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Burçin Terzioglu and a lot of information about her personal life, nationality, religion, age, origin, other details about her, academic qualification, husband, when began her artistic career, the most important works that she presented from series, films, her official social networking sites, and a set of new and exclusive photos of her.

Date of birth: March 9, 1980
Place of birth: I was born in Istanbul
Age: 39 years old
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Weight: 55 kg
Height: 160 cm
Hair color: golden
Eye color: Hazel
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Work: actress
Working years: 1985 – yet
Marital Status: Divorced
Spouse: Murat Yildirim (married 2008–2014).
Academic qualification: Majdat Jezzine Center for Arts
Her favorite sport: swimming in the sea
Her hobby: Her hobby is dog breeding and photo shoots
Father: Makbule Terzioğlu
Mother: Yılmaz Terzioğlu
Siblings: Bulent Terzi, Bukit Terzi

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Burçin Terzioglu

Her Instagram website: https://instagram.com.BurcinTerzioglu
Facebook website: https://www.facebook.com.BurcinTerzioglu
Her Twitter account: https://www.twitter.com.BurcinTerzioglu

Instagram Facebook and Twitter Burcin Terzioglu
Instagram Facebook and Twitter Burcin Terzioglu

Information and complete details about actress Burçin Terzioglu

Burçin Terzioğlu is a Turkish actress. Born on March 9. 1980 in Istanbul. He began acting at the age of five as a child actress. Having appeared in several films and TV series in the 1980s. Later she studied acting at Majdat Jezzine Arts Center.

Burchin studied at the Moujdat Qayyin Art Center. And kept up the career of art from her childhood. In 1997. Ali Goffin appeared in the video clip for the song “Yolcu”. Which appeared on the album of the same name. Her first work was in the movie “The Director Cannot Hear” in 1985. That is when she was 5 years old. and in the same year she acted in the movie “The Naked Citizen” and the following year she participated in her first television work under the name “Sister Berihan”. which lasted about two years.

Burchin starred for the first time in the series “The Cyclone” in 2006 as Zainab. Then the series “Mercy” as “Deniz”. Her fame extended through the series “Ezel” as “Azad”. Which won great popularity. starring the artist Kinan Amirzalioglu and Gansu Dere. After Omar Ozar is betrayed by his trusted friends and the woman he loves.

Ezel returns to Ezel to check his revenge. Omar a young man full of beauty and good spirit. He has just returned from military service and is about to marry the girl of his dreams. Isan is his best friend. Cengiz and Ali. like his two brothers. and he trusts them with all his heart. but his whole life lies before him.


The drama begins when the police break into Omar’s bedroom when he is still sleeping. And he was arrested for murder and robbery in the casino the night before. Omar is imprisoned for committing the crime and his life is destroyed. Friends disappear until his fiancée also instead of standing next to him.

He thinks about one question over the ten years coming up: Why? Omar is clearly set up. But was such a horrific crime really possible by two of his best friends and fiancée Isan? Omar’s death is eventually announced in prison. But the death is a cover-up for revenge. After plastic surgery. Omar returns to Ezel. With only one mission in life.

Aysegul Cilingir on Poyraz Karayel

Poyraz Karayel (Turkish: Poyraz Karayel) is a Turkish series produced by Lemon Film Company. Shown on the Turkish channel Canal de. starring actor Ilker Kalieli and actress Burçin Terzioglu. The first episode was shown on Wednesday. January 7. 2015. The series revolves around Ahmed Poyraz Karayel.

Divorced man and an honest policeman who was fired from his job on charges of unjustly taking a bribe and spent a whole year in prison as punishment. He lost the most precious thing in his life. Which is his son Sinan in favor of his father-in-law (his father-in-law) Uzbekistan.

Then he worked as his driver to get his son back. In order to regain his son. Poyraz received an offer from his old commander. Mumtaz (his chief in the police). which is to work as a spy in the mafia run by Bahri Uman and to obtain information about it and in return for the work will be the guardianship of Sinan. Before Poyraz immediately accepted the offer.

Meanwhile. Poyraz met Aysegul Cilingir (a doctor). An independent woman who lives alone far from her family and loves her without knowing that she is the daughter of a mafia man. From the moment the two meet. There begins to have feelings for each other. But their love seems to be impossible because Aysegul Cilingir is the daughter of Bahri Uman.

The mafia man who works for him as a (spy) driver. but unfortunately Boiraz has to hide his truth from Aysegul Cilingir. but somehow he succeeds Poyraz entangles Aysegul Cilingir in problems. then events begin to follow. and faces and betrayals unforeseen in Poyraz Karayel’s life are revealed.

Burçin Terzioglu and her husband

The artist married actor Murad Yıldırım in 2008. After they fell in love with each other during the filming of the series “The Storm”. Then they moved away for a while until they decided to divorce in 2014 AD. but they shocked everyone with an announcement. 6 years after the marriage of one of the most famous couple of celebrities in Turkey.

Murad Yildirim. Known in the Arab world for his role as “Amir” in the series “Asi”. and Burçin Terzioglu known as “Azad” in the series “Ezel”. Surprised the audience and the artistic community alike. With a surprising announcement from both sides that was not taken into consideration.

To this day the reasons for the decision to divorce remain unclear. Bearing in mind that the matter came without introductions and was not preceded by any rumors about the tension in the relationship or hints about the extinction of the flame of love between them.

Murad and Burchin had met on the set of the filming of the series “The Tempest” in 2006. and it was love at first sight before they tied the knot on June 20. 2008. To be linked to the hero of the Poyraz Karayel series. Ilker Kaleli. to appear after the end of the series after the problems and pressures between the two lovers. to announce in 2018 her separation from him after she canceled his follow-up on her accounts. although their followers were waiting for their wedding date. and the duo loved the audience.

Burcin Terzioglu and her husband
Burcin Terzioglu and her husband

TV series and films of Burçin Terzioglu

Burcin Terzioglu TV Works

Sister Berihan – 1986 | 1988
Doctors – Baylor 1989
The Snake Story – Azad 1999 | 2001
If A Woman Wants – Demet 2004 | 2006
The Typhoon – Zainab 2006
Where are you. O love? – Zelish 2009
Ezel – Azad 2009 | 2010
Mercy – Denise 2013
Poyraz Karayel – Aysegul Cilingir Uman 2015 | 2017

2004 Alia Umit
2002 Pinar Winter Story
2003 Heart of Ozlem
2004 Angels Island Sirin
2007 outside the circuit Lashin
2019 Bullet Lily

TV series and films of Burcin Terzioglu

Her cinematic works

No Heard Director – 1985
The Naked Citizen – 1985
Father’s Heart – Original 1987
Me and my mom – Jules 2000
2000 game over
2014 – My aunt came
Most important awards for Burçin Terzioglu

YBTB Award – Best Television Actress 2015
Elele Avon Kadın Award – Actress of the Year 2016
MGD Award – Best Actress. Drama 2016
Pantene Golden Butterfly Award – Best Actress 2016

So much about Burçin Terzioglu

Burchin does not like loud noises and crowds
She loves tulips
She loves Meryl Streep. Natalie Portman. Marion Cutlard. Juliette Benogi from the world of cinema
Her motto in life: Everything has a reason
The movie you never tire of watching: duvara karsi
Favorite perfume: kilian – back to black
She loves coffee

She loves milk chocolate
She loves to wear sports shoes. and she may even wear them with her dresses. so in her opinion. she is very comfortable
She loves spending time in the kitchen. Cooking and serving food
She loves the sea
She does not like winter. And she loves summer and hot places
Her most dream come true: her mother