to become an actor. He studied at the University of London in 1996 in the Department of Acting and Drama.

Likewise, he traveled from city to city during his childhood due to his responsible father, entered the theater community with the advertisement he saw while studying in his METU department of physics and his story began right here.

In his second year, he decided to study theater, left Metropolitan University and moved to England with an English teacher, whom he met at school, Cengiz Bozkurt worked as a representative in expatriate societies in London in order to carry forward his 14-year England adventure, as a veteran driver and taxi driver A dishwasher, waiter, clerk and translator for the court.

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Biography and life story of Cengiz Bozkurt

Cengiz Bozkurt was born on the 24th of December 1965 in Nevsehir Gliazi. He completed his high school education at Ankara Ataturk High School. He began studying in the physics department at METU, entered it in 1984, and decided to become a theater actor in 1990 and quit his school. Furthermore, he went to England. During his 14 years adventuring in England, he worked jobs like selling, driving.

He was a representative of expatriate societies in London due to his proficiency in the English language. Graduated from Goldsmiths University London in England in the Department of Media and Communication in 1996. He also studied television, film and communication.

His graduated

He graduated in 1996 with a second BA in “Media and Communication” at Goldsmiths, University of London in England. In this section he studied television, cinema, and communication. After school, he started making documentaries for television. I make short films. Interest in work, in my school years in Turkey, which is university theater, and I have also studied theater within the scope of the reading section.

His career in acting

Participated in several workshops in London. He played in the plays. On the one hand, he has done documentaries for TV. While performing in theater, he was considering giving up acting and focusing on documentary film, as he met Mehmet Ergin, another Turkish theater actor who made theater in London.

At the insistence of Mehmet Ergin, he decided to continue acting. Later, under the leadership of Mehmed Ergin, four friends created a theater called Arcola Theater. They were able to announce the name of Arcola Theater in the UK in a short time.

While Cengiz Bozkurt continued his life as an actor, he also filmed short films. The short films he made were shown at festivals. Ikibinli beginning of the year, Mimé Ergen started managing the game and also in Turkey in 2003, Cengiz Bozkurt returned to his country where he had been away for 14 years.

More works

After playing several games in a row, he was nominated for acting awards in the branch of theater. Very good criticism began to appear, he directed plays, after the success of his works in the theater, he began working in television and cinema. He achieved important influences in his works in front of the camera as well as in the theater. Creating phenomena with roles in the series he played.

The most memorable of these is the character Erdal Bakkal in the series Leyla and Mecnun. He has also participated in many international projects.

As Cengiz Bozkurt in the series “Layla and Majnun” The first part of the series, written by Burak Aksak, directed by Onur Unlu and edited by Murat Pour, was shown on TRT 1 on February 9, 2011. After episode 103 aired on June 17, 2013, the series was released, but the final episode 104 was broadcast on TRT on January 27, 2014.

The series

revolves around two children, born on the same day in the same hospital, side by side due to the small number of beds. The infants who became fooled by the words of their families saying “they found each other as soon as they were born” were named after the legendary lovers Laila and Maknoun 25 years have passed.

One morning, his family told Mounon about the situation, and they wanted Laila. Although Mecnun is uncomfortable with this situation at first, he falls in love as soon as he sees Leyla.

A madman, who does not know what to do to impress, sees his clumsy grandfather one night in a dream. Things get complicated when Aksakale’s grandfather gets out of his dreams and starts living with a madman. Majnoon loses Laila in a car accident. Majnun, who cannot accept this situation, does not speak to anyone for one year.

Then he learned that Laila’s organs had been donated. He meets Siren, who takes the heart of a madman, Laila, and a seashell, who takes her liver. On the one hand, there is the cultured and knowledgeable Sirin, and on the other hand, the seashell, a courier and like him. Mecnun alternates between the two but cannot be happy with either. Sadaf and Sherine leaving the neighborhood. After going to the deserts after Layla, Mecnun falls in love with Layla, Omar’s daughter, an old friend of his father.

Cengiz Bozkurt’s wife

Cengiz Bozkurt, who has a daughter named Chalian from his ex-wife whom he married in 1990, married in 2008 fashion designer Hatice Kavak who he met in England. They have two daughters Sina who was born in 2012 and Ada in 2016.

Awards received by Cengiz Bozkurt

2016 – 11th International Golf Federation (Epgik) Awards – 11th Most Successful Film Actor of the Year
2010 – The 47th International Film Festival Golden Orange – Best Supporting Actor – Intersection
The most important works of Turkish artist Cengiz Bozkurt

Theatrical plays starring Cengiz Bozkurt:

2011 – Bulanik (Play) – Ikincikat
2007 – Anna Karenina – actors of the city
2005 – Ashes to Ashes – Birde Yolluk – Aksanat “New Generation Theater”
2004 – Love Crazy – Aksanat “New Generation Theater”
2003 – Captain with Inshmore

Plays directed by Cengiz Bozkurt:

2006 – Gambler’s Choice – City Players

Series and movies starring Cengiz Bozkurt:

2019 killing decoration
2018 a time of happiness
2016 you are my everything
2016 Small Deals
2015 Good People
2015 black trouble
2015 Do not tell me fairy tales
2014 coming soon
2013 You Light Up The Night
2013 Eyyvah Eyvah 3
2012 long story
2012 Real Oz Police Station
2012 symbol name Venus
2012 Tracking: Istanbul
2012 lives
2012 body
2012 Berlin Tiger
2011 Jalal Tan and his family’s very sad story
2010 Losers Club
2010 Moon Love You
2008 crossroads
2008 Three apples fell from the sky
2008 Go: My Marlon & Brando
2008 for a moment, freedom
2008 cars revolution
2007 Stone Pillow
2007 Sunday – Business Tale
2007 egg
2006 Net
TV series
2020 50m2
2018-2020 Jet Society
2016 Who among us did not like it
2016 I came I saw you laughed
2015 my husband’s family
2014 home office
2013 Sevdaluk
2013-2014 Let it remain with us
2013 I also miss
2011-2013 Laila and Majnun
2007 Dear Earth
2006-2009 behind bars
2006 on us
2006 ISO Jilin
2005 I miss you so much
2005 Gulf Fire
2005 Broken Wings
2005 bullet wound

Series and movies starring Cengiz Bozkurt
Series and movies starring Cengiz Bozkurt
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