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Who is Burak Dakak

Burak Dakak was born on June 18, 1998 AD.
Age in 2018: 20 years.
Place of Birth: Born in Ankara – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 167 cm.
Weight: 65 kg.
Hair colour: brown.
Eye colour: brown.
What is the religion of Burak Dakak: Muslim.
Astrological sign: It is Gemini.
Academic/scientific qualification: studying at the university.
Wife or girlfriend of Burak Dakak: Not married.
When did his artistic career begin: His artistic career began in 2008.
What is his favorite sport: His favorite sport is swimming, gymnastics.
What is his hobby and favorite things: His hobby is keeping dogs.

Works of Burak Dakak Films, TV shows, plays

Dogruluk Aksin – Benim Adim Gultepe – Sultana Kösem – Gulberi series – Ertugrul Resurrection – The Hole series – Judge series.

Secrets, his life story and biography

The story of the actor’s childhood, upbringing, study and education: one of the new names on the art scene, a boy who appeared as a young man on television through (Dogruluk Aksin), then moved away for a while to return to a young man and participated in a number of television works in a distinctive way, Buraq was born in the city of Ankara in 1998 From an early age, he works in acting, and has great energy and artistic talent, his parents helped him to enter this world, and he became the most famous boy through some of the roles he participated in as a child actor, and he became the center of everyone’s attention, after he presented some important projects such as, Large Family and My Name Gültepe.

Burak Dakak 1
Burak Dakak 1

Burak Dakak started his acting career

He began working as a child actor in 2008 through the Axis of Accuracy series, then played a role in the Ezel series in 2009, and played several other roles, including the series Big Family, then towards our private school, then moved away for a while until he returned in 2013 to appear in the teenage boy’s outfit in the series (Team) .

In 2014, he participated in a major role in the Benim Adim Gültepe series, starring Celine Ozturk, Miray Akay, and in 2015 he played the role of Sizadeh Mehmed, who was executed by his brother Albert, in the series The Magnificent Century Kosem Sultana, starring Hakan Şahin, Aslihan Gurbuz, Nader Sarbakak, Metei Horuz Oglu, Nurgul Yesilcay, Ismail Demirci, Ridvan Aybarz Dozi, Hulya Afsar, Kadir Doğulu, Berk Kankat, it revolves around a young Greek woman named Anastasia, who became one of the Sultan’s harem, and her name was changed to Kosem, and Sultana Kosem became over time, so that she became the ruler of the Ottoman Empire through her sons and then her grandson.

In 2016-2017

he participated in the drama series (Hope cannot be restricted) in the role of Onur, the son of a rich family, this work starring (Begm Bergorin – Ozge Ozder – Jamal Alakin Aker – Elida Akdogan – Turgay Aydin – Halil Balkanlar – Eksem Baltachi – Zeinab Bastik ) .

He also co-starred in the great historical series (Ertugrul Resurrection) in the role of Shehzad Giyas al-Din Kihirsrif. This series is considered one of the most famous Turkish series so far, with many important historical events, romance, drama, excitement and stories of deception and adventure, which lasted for five seasons. So far, and 122 episodes have been presented, it has been very popular, and it has increased with the succession of episodes, this work starring (Engin Altan Douzitan – Hulya Darkan – Cengiz Coskun – Nuritin Sonmez – Isra Belgic – Ozman Sergud – Jalal Al – Kavit Cetin Guner – Gokhan Karasik – Adib Zeidan – Hakan Sirim – Iberek Pekan – Didim Balsin – Milliye Ozdogan).

Drama series Gulberry

As for his first absolute real starring, it was in 2018 AD in the drama series Gulberi, starring (Nurgul Yesilcay – Temosin Esen – Tariq Babukoglu – Ais Sokan – Aleyna Özgeçen – Emir Özyakisir – Onur Bilge). With their grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt in a big house, they are from a large family, until the uncle comes and tries to rape Gulberry, and in order to protect herself she stabs him.
Hassan’s role is a difficult role, a boy who moved away from his mother after false allegations about her, to the point of hating her, he treated her in a bad way, until he knew that all these allegations were false, and moved away from his grandfather and about killing his uncle, and began to return to his mother’s bosom again, but life was cruel them, will he stand in front of those adversities.

Burak Dakak and his girlfriend

He is a young man who loves acting since childhood, and he used to humiliate his family every day in order to get a chance for real acting. He loves playing a lot, collecting cars, and playing puzzles. He loves eating chocolate donuts, and drinking Turkish coffee in the morning. He is also addicted to drinking tea, his cartoon character. My favorite is Woody, from the cartoon Toy story, and because of his love for this character he has a toy for him.

After he presented his first works, he joined the Acting Education Foundation in order to improve his talent and benefit him greatly. He has many friends from the artistic community, and he has many followers, and shares many of his photos and videos with them. He has a dog that takes care of him, and he is his close friend named THOR.

Burak Dakak and his girlfriend
Burak Dakak and his girlfriend
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