Who is Berk Atan? religion, wife series, movies and more

Actor Berk Atan. When was he born, how old is he now, and when did his artistic career begin. For all fans of the star Berk Atan, this is a detailed report on all the details and information related to him about his religion, his nationality, his astrological sign and his communication sites, his works and the secrets of his personal life and artistic career His upcoming projects, his academic qualifications, special details of his life, and a set of personal photos of him.

Berk Atan Religion Nationality Age Study

Berk Atan is a Turkish actor and model, born on September 26, 1991, in the province of Izmir. Turkey is 28 years old. Berk studied acting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Beykant.

His father is Metin Atan, and his mother, Hulia Atan, is of Bosnian descent. He started playing football at the age of eleven and became the team’s goalkeeper at the age of seventeen.

Burke’s nationality is Turkish and his religion is Islam. Burke belongs to the owners of the Virgo sign, with a height of 188 cm and a weight of 83 kg, where our star is interested in practicing sports, especially bodybuilding, which gives him an attractive appearance and prominent muscles. He is always keen to appear well through clothes that suit his appearance. From shirt to t-shirt.

As he tends to adopt light and modern colors compatible with the latest fashion trends. And in the unique situation that the photographer asks for, the star appears in all his photos to show the beauty and handsome of the star Berk Atan.

Social networking site Berk Atan

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/berkatanresmi
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/berkatan/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/berkatan

Favorite stuff of artist Berk Atan

Favorite fruit cherries Aki
Berk Atan’s favorite color is dark blue, pale purple
My favorite sport is fishing
Favorite destination Zhuhai and Edirne
Mysteries Berk Atan’s Hobbies
Mughal food
Music, movie songs
Golf sports

Berk Atan Biography and More Information

Berk Atan is a Turkish actor and model. He was born in Izmir province on September 26, 1991. He participated in the Best Turkish Model 2011 competition and won the title “Promising future”. The following year, he participated in the same game and won first place.

As for the Burke family, they are wealthy. His father was a businessman who worked in several companies in various fields such as commerce, tourism, cars and other fields. His mother was a woman from the upper class and the family lived in a palace overlooking the sea. Surrounded by a huge garden.

Berk Atan has passed all stages of study in French international schools, so he is fluent in many languages ​​including Turkish, French, German, Italian and English.

He is known for being handsome and intelligent since he was a child. He has been playing sports since he was a child. He took music lessons alongside him. Furthermore, he has had a talent for acting since he was a child.

When he used to hold parties in his family’s mansion, he used to imitate some actors in front of the party participants. He loves drawing and is good at drawing. In his studio there are many paintings. And he continues his studies.

Until he joined the acting department at the Academy of Fine Arts at Pinkett University, he graduated with honors and began to look for opportunities for success, he dreamed of entering the world of art as a child and gained fame.

Berk Atan’s start to acting

He began his life with fashion models and advertising models. Because of his beauty and attractiveness that distinguished him. He became famous. Since then, both sides of the strait opened the door to glory and fame for him.

In the year 2011, Burke decided to participate in the competition for the best Turkish model and tried his luck. He won the third place and did not accept the position. So he solved the problem that he faced in the competition who made a mistake and decided to participate in this competition again in 2012 and won the first place,

Burke participated in his first series,

“Golden Mountain” in 2013, but it did not succeed and stopped the game due to the lack of audience. Then a golden opportunity came when the director of the series “Girls of the Sun” saw him in one of the fashion shows hosted by the organizer of the exhibition.

loved him and was ready to participate in the series. Atan Burke immediately agreed in 2015 to the valley of the character of Savas Martoglu, where he spread his reputation in Turkey and the Arab world.

Burke played the character of Savas in the series. He played the role of the son of a woman named Rana. The sister of Mr. Harok / a mysterious boy who loves loneliness and suffers a lot from loneliness for a long time to accuse him of killing his girlfriend because he is accused of killing his girlfriend and does not remember that he killed his girlfriend.

He met a girl named Nazli, who tried to help him overcome the psychological and emotional crisis he was going through. He felt sympathy for him, so he fell in love with her and forgot his first love.

The series starring a group of the most prominent Turkish artists who are the Kenai woman – Borgo Ozberk – Tolga Saric – Efrem Asia – Handa Archell – Berk Atan.

Since then, he starred in the series Carrying the Heart, but due to the lack of viewership and viewership, the series stopped showing after 13 episodes.

Berk Atan in the series Tears of Jannat

In 2017, Burke proved her charismatic talent by playing the main protagonist in the series Tears of Jannat. Perak Atan portrayed a character named Atif Chanal in the series, who also starred Gansal Ilchin, Aegh Aslo, Lonilai Deniz, and Aegean Edan.

It was broadcast on the Turkish channel ITV on September 24, 2017. The series consists of 36 episodes and ended on June 17, 2018. It was translated into Arabic and shown on Shahid Net on June 1, 2019.

It tells the story of a woman named Javeda, who was pregnant with a baby girl, and after suffering from pain and suffering, she gave birth in the small house in which her mother lived. After the birth of her daughter, she found a baby on the child’s right shoulder. A mole that resembles a birthmark on the mother’s shoulder, which caused her mother’s suffering from childhood.

Because of the ugliness of this birthmark, the mother decided to leave the child without taking care of her, and left the mother’s home in a very harsh environment. The grandmother took care of the child and described her as paradise, so she grew into a paradise and passed all stages of her studies until she obtained a diploma in the Department of Architecture and obtained excellent results for a year.

She is looking for a job that helps her and her grandmother to live in difficult living conditions. So she met a friend named Melissa. She is a good girl or Jannah. But Jannah certainly does not know her and then events develop.

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