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Canan Erguder, her religion, her nationality, and more

Her full name is Canan Erguder. The artist, Ergudar, was born on July 15, 1977, and she is 43 years old. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey, her nationality is Turkish. Her astrological sign is Cancer. Religion and weight are unknown for height, it is 1.57 cm. She started her artistic career from 2006 until Now her marital status is separated from her husband, and she has one son.

Her inception and the beginning of her artistic career

Artist Canan Erguder is the daughter of political scientist Austin Erguder. She holds a BA in Sociology and Theater from Franklin and Marshall College. After which she obtained a Master’s Degree in Acting from Actors Studio Drama School.

She is one of the best and most famous television actresses in Turkey. And one of her most famous works for which she is famous and was a real starting point for her role in the series Biçak sirti. 1001 Nights and Behzat Ç.: Ankara Polisiyesi. The films in which Kalbime Gömdüm and Will participated. Has a place in The list of 8948 among the famous TV actresses. Ranked in the list of 1054 famous Turkish actresses.

Who is Canan Erguder’s husband?

Actress Canan Erguder married Christopher Burke in 2005. But they separated in 2009, and she has one son.

Actress Canan Erguder. One of the most famous and richest actresses in Turkey. It Is a capable actress and has done many artistic works. And the net worth of her in 2020 is estimated at about $92 million.

Who is Canan Erguders husband
Who is Canan Erguders husband

What about Canan Erguder’s series and movies?

Her first drama began in 2006 through the Bıçak Sırtı series. in which she embodied the character of Serra and was a secondary role in the series. In 2007, she starred in the series Binbir Gece with the role of Eda Akınay. From 2010-2012 in the series Bahjat A. Bir Ankara Policyisi as Savcı Esra. And it was a minor role. She repeated this character again in the 2011 movie Seni Kalbime Gömdüm.

In 2013, she participated in the comedy series Galip Derviş as Leyla Gürsoy. From 2014-2016 Güllerin Savaşı in a starring role as Gülfem Sipah i. in 2017 she presented the series Yıldızlar Şahidim through the character of Zainab.

she has one son
she has one son

What movies did Canan Erguder make?

Since 2007, she has participated in the cinema in secondary roles. and her first movie was the shooting of Johnson Roebling. In 2010 she also participated in a minor role in the film Papam Ichin. in 2014 she presented the movie (Son Umut) and embodied a nurse character and participated in the film Stars Russell Crowe. Olga Kurylenko. Jay Courtney and Jacqueline MacKenzie. and in 2016 she starred in the film Give Elbise and also the film Cowes.

Theater in her acting career

Although the artist Canan Erguder has done many dramatic and cinematic works. she is a lover of theater and participated in many different theatrical performances and began her activity on the stage from 2000 until 2015. Of the plays in which she participated is the mediating line play – Anthony and Cleopatra – Graceland – Rattlesnake – Patient Healer – Albayrak – Bomb – Fırtına – and River Play.

Canan Erguder in the series Güllerin Savaşı

The series Güllerin Savaşı – War of the Roses is a Turkish TV series produced by production companies Med Yapim and it is a romantic drama series. the series starring Damla Sönmez – Canan Erguder – Serkan Badur – Yiğit Kirazcı – Arsen Gürzab –
Zainab Kos – Arif Bishkin – Meltem Pamirtan – Ismail Ural – Alma Terzek and another group of stars.

The story of the series revolves around the young Gülru and is embodied by the artist (Damla Sönmez). Who grew up and raised a poor family in Istanbul. And his father used to work as a gardener in a palace garden with a rich family since he was 6 years old. Actress Canan Erguder, and this young man was looking forward and wishing her place to live in this grand palace.

Gülfem is linked from a young age to a love story with a girl of the same class to which he belongs. and Mert plays her role (Yiğit Kirazcı). or Golfem returns from traveling. and upon her arrival in the palace. Gülfem remembers his dream of reaching her and his ambition to live in this Palace and this different life. And from here many psychological and emotional struggles begin. and this story is like a war of emotions.

Canan Erguder in The Thousand and One Nights \ or A Thousand and One Nights

It is a Turkish television series taken from the book A Thousand and One Nights on the history of Shahriar and Shahrazadeh. and it is produced by production companies TMC and wrote the script. Muhammad Bilal and Murad Lotfu. and starring a very large group of Turkish stars. including Bergüzar Korel – Halit Ergenç – Canan Erguder – Ceyda Düvenci – Dilara Kavadar – Taner Barlas – Irgun Demir – Melahat Abbasova – Hazel Gamleider – Bartu Küçükçağlayan – Alptekin Serdengeçti – Erdal Bellingen and others.

His story revolves around Onur Aksal, a man who has no confidence in women in general since childhood because his father left him when he was young and went with another woman. He likes to read a lot. And his favorite book is the famous Arabic novel The Thousand and One Nights.

And he owns an important and well-known construction company that has its name. Binyapi. And works for him. Sherezade Evliyaoğlu is a distinguished engineer in her work. Her husband Ahmed died in an accident and left her alone.

Canan Erguder

She had a five-year-old son named Kaan (Efe Çınar). and this boy was sick and suffering from blood cancer and needed to undergo surgery necessary for a bone marrow transplant. and she does not have the costs of this operation. So she goes to the father of her husband and the grandson of her son Burhan Evliyaoglu She asks him for the money she needs for the operation. but he refuses to give her this money because he believes it is the cause of his son’s death.

Sherezade is forced to ask for money from Benyabi. her boss at work. and when the owner of the company tells Onur he tells him that he will give her the money she needs in exchange for one condition. Which is that Sherezade spend a night with him. because he believes that all women are willing to do anything in exchange for money.

Sherezade agrees to this condition because she needs money to save her son from death. He does not know this thing, but he falls in love with her and asks her after a period of spending another night. But she strongly refuses and the events in the series follow.

Canan Erguder
Canan Erguder