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Get to know Burak Deniz Baris, the hero of the Bizim Hikaye series, his date of birth, religion, nationality, astrological sign, and his social networking sites, the first artwork he participated in, his works, secrets of his life, upcoming projects and biography, what is his height, weight and academic qualifications, special details about His life is his talent and his favorite sport, his relationship with a human and did he really leave it and become in a relationship with another.

Personal card and private information

Burak Deniz was born on October 20, 1991.
Burak Deniz’s age in 2018: 28 years.
Birthplace: He was born in Istanbul.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 185 cm.
Weight: 76 kg.
Hair colour: black.
Eye colour: dark brown.
What is the religion of Burak Deniz: He is a Muslim.
Astrological sign: It is the sign of Libra.
Academic/Scientific Qualification: Graduated from Çanakkale 18 Mart University with a degree in Art History.
Wife or Girlfriend of Burak Deniz: Not married, but he was in a relationship with Büşra Develi.
His artistic career began in 2011.
What is his favorite sport: His favorite sport is swimming and athletics.
What is his talent: His talent is raising animals.

Instagram Burak Deniz Facebook and Twitter

His Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_burakdeniz/?hl=tr
His imdb website: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6541188/
His twitter site: www.twitter.com/_denizburak


Height 185 cm
Height 185 cm

The works of Burak Deniz series, films and plays

Bizim Hikaye series (2017 – 2018) – Love is not understood by words (2016 – 2017) – Tide and Jazz series (2013 – 2015) – Kaçak – Sultan (2012).

Secrets and life story of Burak Deniz and biography

His birth and childhood:

After we searched a lot about the childhood of the young artist Burak Deniz, we discovered that he does not talk much about his childhood, or his family life, but it was said about him in some Turkish sites that he was born in Istanbul in 1991 and in other sites in 1989, and that his parents separated when he was a young child, then I moved to live with his mother and his mother’s family in Izmir. From his love of acting, art and cinema, he decided to become an actor. I kept watching movies a lot to learn from them what acting is like.

Undergraduate studies:

After graduating from high school, he moved to Istanbul, studied at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, obtained a degree in art history, and after graduating he studied acting and got the necessary lessons for acting in the future.

Burak Deniz’s debut as an actor

In 2011 he first appeared on television, it was a small role, but he managed to draw the attention of the directors to him, and he got a new role in 2012 in the series Sultan in the role of Tariq, the work revolves around the love of Sultan and Seamus, who promised each other eternal love until the grave, then Seamus traveled To France in for political reasons, he moved away for 15 years and then returned with a child, but Sultan could not accept the matter and left the house, but she finds all the doors closed to her, to decide to establish a new life of her own, despite the difficult life of a woman alone, but she struggled a lot to start a happy life .

Burak Denizs age in 2018 28 years
Burak Denizs age in 2018 28 years

In 2013, he took part in a bigger role through the role of Burak, and the work revolves around the life of a former policeman working with a mafia. In the same year, he participated in the series “Tide and Ezero” with Çağatay Ulsuy, Serenay Sarikaya, Matin Ajduljar and Paris Valai, then participated in the series Sweet Little Liars in 2015. It is about 5 friends, they carried their girlfriend Acelia and she disappeared on the same day and a year after her disappearance they found out that she had died, then an unknown person started sending threatening messages to them and the real game begins with them, the work starring Dylan Cicek Deniz, Bushra Devili, Besty Kokdemir, Melissa Senolson and Benso Soral. .

The Queen of the Night series, the first real role

He participated for the first time in a real starring in the series (Queen of the Night) in the role of Mert, starring (Maryam Uzerli, Murat Yildirim, Ugur Polat, Sibil Kasaboglu, Fonda Origet, Deniz Celioglu, Nihan Buyukkaj, Selim Bayraktar and Seda Akman), he played the role of Ibn Ril Rich business, his father married a beautiful girl, but he refused this marriage, and opposed his father a lot, especially because his father preferred him to Kartal, who raised him after killing his father.

He got the absolute starring role in 2016 AD in the series Love Doesn’t Understand. This work revolves around Jules Murad, a young businessman, and the life of a girl who lives in a village with her family and moves to Istanbul to look for a job, then her father banned her either to find a job or return. Back to her hometown, to find a job in the textile company headed by Murad, who is a rigid boss but with the passage of time they fall in love with each other but there are many obstacles in front of them.
Baris, the hero of Bizim Hikaye

Then he got the starring role in the series (Bizim Hikaye), which is considered the most important series he has presented so far. He received a large viewership until the end of the first season episodes, and a second part is scheduled for it. The series revolves around a girl who raises her five sisters and takes good care of them. Their father is irresponsible and constantly drinks alcohol, and their mother always leaves the house and comes back when she wants. Baris appears in their lives to help them, but this family encounters many obstacles and problems that they always try to get out of to get into another problem. The series stars (Hazel Kaya, Nisreen Kavadzad and Reha Ozkan).

Habiba Burak Deniz

As long as Burak’s life was very private, he did not want to talk about it, even in most of the programs in which he participated and spoke about himself. He did not join his family, but he shared pictures of him with his mother when he was a young child with her, along with other pictures with his grandfather, and he knew the separation of his parents in one Press interviews with him, but without going into details, as for his most accurate secrets, he is a lover of animals, no one can imagine that he can face an animal, he believes that they are weak creatures that cannot protect themselves or talk about what bothers them, also he is a nature-loving artist, born in the midst of nature and lives in it, notes An image that is always in front of the sea or in the middle of mountains and forests.

Burak Deniz and Bushra Devali

It is known about him that he is a discreet personality, he does not like to talk about the details of his life a lot, especially his family and private life, he sees that his personal and family life is not an easy thing to talk about to everyone, as for his relationship with Bushra Divali, he admitted his relationship with the artist and model, Bushra Divali, who continued on A relationship with her for more than three years, and after many rumors about their separation, but he broke his silence and denied this separation, but Bushra Divali came out to everyone and acknowledged the truth of their separation and said through her official website on Instagram (days ago I was reading a lake about news of fiction and about my relationship. The reason for the end of a relationship is either betrayal or jealousy, but my relationship with Burak, which lasted 3 years with our consent, ended, and the love and respect between us is still mutual), and she denied the existence of betrayal or jealousy as a reason for separation and confirmed that they separated by mutual consent.


Burak Deniz was born on October 20 1991
Burak Deniz was born on October 20 1991

The story of their separation began when the artist, Bushra Divali, deleted all the photos that brought them together from the Instagram, which made their followers search for the reason for this, and rumors began around them. I played the role of Tolay in the series (Bizim Hikaye), they were watched together more than once in a close situation, some doubted the existence of a relationship between them, but they did not confirm this information and neither of them broke their silence to tell the truth of this matter.

Marasli work of Burak Deniz

Marasli is the latest work in which Elena Boz co-stars in 2021. The first season ended in July of that year. And it was a huge success. His story was about a personal Harith trying to protect a girl who witnessed a murder.

Burak Deniz’s latest news

In 2021, he won the Maraashly series. In which he appears as a bodyguard for a girl who witnessed a murder.
Burak Deniz went to Rome in order to start filming his new series for the Disney platform. At the end of this summer, he will return to Istanbul after filming is over.