Who is Nilsu Aktaş? Religion, age, boyfriend

You can find all the details you want to know about Berfin Nilsu Aktaş, who plays Dorjokshi in the North Star series, details about her age, weight, height, artistic career, and the most important works that she presented in series, films and advertisements, and her Instagram site for everyone who wants to communicate with her, and all the information you want. To know her about her.

Personal details of Berfin Nilsu Aktaş

Her real name is Berfin Nilsu Aktaş
Birthdate 1998 (age 21)
Martial status: single
The height is 1.70
Weight 52
The profession is an actress
Place of birth: Ankara

Complete information about Najma Berfin Nilsu Aktaş

The Turkish actress Berfin Nilsu Aktaş is one of the most prominent new faces on the Turkish screen.

A journalist asked her if she would take Beren as an example, to Nelso answered: “Beren Saat is a good actress and of course I take her as an example, but I am with movie stars fans Turkan Shoray, Junaid Arkin, Adela Nachat, Munir Ozkul, Velez Akin, Kamal Sonal and Ishan Goroda. They are my role model. ”

Berfin Nilsu Aktaş was born in 1998 in Ankara. she graduated from the Acting Department of Talent House Academy of Arts. Berfin Nilsu Aktaş. who was involved in advertising activities before. continues her acting career as a member of Maydanoz Agency. She is fluent in English and enjoys dancing and singing.

Berfin Nilsu Aktaş TV series. movies and ads

2019 – Character (Gökçe) of the North Star series


2017 – Sitman Furniture
2018 – Wick Tea – Maintrust
2019 – Pantene – Director
– Cornetto – Romantic Cornetto You are in love
2019 – Turkcell – Turkcell Lifcel


2019 – a coincidence

Berfin Nilsu Aktaş her boyfriend

As for the friend of the heroine of the series Berfin Nilsu Aktaş. there is no information available about him.

In 2018; My first experience was North Star First Love. Nelso Actas perfume is 1.70 meters long and weighs 52 kg.

She started her acting career with a management agency and career in Maidonoz Agency. She completed her acting education at the Academy of Arts. in 2017 she made her commercial debut with Çetmen Mobilya. Among the names Korkut Baran discovered. in her acting career. she has also participated in commercials for brands such as Pantene. Cornetto and Turkcell.

Berfin started her acting career in 2017 while playing commercials for the first time while he was graduating from high school at the age of 19. In order to develop herself in the field of acting. she was trained at the Talent House Academy of Arts for a certain period of time and as a result of this training she had the ability to play in TV series.

Berfin Nilsu Aktas her boyfriend
Berfin Nilsu Aktas her boyfriend

Despite her young age. Berfin was looking for everything that would make her effective and competent in this field. I’ve worked with a lot of agencies. some of them: Parsley Agency. Fame Management Agent. She provided the role of Gökçe in the series “Kuzey Yıldızları” (The North Star).

From 2017 to the present. it has appeared in many popular brands. She worked in the feature film “Rastlanti” which was released this year.

In 2018. he also participated in the St Star of the Future yarış competition on Star TV. This competition has gained great popularity. We wish her success in her acting adventure.

Berfin Nilsu Aktaş’s Instagram

Her Instagram: https: //www.instagram.com/onlyberfinilsu/

Berfin Nilsu Aktaş, the heroine of the North Star series

Berfin Nilsu Aktaş (21 years old) starred last year in the acting talent show “Future Stars” and dubbed her “Future Stars”. This season. she will be participating in the series “The North Star”. to be the first series in her acting career

Parveen Nelso Aktas. the North Star. played a role in the series Gökçe. and his story revolves around Kozai. who left his wife and settled in the Black Sea with his three daughters. and the story tells about the father who left during his stay in Istanbul and came to Ordu with his two daughters to live.

Ersoy Güler will be screenwriter and director of the North Star. which will be produced by Süre Film. and his major productions include Aşk re- and Yeni Gelin (Bride). The series will be broadcast on Show TV in the 2019-2020 season. It will likely be introduced at the beginning of September 2019. Season 1 episodes will reach around 35 episodes. and if he gets good ratings, he can continue into season two after season one.

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