Who is Bige Onal? Age and Sweetheart Her Business Series

What is Bige Onal’s birthday?
Date of birth: February 1, 1990.
How old is Bige Onal?
She is 30 years old in 2020.
What is the religion of Peggy Unal?
Her Christianity.
Who is Bige Onal’s sweetheart?
Her love is the artist Aras Bulut
What is its weight?
50 kg
How tall is Bige Onal?
160 cm.
What is Bige Onal’s birthplace?
I was born and I was born in Istanbul.
What is the nationality of Bige Onal?
Her nationality is Turkish.
What is the zodiac sign?
Her astrological sign is Aquarius.
What is the academic qualification?
academic qualification is to have studied Fine Arts at Bilgi University.
Her artistic career
She started her artistic career in 2010.

Bige Onal Age and Sweetheart Her Business Series Info and Report
Actress Bige Onal Info and Biography

Big Onal is a beautiful Turkish actress with blonde hair and blue eyes. Because of her strong beauty. She was confined to the roles of the beautiful girl who falls in love with the hero of the series. But he does not like it despite its beauty. But we were distinguished in such wonderful roles. She played many successful characters.

Influenced the viewers. And is considered one of the most successful female artists in her work. Let’s start together from the beginning. Who is that artist, and where was she born?

Bige Onal was born in Istanbul in 1990. She obtained her high school education from the private high school of Saint Benet in Turkey. She completed her studies at the university. but the artist Big Onal insisted on achieving her dreams and entering the world of art. She studied acting and took lessons to grow her talent. As for her family.

She is from a famous and well-known family. Her father is Galatasaray Erhan Önal. The famous football player in Turkey. As for her mother. She is a former model. The Bissan Mine. And about her siblings while she is alone, and she has no brothers. When she completed her ninth year. Her father and mother separated from each other by divorce due to some disagreements between them.

Bige Onal Age and Sweetheart
Bige Onal Age and Sweetheart

Bige Onal Her Lover and Personal Life

Actress Bige Onal is romantically related to Turkish artist Aras Bulut. and the love story between them has been solid and has been going on for three years. And that artist is known in the Arab world as “Majd” from the series “Throughout Time”. Or His Highness Prince Bayazid from the series Harem Al Sultan. The engagement between them ended after filming the series The Pit. Which achieved a huge advantage. After a while.

Rumors of their separation surfaced. As a result of the violent jealousy between them. On the side of the star Aras. After seeing the scenes of her film. Sayed Al-Nawras. With the actor Mohamed Jonsor. And the bold and intimate scenes that brought them together. Turkish press writing revealed the news of their separation. As Aras Bulut is known for his fierce jealousy. But it is false news, and they are all up to this point.

Started her artistic

We mention that nal started her artistic career in 2010 through her contribution to the series “Elde Var Hayat”. And with it. Yeliz was introduced. The tournament was shared by a group of Turkish stars. Including Emre Altuğ and Rojda Demireroyn. Other roles while playing Ahmet Kural. Yesim Ceren Bozoğlu. Kerem Kupacı Hande Subaşı. In 2014, She participated in the series “My Name is Gültepe”. And she played the role of Nazlı.

The series was from the Ayça Bingöl. Mete Horozoğlu. İlker Kızmaz and Ekin Koç competition. In 2015. I contributed to a new work. “Maral: My Most Beautiful Story.” And she starred in it. and her name was Alara. She co-starred with Hazal Kaya as Maral. Aras Bulut İynemli as Sarp. Ceyda Düvenci as Deniz. and Fırat Altunmeşe as Oytun. The series was released by Acun Medya and written by Pınar Bulut Deren.

Bige Onal TV series

Bige Onal has participated in many series. The most important of which is your Knock My Door. Our star participated in the series “My Wife Al Kheira”. which is an emotional comedy series. The story is based on a Japanese drama of the same name. The series starring a number of Turkish stars. Including Gonca Vuslateri in the role of Dren and Seçkin Özdemir in the role of Albert and the star Mustafa Üstündağ in the role of Furat Bige Önal as Seda. Erdem Akakçe as Yaman – Ceren Soylu as Verda.

The series revolves around a man married to a beautiful woman whose name is Drian. From a wealthy and prestigious family. That man works for an establishment in the advertising field. Then he resigns from it and opens a café, and things are going with him. Showing fine. And pretending in front of people that he is a hilarious man in his martial life. In fact. He feels her companionship. Due to her excessive attention and restrictions imposed she is constantly stalking him. He decides to eliminate her and kill her.

His partner in the café. Who was his mistress. Will help him. And whenever that decree is taken after long reflection. Events are suddenly turned upside down. And is to end the kidnapping of that old man. The hijacker demands a massive ransom, and it gets worse. Until he discovers that behind that kidnapping is his wife herself. And Albert discovers the frightening face of his wife. Which he knew nothing about. The series got a high visibility at the time of its release.

Bige Onal Movies & TV Works

As for Bige Onal. Her famous work. And we see a wonderful role from them through the cinematic work of Mr. Gulls. It is a famous Turkish cinematic work and achieved a great victory at the time of its release. It is of the emotional drama category and was produced in Turkey. And the star Biggie Onal promoted it. With the participation of the actor Mohamed Gunsor. With another group of Turkish stars. Including Mehmet Günsür as Senol. Actress Bige Önal as Ruya / Birgul. and Timuçin Esen as Sakir. And Nejat Isler as Cafer.

As for the story of the cinematic work. it was revolving in an emotional and dramatic context about an old love story between two people. They continue for a long period and as a result of their patience they decide to marry. But life’s difficulties remain in front of them. And she was playing the role of the girlfriend of the actor Mohamed Gunsour. And that cinematic work achieved the supremacy of the masses in Turkey “and obtained huge revenues in Turkish cinema.

As for the fact of her contribution to the second Miral Season 2 series. Regarding the fact that the star Biggie Onal participated in the series Miral. She says that she regretted her contribution to it. And she announced the withdrawal from the series as a surprise. Despite her appearance in the first season of the series. The reason behind its withdrawal was the dwindling of the script. Which prompted her to apologize to the producing company for continuing with that effort. Which Hazal Kaya and Aras Bulut Enemli contribute to its heroism.

Bige Onal Instagram Twitter Facebook

A group of pictures of the beautiful artist Bige Onal. Her beautiful pictures. Wonderful pictures of her with her fans. Her family and many more. She is from a famous and well-known family. Her father is Galatasaray Erhan Önal. a famous football player in Turkey. As for her mother. She is the missed model. Mine Bisan.

About her siblings. When she is alone and has no brothers. When she finished her 9th year. her father and mother separated from each other by divorce due to the limited number of disputes between them. I got a high school diploma from the St. Benet High School in Turkey. She completed her studies at the university. But the superstar Big Onal insisted on pursuing her dreams and entering the world of art. She studied acting and took lessons to grow her talent.

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