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Turkish actor Burak Yamantürk and many details about his personal life, nationality, religion, age and upbringing, and other details about weight, height, educational qualification, when his artistic career began, the most important works he presented from series, films, and his official social networking sites, and a new and exclusive photo collection of him.

Burak Yamantürk Nationality, religion, age, weight, height, girlfriend

Residence: Kocaeli, Turkey
Date of birth: December 23, 1983 AD.
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Age: 36 years old
Height: 176 cm
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black
Academic qualification: Graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Technical Management
Marital Status: In love with Özge Özpirinççi
Astrological sign: Capricorn

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Burak Yamantürk

Instagram Burak Yamantürk: https://:WwW.instagram.com.Burak Yamantürk .
Burak Yamantürk Facebook: https://:WwW.facebook.com.Burak Yamantürk.
Burak Yamantürk Twitter: https://:WwW.twiter.com.Burak Yamantürk.


Instagram Facebook and Twitter Burak Yamanturk
Instagram Facebook and Twitter Burak Yamanturk

Full information about the actor Burak Yaman Türk

The artist Burak Yamantürk is a famous Turkish actor, born in the city of Sivas in Turkey on December 23, 1983 AD. He graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Technical Management and Underwater Technology, and also from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Modern Dance, his first real experience of acting through his role in Ayhan Hanim, and then he performed With many works starring in soap operas, including Tatar Ramadan, he also worked in opera and ballet, Istanbul Modern Dance Ensemble. He attracted attention with this work, which was named “Ozge Ozprinici”, who plays in the series “Love Again” and known to the public, and the young actor, who He lived a love life, as “Deniz Seki in 2010, unfortunately it could not be released. The film Böcek, filmed in 2014, failed to achieve the desired success on the screen. In 2012, the young actor brought Kemal’s character to life in the Vida series, Burak Yaman Türk, which has been included in the “Bitter Love” series since the eighth episode, and gained great fame for his character, Muhammad.


Burak Yamanturk girlfriend
Burak Yamanturk girlfriend

Burak Yamantürk in Tatar Ramazan

The series “Tatar Ramadan” was produced by TMC in 2013 from the script of Bar Jalyan and Jan Sinan, directed by Cevdet Marjan, and starring Turkish stars Bulent Inal, Osman Soykut and Turkan Yilmaz. The story of the series is inspired by the novel of the Turkish writer Karim Kurgan, published in 1969. The events take place after the World War The second, where the “Ramadan Tatar” or “Ramadan Tatar” lives, who works as a blacksmith in his town but struggles for justice and is brave, strong and fearful of God after the killing of the mayor of the village (Ovacik) he was arrested from the mayor’s office by the guards and Ramadan was transferred From one prison to another prison, so the Minister of the Guard ordered with the director (Hamid) to receive him in his prison, for his imprisonment is the most unjust prison, and as long as the leader Azuz (Yamiut Karadagh) is the head of one of the dormitories and a friend of the director, I preferred a war between Ramadan and Azzouz, Ramadan has friends and the most close friend to him is Abbas (Buraq Yamanturk) and uncle Hasan (Osman Soykut) thought of revenge for the murder of his father by the merchant Akram Ozturk (Turkay Kanturk). His mother died of injustice and heartbreak, and his girlfriend married to Akram Ozturk was forcibly killed Soraya (Turkan Yilmaz) by the leader Azuz and his assistant Tahsin and his men Hamdi and Reda, and Ramadan had a son (Karim) from Soraya.

So the uncle was killed by his son, and they thought that the uncle died from the stab of the leader Azzouz, so Ramadan’s hatred for the reluctance of the leader increased, and the leader was not satisfied with that, but he killed Soraya Habiba Ramadan and the mother of his son. Azzouz was released from prison and two years passed, and Ramadan was also released from prison, and Ramadan decided to stay away from his city and the painful memories, so he went to Istanbul with Aisha (Turk Tran), Abbas and the rest of his friends Khaldoun, Asim, Aref, Rajab and the honest investigator who does not like corruption, Omar.

Burak Yamantürk in the series Aci Ask

The series (Aci Ask), which poses problems of love when life is hard for them and circumstances are not in their favor, and this series was produced in 2015, directed by Çağatay Tosun, and the series included a selection of the most prominent stars of Turkish drama, Sekkin Ozdemir, Celine Şırkı, Sezci Sina Akay, Erkan Jan, and Ray Yaman Turk.

This series highlights the young man (Jude), an ambitious young man who marries one of the girls, Nora, and this girl is the daughter of his manager at work. Jude then discovers that his boss and father-in-law are involved in his father’s death in the past. Jude finds himself unhappy with his marriage, being full of many problems, and this is what makes it easy for him to fall in love with the beautiful girl who plays the violin (a king) and this turns the scales of his life.

Jude has hidden the fact that he is married to a king, and you only know by chance, and this is what makes his wife and his lover in a long and endless struggle. When his father-in-law, Adnan, learns about Judd’s falling in love with a king, he tries to force him to leave her love and stay away from her. Events get complicated after that, when Malak learns by chance that she is pregnant, and she asks Noura from Malak for her fetus. After Jude gets into many predicaments and problems as a result of Nora and Malak, Nora works to kidnap Malak. After that, Jude returns to his life with Nora and hates her and does not want to live with her.

Regarding the death of Adnan’s father, after a great struggle and his search for the secret of his father’s death, he discovers the involvement of his wife’s father in his father’s murder and vows to take revenge on him. After that, Nora Judd is surprised by her pregnancy, but this pregnancy does not take place and Nora loses her pregnancy as a result of a minor accident, and things get complicated between them, and Noura asks for a divorce from Ali in the end. The series includes many stories at the same time, and some characters who have the keys to the mystery of the murder of Jude’s father, which helps him to find out the truth, and things escalate afterwards.

Series and movies Burak Yaman Torak

Farewell in 2012
Life on the road in 2014
Life ban series 2014
Series Get the latter in 2014
Aci Ask 2015
Lifestyle series
Tatar Ramazan in 2013 AD
The capital in me in 2017
Ayhan Hanim in 2010
Insects of 2014


Series and movies Burak Yaman Torak
Series and movies Burak Yaman Torak