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Turkish actor Caner Cindoruk and a lot of information about his personal life, nationality, religion, age, upbringing, more details about height, weight, academic qualification, when his artistic career began in acting, the most important works he presented from serials, films, his official social networking sites, and a set of new and exclusive photos of him

Information on Caner Cindoruk

Date of birth: April 2, 1980, AD
Residence: Adana – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Age: 39 years old
Weight: 79 kg
Height: 158 cm
Eye color: dark brown
Hair color: Black
Academic qualification: Graduated from Cukurova University, Department of Music Theater
Marital Status: Married Farah Zeynep Abdullah
Astrological Sign: Aries
Siblings: Munir Kahn Syndrok, Tanner Sindrok

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Actor Caner Cindoruk Family

His maternal family is of Yörük descent. paternal family is of Kurdish origin. His father is story writer Zafer Duruk, a two-time winner of the Orhan Kemal Story Prize. He has two brothers, Munir Kan Senduruk and Taner Sendoruk, and he first became interested in theater under the influence of his family. His uncle, Erdal Sendoruk, is a stage actor.

Complete information on Actor Caner Cindoruk

Artist Caner Cindoruk, a famous Turkish actor, born in Adana in 1980, is a theater actor. He spent his childhood years behind the scenes of theaters. He always found work on stage in his middle and high school, and appeared in a number of plays in his college years. Furthermore, he graduated from the State Theater Department of Chukurova University. His first professional role was the character of Yusef in Fahim Pasha Konagi’s play.

In 1997, he made his debut in the group of Adana Sihan Municipal Theater. He worked as a representative in Sihan Municipality and Adana City Theater for ten years. He worked as a theater actor for ten years, and his first appearance in front of the cameras was with his participation in a film, after which his work varied from work on stage, cinema and television.

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Caner Cindoruk in 2006

He moved to Istanbul with four of his childhood friends. It was his cinematic debut the same year with a role in Beynelmilel. His teammates included actor Özgü Namal. In 2008. Sendoruk appeared in the movie Kelebek. In 2007. with his role in Kara Gunes. he got his first TV experience and the following year he appeared in the series Geç Gelen Bahar and Yaprak Dökümü. His portrayal of the character Doctor Nazmi in Yaprak Dökümü earned him critical acclaim. In the summer of 2009. Sindoruk was represented in an adaptation of one of Orhan Kemal’s works. titled Hanemen Ciftlichi. acting opposite to Mehmed Aslanto and Ozjo Namal.

Caner Cindoruk in 2012

Along with Ebru Ozcan. he appeared in the play Pandaların Hikayesi. In 2015. he appeared in the Iraqi director Heiner Selim’s film. Dar Elbez. alongside Tuba Buyukston. Hazar Ergoglu. Inanche Konoksho. Defrim Yakut. and Kanan Ergüder. The film was released in 2016.

Kamal in the series Our Lady of the Farm

The Lady of the Farm is a Turkish drama and romance series adapted from the novel of the Turkish writer Orhan Kemal Dubbed into the Syrian dialect and broadcast by many Arab channels. The production budget of the series was estimated at 1.8 million Turkish liras. and it is considered one of the largest Turkish productions.

It is about a poor working girl named Gulu. She works in a factory and is constantly mistreated by her father and older brother. She is in love with a man named Kamal. who is a factory worker. and they wish to marry. but her father will not allow her to do so because he wants her to marry Ramadan. the nephew of the factory owner. As the story unfolds. Kemal and Jolo plot to escape together but her older brother stops them with a weapon. Kemal managed to take the pistol from Jules’ brother and shoot him. but the police arrested him for doing so.

As Kamal ends up in prison. Gulu was beaten worse than before for refusing to marry Ramadan. Her mother cannot stand to see her daughter being abused in this way and she goes to prison to convince Kemal to tell Gulu that he no longer loves her. so she will marry Ramadan. After hearing the ongoing abuse. Kemal agrees to do so and sends a message to Gulu telling her to do what her father says. Gulu feels she has nothing to live with and finally agrees to marry Ramadan.

While Ramadan takes Golo to his uncles’ farm to marry her there. His uncle finds her and falls madly in love with her. Güllü. Who is completely upset with Ramadan. Agrees to marry his uncle Muzaffar instead even though she does not like him. Muzaffar is the owner of the factory and very wealthy compared to most of the city. As their marriage develops. Gulu begins falling in love with Muzaffar, and they become happy together. In subsequent episodes. While Güllü is pregnant. Muzaffer is killed and Güllü is left to run the factory and farm on her own.

Other factory workers work twelve hours a day and are not paid each other, and since Gulu knows what he’s going through. After she was working on her own. She asks her to improve her conditions.

As the story unfolds. Gulu tries to make some changes to the factory. deal with her family and find out who killed her husband. Then the police discovered that the killer was Hamza Golo. Hamza. Knowing that Hamza cannot draw such a thing on his own. the police are questioning him to find out who forced him to kill Muzaffar. After many hours of questioning. Hamzah admits that Zakai.

The man who runs the Muzaffar Factory. Is the killer. Zakai cannot stand the prison environment and gets stuck while in prison. Meanwhile. Muzaffar’s sister. Halide and his nephew Ramadan try to get their share of land and money from Willa Muzaffar. and Gulu is taken to the hospital to have a Muzaffar child.

Caner Cindoruk

Meanwhile. Gulu meets Kamal and they love each other again. During their wedding. Workers burn down Gulu’s house because they were not paid. However. Güllü only paid his salary to Zekai who did not loan money to factory workers on purpose so that Güllü hurt. When both Güllü and Kemal discover that the palace is on fire. They realize that Güllü’s infant. Ali. is there Kamal runs fast and saves the child. But ends in death. Years later. Ali was young and happily living together in a remote cottage.

Caner Cindoruk and his wife Celine Shakurji

Turkish actor Caner Cindoruk and Celine Shakurji. The heroine of the series “Innocent Dreams”. Split for the second time due to jealousy. It is noteworthy that Caner Cindoruk announced. In April of last year the separation.

After a love story that lasted for four years, and the reason for the separation was due to the inability of both Celine and her friend to solve the problems between them. Then a love story began between Caner Cindoruk and actress Farah Zainab Abdullah.

Soon a new love story ended in the artistic community. The love story that began in the scenes of the series (Sultana Kossim). Although he did not know the reason for the separation yet. And neither of the parties made any statement.

Caner Cindoruk series movies and plays

2020-2021 Sadakatsiz (TV Series)
2020 Zemheri (TV Series)
2017-2019 Kadin (TV Series)
2016-2017 Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem (TV Series)
2016 Istanbul Sokaklari (TV Series)
Bir Sey Degilim
Polis kenan
2016 Tight Dress.

2016 Eksi Elmalar
2016 Kor
2015 Let the Music Play
Mahir / Clarinetist-klarnetçi
2013 Aramizda Kalsin (TV Series)
2012 Elveda Katya
Young Yunus-Veli
2012 Yabanci
2012 Fasle kargadan
Sahel / Young
2011-2012 Firar (TV Series)
2009-2011 Hanimin çiftligi (TV Series).

2008-2009 Yaprak Dökümü (TV Series)
2008 Gec gelen bahar (TV Mini-Series)
Kara gunes (TV Series)
2006 Beynelmilel
1990 Hanimin Çiftligi (TV Mini-Series)

Cindoruk series movies and plays