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berkay ates

Date of birth: 17-2-1987
Age:33 years
Nationality: Turkish.
Place of birth berkay ates
: Istanbul.
Education: University of architecture.
Religion of berkay ates
Weight:76 kg.
Length: 180 cm.
Eye color: Hazel.
Girlfriend berkay ates single.
Horoscope: Aquarius.

Who is berkay ates?

Berkay Ateşthe famous Turkish actor, personal information about his life, date of birth, age, nationality, education, artistic and film works, social status and more in a comprehensive and detailed report on the wonderful Turkish actor who has played multiple roles his attractive personality is shown in a range of television works that have been shown on famous Turkish channels and in the entire Arab Which made him a wide fame because of his wonderful talent.

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The story of the childhood of actor berkay ates

Turkish actor berkay ates was born in Turkey in the city of Istanbul in 1987 and his astrological Tower is Aquarius, he lived in Turkey and was educated at semavro Company center and studied at Muammar Sinan at the University of Fine Arts, The Graduate Institute of theatrical art, and participated in many roles showing his distinctive talent, as the most important roles
Actor berkay ates also takes part in the series ” Mom ” and presented the role of a mentally retarded man named Genghis.

He has starred in many roles with more than one Turkish actor such as Gansu diri, Peren jukildez and other famous actors in Turkey.

Then he participated in many distinctive works that were the cause of his fame among the Turkish and Arab audiences.
As for the love life of the artist Birkan Atesh, he is not married and does not like to talk about his personal life, or tell the Turkish press any personal news.

The story of the childhood of actor berkay ates
The story of the childhood of actor berkay ates

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Berkay Ates beginning with acting

Actor began the Turkish tea berkay ates roles since graduating from college, he participated in a number of operas and plays the most important of these acts play (miracle), but it has not completed and submitted in 2013 and was one of the most important roles that introduced her.

Considered his first television role, he played a policeman in the series “The Invisible” which he presented in 2010 in addition to many works that made him win a host of numerous awards as best actor, won the award for Best Promising Young Actor at the 22nd Golden Film Festival, and directed a famous film called the leading film. Provided a different set of plays.

Berkay Ates series and movies

The young Turkish actor berkay ates presented a collection of distinctive works that varied in roles between heroism and extraordinary roles, and he showed the talent within him through the artistic roles he presented to television and the most important of these works:

The Mother series he presented in 2016.
The Series Istanbul Sokaklari was shown in 2016.
The series gulizar in 2018.
Çukur series in 2018 and continued to show until 2019.
2020-2021 Alev (TV Series)
2020 9,75 Santimetrekare
2018-2020 Çukur (TV Series)
2020 Alef (TV Mini-Series)

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Berkay Ates film

Not only did the young Turkish actor present television series to the Turkish audience, but he did offer a variety of roles to the cinema in many of his films that showed his ingenious talent, the most important of which are the following:

The film Miracle did not end made in 2013.
The 2015 film siege.
A movie we’ve seen in 2019.


Most famous works

Berkay ates presented a series of works, he continues to work in the second season of the series Çukur which is shown on Turkish TV channels and Turkish channel Shaw, and tells about the character of a young man named (Mohsen), who is one of the leaders of the gang and makes his first appearance in this series, and embodies the fierce scenes The sequencing of many viewers on social media pages.

The role of berkay ates in the series of Istanbul Sokaklari

Berkay ates presented the famous role in the Series Istanbul Sokaklari and tells of a 24-year-old young girl suffering from severe heart disease since her birth, and the only solution to heal from this disease is to perform a heart transplant, and only the girl’s father knows this fact and could not tell her this tragic news, this girl met the events run between them.

The role of berkay ates in the series Anne

The actor played an important role in the series (Anne), which tells The Story of a girl named Zainab who marries her university colleague named Musa, and lives a happy life and then discovers her husband’s infidelity and leaves him and discovers that she is pregnant on the same day, and she and her mother rent a small apartment in one of the popular markets, Zainab also works in a barbecue shop and her husband becomes minister of Housing, and then Najwa goes to the popular market and finds Zainab in the police department and there is a journalist recording an episode with the policemen, this journalist is called (Genghis) where the young berkay Ates appears at this moment and events begin to take place between them.

The role of berkay ates in the series Çukur

Turkish actor berkay ates appeared in the series Çukur in the second season, especially in the 34th episode he appears as one of the gang members who do many conflicts and a dispute occurs between them and the Turkish kochovali family. Most of the Turkish actors have been changed in this season, which has let Atesh get involved with the work with a great group of actors who make great TV work that is shown on Turkish channels.

Berkay Ates film
Berkay Ates film

Awards received by actor berkay ates

Turkish actor berkay ates received a collection of awards for his outstanding artwork, these awards are:
Golden Ball film festival award for Best Promising Young Actor in 2005.
He was also awarded the kiefa literary award in 2017.

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Social networking sites for Berkay ates

Turkish actor berkay ates owns personal accounts on social media sites, and these accounts are followed by a large number of followers, he is widely famous because of his distinctive works, which made him famous in Turkey and the entire Arab world, he has a personal account on:
Social networking site Facebook

Social networking site Instagram

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