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Bir Night Sudden

The new Turkish drama series, Bir Night Sudden, which is expected to be shown soon on the screens. Get to know with us the story of the series Between Overnight and Who are the participating heroes and a lot of information about them and the dates of the show of the series Bir Night Sudden …

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What is the story of Yesilcam

Yeşilçam series story Filming of the series Yeşilçam “Yeşilçam” began in recent weeks, and it is starring Çağatay Ulusoy. Directed by director Cagan Ermak. And he launched the first trailer for the series. which will transport Turkey from the sixties to the present day. The series stars Çağatay Ulusoy. Afra Saracoglu and Celine Shikerji. as …

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The Story of Series Masumiyet

The Turkish series Masumiyet. The Turkish innocence series. Takes place within the framework of romantic social drama and work written by a script and dialogue by Sirma Yanik. Who directed Omur Atay and produced by Gold Film. Faruk Turgut produced the work and began filming in Istanbul. Three times. The first was the last night. …

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The story of the Turkish series This is my story

The heroes of this is Iste Bu Benim Masalim Aleyna Tilki Aleyna Cemal Can Canseven Merve Sevin Hassan Deniziran Juxun Buyuk amber Sude Odonzo (hake) Bingo Gorse (gay) Gulce Kanturk (Surrey) Can White (Kabar) Farouk Aran (Callender) Zainab Kancondi (Asuman) Kamel Gouler (Unsal) Nevra Cerezli (Alina’s grandmother) Azra Exo Erin Emergol (Burke) Emre Honer (Hakan …

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Information about Hot Head Sicak Kafanin

Information about Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın Country of the series: Turkey Serial name in Turkish: Hot Head The name of the series in Arabic: Al-Ras Al-Hot The series is produced by: Tims & B Productions Written by: Af; in Kum The heroes of Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın – Hazal Suba / Hazal Subashi The dates …

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