Who is Binnur Kaya? husband, age, religion, series and more

Actress Binnur Kaya has collected for you a full report on everything you want to know about her nationality, religion, age, academic qualification, life, when began her artistic career and the most important artistic works that she presented from series, movies, plays, and many other details and a group of pictures of the Turkish artist Binnur Kaya.

Binnur Kaya Personal Data

Date of birth: 19 – April 1972
Age 2020: 48 years old
Place of birth: Ankara – Turkey
Nationality: Norwegian
Religion: Muslim
Astrological Sign: Aries
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Academic qualification: College of Arts and Theater
Profession: Turkish actress
Beginning of her artistic career: 1995 – until now
Marital Status: Unmarried

Binnur Kaya Biography

She is a Turkish artist and actress, born in 1972 in Ankara, Turkey, her father is the famous Turkish sports reporter and journalist Mustafa Kaya, while her mother is called Rahima Kaya. Binnur Kaya lived her childhood in the city of Ankara.

The artist, Binnur Kaya, lived and settled in Istanbul after her graduation from the university and worked as a theater actress at the beginning of her career in the Children’s Theater under the name “Ankara Theater” and also worked in the Bakirkoy Municipal Theater and presented many distinguished and successful theater performances.

The artist, Binnur Kaya, joined the acting troupe of the Besiktas Cultural Center and appeared in many distinguished artistic works, such as series, films and distinguished plays.

Binnur Kaya and her acting debut

The artist Binnur Kaya is one of the most prominent artists in Turkey and the most famous of them has entered the world of art and acting since 1995 after her graduation from the Faculty of Arts and Theater and went up the ladder of fame step by step until she reached the top of the ladder of fame and started with her self-effort and great talent that she relied on in art Binnur Kaya participated in many distinguished and successful artworks in Turkey and the Arab world and managed to become a famous artist in the fullest sense of the word.

The first appearance of the artist, Binnur Kaya. Was on Turkish television for the first time through the Turkish series “Hama” and it was in 1996. Then her different artistic roles varied between comedy. social drama, romance, tragedy and others.

Binnur Kaya Biography
Binnur Kaya Biography

Binnur Kaya series

In 1997, she participated in the Baba Evi series, as Maryam. In 1998, she presented 3 drama series, the Dış Kapının Mandalları series – the Tele Dadı series and the Charlie series.

2000 – to 2001, she participated in the series Bir Dimit Teatro. the series Güneş Yanıkları and the series Benimle Evlenir Misin? – Yeni Hayat series.

In 2003, Binnur Kaya appeared in the Hadi Uç Bakalım series – 7 Nomara series – and the Becarlar series.

In 2007, she participated in the Japanese series Damat – the Kavak Yillery series – and the Karayılan series.

2009-2011, Binnur Kaya presented the series Avrupa Yakası – Türk Malı series – Muhteşem Yüzyıl.

In 2013 – 2019, she participated in the series Aramızda Kalsın – the series Analar and Aniler – the series Bo Selmaz and the series Zengin ve Yoksu. 2020, Binnur Kaya participated in the series Kirmizi Oda – and the series Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir.

Filmography by artist Binnur Kaya

1998 was the first appearance of the artist Binnur Kaya on the Turkish cinema screen, and she presented her first film. a Turkish film entitled Kaçıklık Diplomas, and her role in the film was small and minor.

As for the year 2000, it appeared through 3 films that I participated in, which are Abu Dharr Kadayev – Mahalbeseninoglu – Abu Dhar Kaddayev Film.

From 2003 to 2006 she participated in Insha’at – Babam and Ulum – Hayatımın Kadınısın – and another film entitled Küçük Kıyamet.

2009 – 2014, she participated in the movie Vavian – Mutlu Aile Defter – Şarkı Söyleyen Kadınlar

2017-2019: Sen Kiminle Dans Ediyorsun? – And Bizzy Hatterla – Cinayet Süsü.

Upcoming works: The actress, Binnur Kaya, is participating in the championship in the Turkish film Azizler. and she is currently in the preparation stage for the film and is scheduled to be shown next year 2021 in Turkish cinemas.

Theatrical works by artist Binnur Kaya

Binnur Kaya has participated in a number of various theatrical performances since its inception. including Kadınlar Koğuşu – Bir Yaz Dönümü Gecesi Rüyası – and Sen Hiç Ateşböceği Gördün mü?. Panna Bear Scheller Ulloyor’s play – also Kozalar’s play – and Damdaki Kimanji play.

Binnur Kaya Awards

– In 2008, Binnur Kaya won the Best Comic Actress award at the 35th Butterfly Awards.

– In 2009, Binnur Kaya was awarded the Actress of the Year Award with the Media Oscar Awards by the Radio and Television Journalists Association.
And in the same year, she won the Best Actress Award at the Yeshelcham Awards for Favin.

She won another award for her role in the same movie Favin, which is the award for best theater actress. in performance at the forty-second Siyad Awards for Favin.

– In 2014, Binnur Kaya won the Best Comic Actress award at the 41st Golden Butterflies for the film “To Stay With Us”. Binnur Kaya was awarded the Young Actress Award at the 8th Borada Film Festival.

Binnur Kaya in the series Kirmizi Oda

Kirmizi Oda is a Turkish series adapted from a book entitled The Red Room by Banu Kiremitçi Bozkurt. Written by director Cem Karcı and produced by OGM Pictures.

The Kirmizi Oda series starring a distinguished group of Turkish artists. Including the great artist Binnur Kaya and the artist Tulin Ozen. Merich Aral – the Turkish artist Burak Sevenc – Halit Ozgur Sari – Baran Arslan. Kanberk Gultekin with another group of artists who appear as guests of honor in the episodes of the series.

Binnur Kaya in the series Kirmizi Oda
Binnur Kaya in the series Kirmizi Oda

It is a social drama series and the series revolves around a group of psychiatrists. Who works within a psychiatric clinic to treat mental patients and who suffer from many psychological problems and disorders. The series deals with stories and real problems that have already occurred to a group of people suffering from mental illness.

All these stories revolve inside the psychotherapy room. Which is Kirmizi Oda, and discuss what these psychiatric patients are subjected to psychological problems with many human feelings between sadness. Pain, happiness, joy and so on. Each patient tells his story and what is the suffering he is experiencing And the treating psychiatrist tries to treat and solve these problems.

The artist Binnur Kaya plays the role of a psychiatrist in the psychiatric clinic. And a group of other psychiatrists work with her.

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